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Okay, so originally I thought it was Amy, and that was back when people where guessing what the character designs and colous were and some of us had just seen the episode 1 leaked storyboard. But then I switched to Shawn, because I heard he was a member of the final three and people were pointing out that evil look in his eyes. Then I stopped and thought - what if Pahkitew Island could introduce two main anatagonists? I thought it could be Amy and Shawn, so there would be a ruthless villain on both teams and at merge they would work together to wipe out the rest, and in the end Shawn back stabs Amy in final four and then gets eliminated in final three and get karma (like Heather, Justin, Alejandro, Scott, Mal) for all the bad things he had done. Amy's karma would just be getting back stabbed. But then I learnt that the antagonist would be someone unexpected, so Amy and Shawn were ruled out. Here's who I think it is - Sugar. I mean, the way she snatched the glitter from poor little innocent Ella (she could be it too), I mean that's just rude and mean! I think it would be hilarious for her to be it and the producers could go in that direction this season - a funny antagonist. I really hope it's not Max, god he's revolting. Another reason Sugar could be the main antagonist is that she's a member of the final three, and that's where most main antagonists place around. I would love for their to be two main antagonists, like I predicted with Amy and Shawn. Maybe she and Topher/Max could be secret partners in crime? :p Lol. Imagine that. Sugar and Max working together and ruthlessly eliminating every other contestant...omg I would just be loling at that. If that's what happened I wouldn't mind max being one of two main antagonists. I don't know, I just have a feeling Sugar's going to be it.

Plus, look at this evil laugh:

Leaked Avatar (WM) - Sugar

Omg. I can't believe no one else has observed this before. This laugh is pure evil!

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