So it's pretty much confirmed that some of the ballooned all stars are coming back, but the question is who? I'm gonna go one by one and give my opinion on why they should return and why they shouldn't.

Lindsay: Honestly, I would love to see her come back and make it far again sinCe her past two seasons weren't in her favour. She's been turned from a main character to a minor character who's in the latest seasons just to be an early out...and that's a reason for why I think she should return. However, unless they introduce a new plot with her, she won't have a storyline in another season unless Tyler comes back with her, and the writers have completely forgetten he exists so that is unlikely. Maybe if Beth comes back with her, wait, who's Beth again? Yes, another character who has been completely forgetten ever since action.

Chance of returning: 6/10

Lightning: Even though I personally see no reason for him to return, for some reason other people are saying he has an unfinished plot with Jo, so they should come back together. It was never really a major plot anyway, but I'm not experienced with this stuff and you guys are, so I guess his chances of returning are pretty big.

Chance of returning: 7/10

Jo: I think her chances of returning are about the same as Lightning, as you guys say. Also, she has a conflict with Heather which is also unresolved (it may not be major, but neither is her conflict with Lightning). But if she does come back again, she needs to make quite far, because it's pointless to bring back a character and just eliminate them early again just like their last season.

Chance of returning: 7/10

Sam: He probably has the least chance of returning than any other character, and I'm glad for that, since it would be utterly pointless to ever bring him back again unless he's with Dakota or he's got some important plot so he doesn't get eliminated early for the third consecutive time. Why was he even in All Stars? I thought he was going to have some big thing to make him a major character, but I guess he was just there as the season's punching bag and one of the early outs.

Chance of returning: 2/10

Sierra: She's done. There's no other reason to bring her back other than comedy relief with Cody. She doesn't have a very big chance, but she has a slight chance...not really anything else to say,

Chance of returning: 4/10

Duncan: Major chance to return. A love triangle between him, Courtney and Scott was hinted a lot in All Stars (which kind of annoys me, I mean how many love triangles does this show need to have? And how many ae going to include Duncan and Courtney?). I don't particularly like him as a character, but he is a fan fav amongst little kids so he has a very big chance, along with this hinted plot line. 

Chance of returning: 9/10

Courtney: Just like Duncan, major chance. She has so many unresolved plots, and even though I hate her so much, she needs this extra season for redemption and finishing of her many storylines. I think maybe if the writers try really hard, they can turn her back into the nice, sweet girl she was on Episode 1 part 1 of TDI.

Chance of returning: 9/10

Scott: Same as Duncan and Courtney. The love triangle, the comedy relief, and maybe Fang survived the sinking of Wawankwa and is hunting down Scott? :P However, if he does return, he can't have a major plotline and then have it all thrown away just cause the writers needed a certain character to be eliminated just like All Stars. (His relationship with Courtney had to be ruined just so she could be eliminated. She should have been eliminated thanks to a sudden death challenge or something).

Chance of returning: 9/10

So this is it. My opinion. As for the characters that appeared in the finale, I feel that Gwen has the biggest chance out of all of them for her Courtney plot, and maybe Zoey could come back to develop on her own without Mike. Maybe Heather and Alejandro too just for one more season, but I don't think they would be focused on as much. As for Cameron, he has no reason to come back and Mike has caused too much controversy to come back (in my opinion). However, zoke is very popular amongst little kids but now that mike doesn't have his personalities anymore, kids won't find him as enetertaining...

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