Okay, so I was talking to my friends in the wiki chat, and we discovered an amazing couple: Trella (Trent x Ella). Trent plays instruments while Ella sings, perfect combination.  My theory on how they could get together is: Ella would see Trent as her other half, her prince. Trent is flirtatous at times and quite charming, which causes Ella to fall for him. Trent would have feelings for Ella since she is quite beautiful, but would just leave them alone. One day Ella confesses her love for Trent, and Trent admits his feelings too, and they live happily ever after :) NOTE: I AM A HUGE SHIPPER OF BOTH GWENT AND TRELLA.

THANK YOU TO TotalDramaFan82498 for making this pic < 3


Trent Playing Instrument

Ella eliminated TDPI

Ella Singing

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