Chris: Last time on Total Drama All Stars! The teams were no more, and it was a free for all race to the floating machines for a regatta to boat around the island. But, some floated better than others for some reason *coughs* Mal *coughs*, and Chef supplied some dynamite entertainment, Alejandro won the challenge, and Duncan proved he still had a little villain in him after all. *cries* *coughs* Cameron would've gotten the flush but, he was saved by Duncan's court ordered exit, complete with police escort that'll learn him. *laughs* 7 players move on, soon one more will be gone, who will it be? Stick around and see here, on Total Drama All Stars!

Theme Song

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na!

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

Actual Episode

Alejandro: Haaaah.. This is the life, the life I deserve, The life I will have after I win the million dollars! Butler would you like to hear a story about me? I was born a beautiful man *gets cut off*

Chris: Hey roomey! Since my house got destroyed it looks like i'll be staying here. Hey, it's no fun for me either, I lost everything, including my swimtrunks. *laughs*

Alejandro: Ahhhh.. que frio. Que? What have we here? So this is how Chris knows all. All the footage since we arrived here, hmmm "Mal's Greatest Hits". How interesting.

*Video Begins*
*Cameron is sleeping*

Mal: *Laughs* *Breaks Sam's Game Guy.

Mal: *Breaks Sierra's phone*

Mal: *Trips Cameron*

Cameron: Ahhh!

*Mal switches back to Mike*

Mal: *Whistles "In the Hall of the Mountain King"* *Reveals he tampered with the votes in the previous elimination* *laughs*

Mal: Time to plant some evidence.

Alejandro: Hola strange one, what are you up to?

Mal: Alejandro, how could you? *laughs*

Alejandro: Planting evidence in my loser cabin bed? Nice try, but I will not be framed.

Zoey: I didn't vote for you, honest!

Mal: Me neither, but someone's been up to no good, we should search the cabin and see if we can find any clues.

Cameron: Good idea! Thanks you guys.

Mal: Uhh yeah you guys better check over there.

Cameron: Nope, uhhh Zoey?

Zoey: No clues in the drawers either.

Mal: *Looks under pillow* What!

Zoey: Anything there?

Mal: Well yea.. No?

Cameron: *Finds evidence in Mike's bed* You!

Mal: Uhhhhhhhhhhh..

Alejandro: Anything you can do I can do better, and look better doing it. Hello insurance policy.

Mal: Ha! Okay, as if! Why would I stick them under my matress and then suggest searching the cabin?

Zoey: He's right Cam it makes no sense

Cameron: None of it does! It's unlike any equation i've ever encountered! Endangerment plus betrayal times evidence equals YAAAA!

Mal: Pal, you know you can trust me.

Cameron: No I can't trust anyone, i'm the lone wolf, i'm the new Lightning, Sha-Something!

Mal: *sighs*

Zoey: Don't worry Mike i'll talk to him.

*Confessional begins*

Cameron: Chris said the vote was unanimous but how is that possible? I didn't vote for me, someone tampered with the votes, but who, how and why?

*Confessional ends*

Chris: Challenge time! Preceed to McLean Spa Library pronto!

Scott: *trips* Woahhh! Ow ow ow ahhh..

Courtney: Mmhmhm

Scott: *snifs his armpit* I was just making sure I don't stink, and I don't seriously.

Courtney: *laughs* Let's just pretend I showed up now.

Scott: Cool, oh wait don't!

*Courtney trips and Scott and Courtney kiss*
*Confessional begins*

Courtney: That was totally and accident. Eeeeee!

*Confessional ends*
*Confessional begins*

Scott: We kissed! I did stink a little. 

*Confessional ends*

Scott: Uhhh.. Will you be my boyfriend? No um, my boyfriend! Uh, me yours, me boy, just, will you go out with me?

Courtney: Yes.

*Confessional begins*

Courtney: My first ring! I'll keep it in my pocket, no way his shoelace goes on my finger, boys pee outside, in the dark

*Confessional ends*

Mal: Ahhahem. I won't do it! No! Cameron's my friend.

Cameron: Ummm.. What's going on? 

Mal: Hey! Courtney and Scott were just saying bad stuff about you.

Cameron: What?!

Mal: Alejandro and Gwen too.

Cameron: Gwen? I thought we were friends. But then she was on the villains team. Thanks pal, sorry I said I couldn't trust you obviously I can.

Mal: Good, but were still in danger, right now its three to four, you, me and Zoey versus everyone else. We need to lure one of them into our gang

Cameron: But how?!

Mal: We'll think of something.

Courtney: Where's Chris?

Chef: Just hush up you'll see in a minute!

Gwen: Uhhh... Are you okay?

Cameron: Uhg

Chris: Welcome to episode 100 of Total Drama, to celebrate I have an extra special 100th episode challenge. *laughs* I hope no one is alergic to rhisnoceros or fire or poison, small pox, gluten.

Gwen: Is that?

Chris: European fermaldehyde, terror, treenuts

Everyone: Look out!

Zoey: Look look!

Chris: Please don't interrupt i'm Woaw!

*Chris is captured by Ezekiel*

Ezekiel: HAUGH

Chef: *spits out coffee* Ah, that kid ahhh new challenge! Find Chris!

Gwen: You want us to hunt for Zeke? No way he's psycho crazy!

Chef: Hey, if no one saves Chris their aint no show, which means no winner and no million dollars.

Mal: What!?

Courtney: That's not fair!

Alejandro: Hold on, we accept this challenge, but only if the one who finds Chris gets immunity for the next vote.

Courtney: And permanant residence in the spa hotel for as long as their in the competition.

Cameron: And they get to send one person to Boney Island.

Chef: Fine deal! Just find Chris!

Zoey: Last season Zeke was living in the mine, maybe that's where he took Chris?

Chef: To the mine!

Mal: Huh, still looks like it's sealed up.

Cameron: Maybe there's another way in?

Chef: Then find it, i'm heading back to the hotel to see if I can get the monitors working

Gwen: Let's do this.

Scott: Ummm, yeah sorry but it's our one hour anniversary and threes a crowd, bye!

Courtney: *laughs* Sorry!

Gwen: Alejandro?

Alejandro: No thank you, only one person can win this challenge, and that person is going to be me.

Gwen: Oooh! Wait up!

Cameron: Ohhhh..

  • Confessional starts*

Gwen: Seriously, what is up with Cameron!

*Confessional ends
*Confessional starts*

Cameron: She disses me then wants to hang out with me, make up your mind!

*Confessional ends*

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