So it's time for a different type of blog from me :P No leaks, no news, just a discussion. So as you can see by the blog title the question is "Is Fresh Failing at Hyping Ridonculous Race?", I personally think so. I think they started of pretty good. They revealed the first team Late December, the second mid-February and we were all hyped up. But now over 2 months later we have no news of any teams. I honestly think that the hype is starting to die down. I remember months ago I would almost every day think to myself that I needed to check for any new RR news. Now it's gotten to the point where I think about it maybe once or twice a week. While I still am very excited for it I feel I'm just not as hyped up for it as I was. I think if maybe after they revealed the second team if they started revealing every month or every other week they could maintain the hype. I mean they have 16 teams left to reveal, It's not like they would run out of teams to reveal. So yeah, what are your guyses thoughts on the matter?

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