-TDRIfan I'm a huge fan of total drama, but revenge of the island is my favorite season yet. I've been talking with my brother who we might think wins. I thought either Mike or Cameron wins. He thinks Lightning's gonna win. I've watched all the episodes in Revenge Of The Island. Anybody is bound to win the grand prize.

Characters and info. Jo-team maggots agressive Scott-team rats slick,sneaky Mike-team maggots has Muiltiple Personality Disorder.4 personalities:Vito,Chester,Svetlana,Manitoba Smith. Zoey-team maggots lonley,nice Lightning-team rats "winner"modist Brick-was on maggots now rats cadet,nice,challenging B-team rats quite,expert builder/inventor Dawn-team rats reads aoras,talks to animals Cameron-team maggots smart,weakish Dakota-team rats easily distracted,loves motarage Anne Maria-team maggots funny,tan Staci-team rats talks alot Sam-team rats gamer who do you think will win Revenge of The Island and who's team are you on rats or maggots?

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