This is all dependent on what I read on Wikipedia

  • Dave: he won't last long and will probably be hated by every camper except Sky
  • Sky: She must be really open minded and kind to put up with Dave
  • Beardo: I expect nothing from him
  • Amy & Samey: I don't know all I know is the fact they're twins will get others confused between them
  • Sugar: I think she's an early out like 3rd or 4th out and I think she'llhave a major conflict with Jasmine
  • Jasmine: Hates sugar and might not be very experienced with relationships as she's dating Topher after he cheated with her.
  • Topher: He seems like an elitist snob
  • Scarlet: I feel bad Topher cheated on her and I hope Shawn is nicer to her
  • Shawn: I don't know what to think I just hope he treats Scarlet well since he likes her
  • Max: I think his child act is just an act to draw suspicion away from his evil intents
  • Rodney: I think he'll be a social outcast or the guy who's friends with everyone not in between
  • Leonardo: A id who think he's a wizard, they must be runnig out of ideas and I know he won't be there long
  • Ella: I have mixed feelings about her I think she wil be mean to others initially but in reality shes just really shy and is afraid of being a social outcast

Your thoughts? (Guys please don't be mad at me for using wikipedia i didn't know what else to use

TotalDramaRox97 "It's time to choose the loser" 05:56, December 7, 2013 (UTC)

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