Here's soem predictions I have for the finale

  • Courtney actually blames herself for doing soemthing wrong for once and tells Gwen if she doesn't wanna be her friend she'll accept it. Gwen admits she was gonna betray Courtney as wel in the finals and gives her one more chance if she helps Zoey wins. Courtney knows Chris will never invite her back on Total Drama so she decides being friends with Gwen again is the next best thing so she agrees. Courtney also concocts a revenge plan against Chris
  • Zoey & Mike unintentionally destroy Camp Wawanakwa
  • After Zoey/Mike wins, Chris tells them the prize money will be used to fix Camp Wawanakwa. Staying loyal to her promise Gwen, Courtney blackmails Chris by pointing out his challenge violated every single one of his parole conditions except allowing the winner to keep their prize money and say that if Chris doesn't allow the winner to keep their money, her lawyers will send all the evidence to his parole officer. Chris points out she doesn't have any footage, the producers do, but turns out Gwen and Chef (who didn't approve of Chris' intentions to make the challenge fatal) put cameras all around the island and told him that if he doesn't let the winner keept heir prize money, he'll be back in jail and his show will be over. To save his own butt, Chris lets them keep them the money, but with the island destroyed, Chris would have to film the show somewhere else and promises they'll find out next season.
  • Zoey & Mike share the prize money

TotalDramaRox97 "It's time to choose the loser" 15:50, November 29, 2013 (UTC)

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