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  • TDR97

    This is all dependent on what I read on Wikipedia

    • Dave: he won't last long and will probably be hated by every camper except Sky
    • Sky: She must be really open minded and kind to put up with Dave
    • Beardo: I expect nothing from him
    • Amy & Samey: I don't know all I know is the fact they're twins will get others confused between them
    • Sugar: I think she's an early out like 3rd or 4th out and I think she'llhave a major conflict with Jasmine
    • Jasmine: Hates sugar and might not be very experienced with relationships as she's dating Topher after he cheated with her.
    • Topher: He seems like an elitist snob
    • Scarlet: I feel bad Topher cheated on her and I hope Shawn is nicer to her
    • Shawn: I don't know what to think I just hope he treats Scarlet well since he likes h…
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  • TDR97

    Finale Predictions

    November 29, 2013 by TDR97

    Here's soem predictions I have for the finale

    • Courtney actually blames herself for doing soemthing wrong for once and tells Gwen if she doesn't wanna be her friend she'll accept it. Gwen admits she was gonna betray Courtney as wel in the finals and gives her one more chance if she helps Zoey wins. Courtney knows Chris will never invite her back on Total Drama so she decides being friends with Gwen again is the next best thing so she agrees. Courtney also concocts a revenge plan against Chris
    • Zoey & Mike unintentionally destroy Camp Wawanakwa
    • After Zoey/Mike wins, Chris tells them the prize money will be used to fix Camp Wawanakwa. Staying loyal to her promise Gwen, Courtney blackmails Chris by pointing out his challenge violated every single …
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  • TDR97

    Moon Madness Review

    October 9, 2013 by TDR97
    • Uncreative challenge
    • Little character development
    • TMO came off as more of a jerk than in more previous episodes he was evil in a more cool way
    • Duncan was fell out of love with Gwen too quickly (one moment he's saving her life next moment he's kissing her to make Courtney jealous)
    • Courtney is getting more of a jerk considering Gwen risked her life to save Courtney (hopefully dumping Duncan will help)
    • Chris shouldn't allow campers to go to Boney Island twice in a row
    • Cameron switching teams was obviously made by the writers to save TMO
    • Mike turning into the Malevolent one towards Cameron and Zoey took all the attention from the episode
    • The only funny moment was Scott being attacked by the beaver and trees
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