Ok, let's start by saying that I am a huge Total Drama fan, I've watched every episode atleast 20 times, I just love the show, I think it is so smart & intelligent even to this day, that's not to say I've never had an issue with the series, there are several episodes in which I really dislike & same with plot points and charatcters & their development over time.

I was really pumped up for Total Drama All Stars because it is a new season with these characters and as much as I really didn't care for Revenge of the Island, I still had faith in the producers that they would deliver us, the fans a truly fun season of Total Drama once more. For the most part, I think they have succeded.

Lets take a look at what this season has done right:

  • redemption of characters (Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, Scott)- this season made me enjoy several characters that I used to love, but not after world tour such as Duncan, Gwen & Courtney, they made them more likeable in this season, also I liked Scott so much more this time around.
  • the elimination order (for the most part)- there are some exceptions that I wish had stayed in longer (Lindsay, Jo, Sam, Heather, Sierra) but for the most part, I didn't have a huge problem with the order the contestants were eliminated, except the leaked elimination order list, that seems to be the main problem here. The only ones I truly had an issue with getting to where they did were Duncan, Mike/ Mal & Zoey.
  • the atmosphere and look- this season looks absolutely gorgeous and it brings back the feeling of being on a campiung trip just like the first season 
  • character development & plotpoints (for some);

The Good:

> Scott & Courtney (for the most part)

> Courtney & Gwen (for the most part)

> Duncan

> Alejandro 

> Alejandro & Heather

> Duncan & Mal

> Alejandro & Mal

> Mal

> Mike trapped

> Mal & Zoey

> Episodes 1-3 (amazing)

The Bad:

> Sierra & Cameron (total rehash of Sierra and Cody, worked for a while and then trailed off)

> Courtney in Episode 11 ( ruined a lot of the season and her development with Scott & Gwen)

> Episode 11 (very very poorly done episode)

> Episode 4 (poorly done)

> Sam's cheating (only bad because I wanted Sam to make it far this time)

> The final two (disappointing)

> The fact that Mike isn't the one competing and yet he is still in the game

> Duncan making it to the merge (again!)

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