Sadie sexy pose

Sadie being savage


The mention of the word sends shivers down your spine. You're captivated, by feelings of longing, and thirst. The queenliest queen there is, Sadie, stands before you, in her iconic swimsuit. You're so jealous of Sadie, you wish you were as thicc as she was. 

Sadie is without a doubt the best tatal drama chariacture in existence. Did you know that Sadie was a dancer? You wish you were as skilled as her. Sadie is a world renowned Singer, Model, Actress, and Dancer. It is a well known fact that Sadie didn't compete in series 2 and 3 because she was too much of a good competitor, and the others couldn't stand a chance!

Sugar blind

Queen Sugar!

In fact, it has been officially revealed that the writers didn't add Sadie and Sadie #2 in the Ridonculous Race because they felt that they werent good enough writers, and couldnt use their character to their best potential! Iconic!!!

And did you know that she survived without her best friend for 5 episodes. SIX! Could you do that? No! And not to mention she lasted almost twice as long as Sadie #2. QUEEN!!! 

And, Sadie is the strongest competitor in Total Drama History! I know you've all seen that scene w

here she rips apart the docks. What. An. Icon! Sadie is also the most irresistable character in the history of all cartoons. Her lushious curves and amazing hair style is certain to make all men fall in love with her!

Sadie also returned in season 6 under the alias of Sugar! Sugar was a queen and even placed 3rd. Is there anything Sadie can't do!?!?

And, yet again, although she didnt return as herself in the Ridonculous Race, she disguised herself as Tammy, a confetti queen! Tammy rocked her outfit and made all the girls jealous, especially Josee, yuck! 

Sadie burning her ex teammates

Sadie is also a savage queen, as seen in episode 11 of TDI, where she calls the Bass, 'Marshmallow


The best character ever!

eating freaks!" You better not mess with Sadie, she will come for you, and your wig!

Sadie even has a slave to follow her every move! Her name is Katie and is the most boring, ratty, camper ever! Sadie gains points for just having to deal with that vermin!

In conclusion, Sadie is the best Total Drama Character Ever, and I will not let anybody tell me otherwise.