This is a small blog where i will analyse all 7 seasons of Total Drama and give them a rating out of 10! 


Total Drama was where it all started, and a great start it is. Total Drama brought to us the realism of teen life with  no mutant animals, and teens who think they are wizards or 'EEEEvil Genius' . This season was real life. The challenges were 'meh' but some like

Basic Straining and Hide and Go seek were my favorite episodes ever!!!!

This season Gets 7/10 from me


Total Drama Action is seen as a bad season to most, but i loved it. Total Drama Action was no were near as realistic as Island but i loved the elimination order and the pre-merge episodes. Courtney (My Bae) Got a bit ruined this season and as did Owen and Heather for me. But this season just beckons to me and i love it

This season gets 7.5/10 from me


Total Drama World Tour was the bomb, HANDS DOWN. Four Words, NOAH, HEATHER, AL, SIERRA. The newcomers were all amazing (Except Blainley) Al was so manipulative and one of the best antagonists on the show and siera is bae. Blainley however was a waste of potential  Maybe if she had debuted in the top 10 there may have beem more space for courtney/blainley heather/blainley

This season gets 8/10 from me


This is where it all started going downhill, It took away the realism of Island and replaced it with, well.... Mutant animals. Mike is very offensive as one does not simply do that when they have MPD and is just a bland character. The only 3 characters i liked in this season were Brick, Jo and Dawn. This was Terrible and I dont want to talk about it anymore.

Tis season gets a 3/10 from me


Total Drama All stars was just.... Mediocre. It was a bit more realistic but lacked something i cant think off. The plot Lines were rushed (Mal GwenxDuncan GwenxCourtney ScottxCourtney) and Mal was the worst antagonist ever and only caused on elimination. Alejandro caused the same as him and he wasnt even an antagonist this season! This season was just.... there for the sake of it really

I give this season a 5/10 from me


You know why i keep talking about realism? Because of this Season! NO 16 YEAR OLD TRULY BELEIVES HE IS AN EVIL GENIUS OR THAT HE IS A WIZARD. NOR IS SNOW WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This season Irked me so Much. Just not as much as ROTI. Zoey and Sky are the same person and Amy/Samey plotline was too rushed. I dont want to speak about it anymore.

This season Gets a 3/10 from me


Oh boy, wasnt this season amazing!!!! It was real again and it was ooo Funny! Jom and Jen, Kelly and Taylor, Noa and Owen, Dwayne and Junior. ALL AMAZING!!!! THE ICE DANCERS ARE BAES!!!!! I loved the challenges and it reminds me of world Tour!!!!!

I GIVE IT A 10/10

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