So, with the recent announcement that Total Drama has been greenlit for a new season 2018/2019, Theres bound to be alot of speculation floating around the community. Now- im not going to say this is an original idea- because it isn't. You've probably all seen 100 versions of this same post before. But, i wan't to portay my ideas. and try to accumulate a suitable cast, storyline and other aspects to the potential story. 


Now, as a starting point, i could start by analysing what evidence we have got. We have direct conformation that we will be seeing some of our favorite first generation cast members! But, what do fresh define as... favorite. To us, we define favorites as people like Noah, Tyler, Cody, Harold, Bridgette and Izzy. 

Ah yes, The big six. 

Owen, Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Duncan and Lindsay. The infamous screen-hoggers, the true All-stars, and the mascots of the show. These six have been the core of many important storylines throughtout the show, and are some of the shows most important people. So, we can't really have a season without them, can we?


I believe that we wont be seeing the big 6 as we know them. As, i feel as if some of them have completed their arcs. Lets talk about Heather, the biggest bad of them all, and the original villain. And believe it or not, i don't think she will return. Heather has been in four seasons, and has the biggest total screen time (NOT including Owen's stint in RR) out of all characters. I feel as of Heather has finished all her character arcs and as shown in All Stars, she isn't neccesary to stay around. Heather has made the merge twice, along with the final 3, and even WON in World Tour. Heather has the potential for conflicts with people like Jo, and Courtney, but her only major interaction is Alejandro. But, as we all recall, Heather has reconcilled with Alejandro and they're character arc has finished, so what now? I believe that both Heather and Alejandro won't return, especially if the cast is just first generation. I feel like the reason they were brought back in the TDAS finale is to close their arc, and give them closure. 

And, Heather wasn't the only member of the big 6 who returned in the finale. Gwen. I feel as if Gwen's character arc is over. She has no plot with Duncan, Courtney nor Trent anymore, and i feel like she, like Heather, appeared as a closure to her arc. Not to mention, Gwen has been in the final 3 (4?) twice too. Gwen is at a suitable point to leave, before she becomes derailed even more.

Owen, Oh Owen. As much as i hate to say it, I feel like Owen is going to return. Due to Owen's mysterious absense in All Stars, i am certain he is going to return, even with his stint on RR, which, actually furthers my case. As you all know, when Owen and Noah, The Reality TV pros, are eliminated in episode 18 of RR, there is a scene where Noah states that they've been asked to be in the new season of a reality show. Of course, the reality show could be RR or TD, but i feel more inclined towards TD, as it is the next in the series. With this evidence, I'd like to say that Noah is likely to return too.  

And as for Duncan, i dont think he will return either. Duncan has overstayed his welcome. He's had way too much screentime and way too much plot. His arcs with Duncan and Courtney have ended and he doesn't have any people left to build plot points from. Geoff and DJ haven't had any interactions with Duncan since TDI. Duncan has made the merge every time, and i feel like, if he does return, he needs to be an early boot. 

Courtney. Courtney is a trivial character for me. But im leaning towards her returning in S6, as she still has plot with Scott, and their relationship needs to be fleshed out more. She also has unresolved conflicts with Lindsay, Beth and Harold, and is one of the only members of the Big 6 (Lindsay too) not to have reached the finale! I also think Courtney could have a solid redemption arc, in order to close her character. I think it's her time to shine. Also, after the announcement was made on Twitter, Emilie-Clare Barlow, her voice actress replied 'Very exciting!!!', and was the only voice actress to do so.  

Lindsay, the sixth ranger. I think Lindsay wil return, because she has so much potential. Remember the days when people thought Courtney and Lindsay would be the final 2 of All Stars, yeah, me too. Lindsay was quite frankly robbed in her first three seasons, and didn't get any time to shine in the fifth. Lindsay has plot with Beth and Tyler, too! And what about the dreaded Lyler break up that was teased?

So far:

Likely: Owen, Noah, Courtney, Lindsay

Unlikely: Heather, Alejandro, Gwen, Duncan

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