Bonjour! I'm Aaron, or TDIFanaric, and today i want to discuss the premises of Total Drama season six. Whether it's the location, cast, or theme or the release date. It is always fun to speculate, and theorize. 

Release Date

Now, following information from The Official 6th Season Thread which i highly recommend people view, it has come to light during a conversation with Christine Thompson that four episodes have been curated and voice work has already commenced! This is great news as it seems that the season could be coming much earlier than we thought, possibly mid 2018. 


Pahkitew Island (3)
I cannot envision us being introduced to a new location after just being introduced to Pahkitew . I believe that season six will take place on a newly refurbished Pahkitew island, cabins will return and it will be very similar to the Wawanakwa depicted in seasons 1 and 5 . It will draw lots of parallels to Wawanakwa and regarding the mechanical and artificial structure of the island, it could even be a direct copy.


For this season's theme... I don't think there will be one. No highly speculated Total Drama Underdogs' or Fans v Favorites'. I think it will be a generic island season, no film lot, no jet, no.. cruise or whatever. Something that often ties into the theme, is the cast (e,g Total Drama All-Stars ) however, i believe there will be no direct correlation between the cast and the theme, as, well, i don't think there WILL be a theme. 


For this segment, i will be discussing the campers who i think deserve to return for another shot, or that i think will return/have been hinted at. Now, i can't reeeally source all these responses, but the characters that have been heavily hinted at are Bridgette and Harold , (Or Sam ). I do believe that Bridgette and Harold will return as both have a fanbase and untapped potential to go far, (As we have seen in Island and Action respectively). They have not appeared since World Tour and are some of the most deserving campers to return. Other campers that have been (lightly) hinted at are Courtney , Duncan , Lindsay , Dawn and Noah .  And truth be told, i can envision all of these characters returning. Courtney and Duncan have unresolved plots with eachother, along with Scott and Gw en . I would love for Courtney to make peace with Duncan and Gwen, and even rekindle her romance with Scott. Duncan and Gwen should become friends again, too. I believe that Lindsay should return because she is an iconic character and great comedic relief, she should return with Tyler , so we can have more Lyler scenes. I can see Noah and Dawn returning because of the gigantic fanbases they have, and the high demand.

Outside of characters that have been Hinted, i also believe that Amy and Samey should return, along with Jasmine , thus along with Shawn . Amy and Samey should resolve their conflict , or have one of them (Amy) 'defeated' a la Heather in Island or Alejandro in World Tour. Jasmine should return, but as a background and supporting character to both Shawn and Samey. I would love to see Heather and Leshawna return, as, they are one of the best characters in the series and have a great trio dynamic with Gwen. Heather should return because she is the most iconic antagonistic character in the series and Leshawna is a very popular, likeable camper that has unresolved plot with Harold . Alejandro could also return with Heather, however, i don't deem it necessary. Another unresolved conflict is Jo /Lightning /Brick . These three characters have potential to make it far. and after Jo and Lightning were reduced to early-outs in all stars, they should seek redemption. Jo, also has the potential to be the main antagonist if done right.

Finally, three more characters who i think should return to the competition are Katie , Sadie , and Eva . These three deserve to return because they haven't been on our screens for TEN years. (ELEVEN when it airs). I would love to see them get development. I would adore it if all three make it past at least episode ten,  These three really need airtime. Eva also has potential to be an antagonist, and have conflicts with Jo and Heather.


Thank-you for reading my blog, please tell me what you think of it ! I would love to hear everybody's ideas xx

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