This is Going to be Long! I warned You!!!!


Ezekiel: The Wasted Potential. He said like what, 5 lines in his run on Tdi and There were only 5 girls on the bass, surely the guys would have voted for Courtney instead. Allthough, To be honest Courtney is Bae. It just doesnt add up, people like D.J and Courtney didnt do the Challenge and Ezekiel Got Eliminated. Ezekiel was shown to be cool with the other guys and would have liked to see more of him before he was Corrupted by lust for The 1,000,000 dollars (Fact: It is the equivalent to 657810.35 english Pounds!)


Oh zeke, why do the writers hate you so! Ezekiel was awesome and was eliminated unfairly! IT WAS HAROLDS IDEA, ONLY FOR HAROLD TO LEAVE THE NEXT EPISODE. BLASPHEMY! His Ferel revelation was quite a shocker in I see london... and was all a bit..... un-realistic. He fell into A volcano, Thrown of a Plane, twice! He is invincible! Ferel Zeke was treated horribly and was seen as an wild animal more than a human being. He became corrupted and he beacme ruined forever.

I will Do TDROTI and TDAS because he made some big cameos in them and is enough to write about


Ezekiel appeared in A Mine is A terrible Thing To waste and had a small attreaction to Anne Maria and the $1000000/£657810.35 money. Except for it to be burned in the volcano, with thhe case and him intact. It just doesnt add up


Ezekiel Cameoed in The 100th Episode of Total Drama, Zeek and Ye will find, where he Kidnapped Chris and Nearly killed Cameron and Captured everyone else. Only to be defeated by..... Meatballs?

Thank you for Reading,this and please tell me who you want me to do next out of the Following

  • Blainley
  • Geoff
  • Trent
  • Gwen
  • Duncan
  • Courtney

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