This is my Second character rant. CODY! The biggest Godplayer in my Opinion that always goes un-noticed.


Cody here was Really Un-interesting and bland. Why did he even make it to Episode 9 when other Characters such as Eva ( Rage plot) and Tyler ( lindsay) had so much more to work with! He was just a Plot device and a Stepping Stone for Gwent, who, may I remind you totally went downhill. He just Drifted and floated his way through the season 
Sierra Exclusive clip

Cody and Sierra


This is Where Cody decided to go Godplay along with Zoey, Sugar and Sky in Godplayer High. Once again he was a Sierra plot device ( or vice versa ) and was still uninteresting. And even worse, he came 3RD!!!

TDI: 5


Average: 5

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