Howdy! This is a series i am gonna do where i rant and discuss (mainly the bad things) about Total Drama Characters and today, it is Bridgette.


In Tdi, Bridgette was a strong, friendly player and got along with everyon and was a secondary character as the series progressed, until the guys alliance booted her that is. Bridgette was nice and was friends with about everybody on the Killer Bass. However, Bridgette was seen to have alot of weaknesses, such as her klutziness and her biggest fault for me, GEOFF. 

Bidgette and Geoff


Tda was Bridgettes worst season, and boy did she suck, she had like 5 lines and all she did was make out with Geoff constantly. This got annoying quickly even though they were only in the season 2 episodes. She was basically Filler and only used for the aftermaths.


Yet another Filler season for Bridgette. We all knew she had to leave pre-merge for the aftermaths, but Episode 4? We all knew she was going as she was placed on the infamous Team Victory and was destined for the drop of shame. She was only in the season to be a pawn in Alejandro's game and to be a Victim of his evil... evil.... super hot... charms.

TDI: 6/10

TDA: 2/10

TDWT: 3/10

Average: 4

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