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  • My occupation is shook af
  • I am boi
  • TDIfanaric

    Bonjour! I'm Aaron, or TDIFanaric, and today i want to discuss the premises of Total Drama season six. Whether it's the location, cast, or theme or the release date. It is always fun to speculate, and theorize. 

    Now, following information from The Official 6th Season Thread which i highly recommend people view, it has come to light during a conversation with Christine Thompson that four episodes have been curated and voice work has already commenced! This is great news as it seems that the season could be coming much earlier than we thought, possibly mid 2018. 

    I cannot envision us being introduced to a new location after just being introduced to Pahkitew . I believe that season six will take place on a newly refurbished Pahkitew island, cabi…

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  • TDIfanaric


    The mention of the word sends shivers down your spine. You're captivated, by feelings of longing, and thirst. The queenliest queen there is, Sadie, stands before you, in her iconic swimsuit. You're so jealous of Sadie, you wish you were as thicc as she was. 

    Sadie is without a doubt the best tatal drama chariacture in existence. Did you know that Sadie was a dancer? You wish you were as skilled as her. Sadie is a world renowned Singer, Model, Actress, and Dancer. It is a well known fact that Sadie didn't compete in series 2 and 3 because she was too much of a good competitor, and the others couldn't stand a chance!

    In fact, it has been officially revealed that the writers didn't add Sadie and Sadie #2 in the Ridonculous Race because …

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  • TDIfanaric


    im jus here to say that im changing my username

    from now on I'll be known as TDIfanaric instead of NoahFan13 because

    a) its cringe

    b) i dont even like noah that much

    c) im on other wikis now and tdifanaric is less specific


    (yall its a typo I dont ned reminding)

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  • TDIfanaric

    So, with the recent announcement that Total Drama has been greenlit for a new season 2018/2019, Theres bound to be alot of speculation floating around the community. Now- im not going to say this is an original idea- because it isn't. You've probably all seen 100 versions of this same post before. But, i wan't to portay my ideas. and try to accumulate a suitable cast, storyline and other aspects to the potential story. 

    Now, as a starting point, i could start by analysing what evidence we have got. We have direct conformation that we will be seeing some of our favorite first generation cast members! But, what do fresh define as... favorite. To us, we define favorites as people like Noah, Tyler, Cody, Harold, Bridgette and Izzy. 

    Ah yes, The b…

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  • TDIfanaric


    I know this is odd, and a bit rash seeing as i never made any friends on the wiki, but I'd just love to say,

    I'm back!

    I really seemed to lose interest in the show after the RR race hype died down, but with the new reveal, I've been inclined to come back! I really hope i can atleast try to rekindle some of the connections i made prior. From now on, I'll be an active member, supporter and contributor of the wiki, I'm looking forward to talk to y'all,



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