Okay, I'm just gonna come out and say it. I am not a very important person. I am not popular on this wiki. I am not in anyway even close to an admin. But, to everyone who reads this blog, I'm just gonna say this...

This is a wiki.

Not a place where people can create drama. Not a place where people deserve to be insulted. And definately not a place that needs people watching over their heads all the time.

This wiki was built to give facts about Total Drama, the show that everyone comes here to talk about, read about, and give their opinion on the show.

It was supposed to be a place where people read information about TD, and contribte to it themselves. Even though we may need rules, I think the rules here should be loosened a bit.

We should not ban people for errors. We should only ban people for direct vandalism to the wiki, or any of it's articles. If someone insultes you, then it's okay to tell an admin. The admin should look at the argument, decide if it's just something stupid like "OH! U LEIK HEATHER! I H8 U!" then it should be ignored. However, if they are flat out insulting you, and making you feel miserable, then at the very most a one week ban should be given.

There, i've said everything I need to say. If you don't agree with me, tell me in a comment. I will not over-react to people having different opinions, or if someone agrees with me. Thank you for reading.

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