• LOW VOICE* WARNING: This dream is completely random and I will advise you that in case you fall on the floor laughing you should be reading this where you have a soft landing.

Okay, last night I had a really weird dream. It involved Total Drama so I am gonna share this with you. Okay, here it goes! :P The first location in TDWT was South Africa and they were playing football. The Lindsay came up to Ezekiel and kissed him. Then, Tyler, who was really angry, got out a shotgun and shot Ezekiel. Then Chris came along and shot Tyler and Lindsay shot Chris. Then (this is where the randomness comes :D) Alejandro started eating Duncan's head while Noah was singing Telephone by Lady Gaga. Then the police came and arrested Lindsay, while Chuck Norris came and roundhouse kicked Harold in the num-yo's. XD Then Tyler. Ezekiel and Chris came back to life and all the contestants turned into giraffes and rode a rainbow. Then I woke up, fell asleep again and started dreaming about watermelons. You like?

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