Terrible. Absolutely terrible. This has got to be the same writer for Anything Yukon Do. Because this was awful. Absolutely awful. Gwen? What has happened to you? You kissed Duncan, the pretended it didn't happen. Why? You should have just told the truth. Actually, you should of never kissed him in the first place. And another thing. Tyler. What has Alejandro done to you? Why'd you glare at Owen? Why? And this episode just revolved around the love triangle. Urgh.

Anyway, let's try and look at the bright side. Um, the scene where Owen bumped Cody was extremely funny. And, um, Tyler did not get eliminated. And, uhhh, well, that's it really.

As you can see, this episode was the worst one yet. The Ex-Files better be good. I'd give this episode 1/10. -TDITyler102 Dude, she's made of carboard! Get in the game! 18:23, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

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