• TDITyler102

    Speaking My Mind

    April 21, 2011 by TDITyler102

    Okay, I'm just gonna come out and say it. I am not a very important person. I am not popular on this wiki. I am not in anyway even close to an admin. But, to everyone who reads this blog, I'm just gonna say this...

    This is a wiki.

    Not a place where people can create drama. Not a place where people deserve to be insulted. And definately not a place that needs people watching over their heads all the time.

    This wiki was built to give facts about Total Drama, the show that everyone comes here to talk about, read about, and give their opinion on the show.

    It was supposed to be a place where people read information about TD, and contribte to it themselves. Even though we may need rules, I think the rules here should be loosened a bit.

    We should not ban peopl…

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  • TDITyler102

    I wrote this song at 5 in the morning. It's called 'You Broke My Heart' by Cody. It's main singer is Cody. Hope you like it:

    Cody: Gwen, you broke my heart.

    You broke it into a million tiny pieces.

    Gwen, you broke my heart.

    And now it's existence ceases.

    Gwen: Listen, Cody. I-

    Cody: No you listen to me for once!

    Why'd you make out with that punk?

    Harold, Justin, Trent: You broke his heart, Gwen.

    Cody: Uh-uh-uh, yeah!

    Harold, Justin, Trent: You broke his heart Gwen.

    Cody: Uh-uh, yeah you did!

    Trent: (softly) And worst of all, you broke mine.

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  • TDITyler102

    Greece's Pieces Review

    August 16, 2010 by TDITyler102

    Terrible. Absolutely terrible. This has got to be the same writer for Anything Yukon Do. Because this was awful. Absolutely awful. Gwen? What has happened to you? You kissed Duncan, the pretended it didn't happen. Why? You should have just told the truth. Actually, you should of never kissed him in the first place. And another thing. Tyler. What has Alejandro done to you? Why'd you glare at Owen? Why? And this episode just revolved around the love triangle. Urgh.

    Anyway, let's try and look at the bright side. Um, the scene where Owen bumped Cody was extremely funny. And, um, Tyler did not get eliminated. And, uhhh, well, that's it really.

    As you can see, this episode was the worst one yet. The Ex-Files better be good. I'd give this episode 1/…

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  • TDITyler102

    100 Edits :P

    June 20, 2010 by TDITyler102

    I finally got 100 edits! *Geoff voice* All right dudes lets party! I would like to thank the academy for this award, everyone on this wiki, and of course my cat who nearnly gave me rabies yesterday. Ah man now i have to get 200 edits :( Still, TDW FTW -TDITyler102 Dude, she's made of carboard! Get in the game! 10:00, June 20, 2010 (UTC)

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  • TDITyler102

    1. Location: Egypt Eliminated: Duncan

    2. Location: Egypt Eliminated: Ezekiel

    3. Location: Japan Eliminated: Harold

    4. Location: Yukon Eliminated: No-one

    5. Location: New York Eliminated: Bridgette

    6. Aftermath

    7. Location: German Alps Eliminated: Leshawna

    8. Location: Amazon Eliminated: No-one

    9. Location: Paris Eliminated: Izzy

    10. Location: Peru Eliminated: No-one

    11. Location: China Eliminated: DJ & Lindsay

    12. Aftermath


    13. Location: Australia Eliminated: Duncan

    14. Location: Jamaica Eliminated: No-one

    15. Location: Greece Eliminated: Courtney


    16. Location: Morocco Elimnated: No-one

    17. Location: Pamplona Eliminated: Owen


    18. Aftermath

    19. Location: Moscow Eliminated: Sierra

    20. Location: Ri…

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