Hey everyone! It's me again. I'm back to tell you that a few friends and I created a few wikis. I wanted people to know so that they can come by, and recommend to their friends, and make the wikis grow. all this TD wikis are just for fun, and , as always, there are a few rules to take into account. Whatever, let's go to the wikis. Just for you to know, I'm not good at showing off things making amazing paragrphs to make people interested. Just a short description (like the ones you'll see here) is difficult enough to me... seriously.

TDISeriesFan's Roleplays Wiki - by TDISeriesFan

This are my roleplays. You can join them and meet new people and stuff. You can recommend roleplay titles and then I'll see if I can use it or not. Remmber to add a short and general plot of the roleplay.

Total Drama Roleplay Wiki - by Johnnyboy10465

These are Johnnyboy's roleplays. there's a difference. You can create your own roleplays too. There is a special roleplay (Total Drama Adminship) that is to choose the next admin, rollack and bureaucrat (or whatever is written).

TDISeriesFan's Fan-Fictions Wiki - by TDISeriesFan

These are my fanfics. This is a wiki with my fan-fictions, where you can contribute, and even create your own fan-fictions (in your user page) related to the ones I write. I really work hard on them, so I hope you like them.

TDASUPERFAN12's Fan-Fictions Wiki - by TDASUPERFAN12

These are TDASUPERFAN's fanfictions. I don't really know much about it. I know that there is info about the characters, episodes of Total Drama Academy and Total Drama Glee and not much more.

We all hope you enjoy this wikis as much as we do, so please, no rude comments. We all work hard to make our wikis look absolutely awesome, or at least we try. Please, comment, (I was about to put rate, subscribe, but not, that's on YouTube XD) visit these wikis, and tell your friends!!!

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