Hey I just found a "trick" on YouTube, of how to do TD Characters, without Paint Tool SAI. You need:

  • The TD Character's images you want
  • Paint.NET

These are the steps:

  • Look the size of your image (i.e. Courtney's size is 139 x 540)
  • Open Paint.NET
  • Click in "File: New" and in width put (in Courtney's case) 139 and in height 540
  • Now in "Layers: Import from File" open Courtney's image)
  • Choose a transparent color and put tolerance to 100%
  • Click on the bucket and paint the image
  • Now add a new layer and choose the "Lines & Curves" tool. Choose color black and thickness 2.
  • Start doing the outline and some big things, such as the hair.
  • TIP: To see how your drawing's going untick the character's image
  • With a thickness of 1, do the details, suck as the eyes, mouth, nose, any hair decoration and clothes.
  • Add a new layer and put it under the lines' layer. Start painting with the color you like, but don't paint the eyes.
  • Add another layer and put it under the colors' layer. Paint the white of the eyes, and then the color point.

Ready! If can't do it, just ask me! I can do it for you!

Look! It's Me! Look! I do requests! Look! My Edits! 14:01, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

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