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    September 29, 2010 by TDISeriesFan

    Hey everyone! It's me again. I'm back to tell you that a few friends and I created a few wikis. I wanted people to know so that they can come by, and recommend to their friends, and make the wikis grow. all this TD wikis are just for fun, and , as always, there are a few rules to take into account. Whatever, let's go to the wikis. Just for you to know, I'm not good at showing off things making amazing paragrphs to make people interested. Just a short description (like the ones you'll see here) is difficult enough to me... seriously.

    This are my roleplays. You can join them and meet new people and stuff. You can recommend roleplay titles and then I'll see if I can use it or not. Remmber to add a short and general plot of the roleplay.

    These a…

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  • TDISeriesFan

    A Trick!

    August 28, 2010 by TDISeriesFan

    Hey I just found a "trick" on YouTube, of how to do TD Characters, without Paint Tool SAI. You need:

    • The TD Character's images you want
    • Paint.NET

    These are the steps:

    • Look the size of your image (i.e. Courtney's size is 139 x 540)
    • Open Paint.NET
    • Click in "File: New" and in width put (in Courtney's case) 139 and in height 540
    • Now in "Layers: Import from File" open Courtney's image)
    • Choose a transparent color and put tolerance to 100%
    • Click on the bucket and paint the image
    • Now add a new layer and choose the "Lines & Curves" tool. Choose color black and thickness 2.
    • Start doing the outline and some big things, such as the hair.
    • TIP: To see how your drawing's going untick the character's image
    • With a thickness of 1, do the details, suck as the eyes, mouth…
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  • TDISeriesFan

    Total Drama Island's Flashback Season is a second chance for the contestants in camp Wawanakwa (It would have happened if there was no TDWT) to win the million dollars. But as last time Chris ended it by adding another season.

    Contestant Team Place Merged Team Reason Eliminated
    Beth Screaming Gophers
    Eliminated in

    Welcome Back to Camp

    Wawanakwa- Part 4


    She left Katie suspended

    of the game by throwing

    her 3 plastic axes for the


    Ezekiel Killer Bass
    Eliminated in

    Killer What?... Screaming


    He didn't answer the

    question that would make

    his team win the ask and

    answers challenge.





















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  • TDISeriesFan


    June 19, 2010 by TDISeriesFan

    If you have any requests for me to do, please feel free to ask. I will be glad to make them. I cannot do such wonderful things as others, as The Zobe, for example, but I can edit images. I made a few images, visit my user page, and if you liked those few images, vist the link on the bottom of my user page.

    The request MUST be with signature, because if you don't add your signature I cannot post your request in your talk page. When I'm done with your request, I'll post it in your Talk page with the title of Your Request by TDISeriesFan.

    15:06, June 19, 2010 (UTC)TDISeriesFan

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