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    Well, hello guys! Today, I'll be talking about the relationship between Cody and Sierra. 

    Sierra debuted on Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, where she was following The Drama Brothers party, which, by the way, included Cody. Then after chasing the Total Drama Dirtbags, she got into TDWT. After that, Sierra got "addicted" to Cody. When I started watching TDWT, I was like "GASP" when I saw how addicted Sierra was to Cody. She quailfied for TDAS, AND SHE THOUGHT CAMERON WAS CODY! SHE EVEN KISSED CODY BACK IN TDWT! You kidding me? To be honest, I think Sierra is over-exragating Cody.

    On Cody's side.. Well... She hates her. And when I mean hate, I MEAN hate. He dosen't want to hang around with her. He dosen't want to hold h…

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