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    7 Years

    May 23, 2016 by TDIFan13

    Today marks 7 years since I joined the Total Drama Wiki.

    Where has the time gone? Just kidding, those were probably the longest 7 years of my life. 7 years is not a short time. You grow immensely as a person in 7 years.

    That's all I've got. I'd like this to be more heartfelt but I'm so bad at writing these things and I have a horrible memory. I don't even remember much about my first day, just that I was really intimidated by a lot of the admins and hoped one day I'd make some friends – alas, that day never came.

    I'm totally kidding about that too, I did make a friend pretty quickly and it was Webkinz Mania. After him I befriended lots more people, most of whom are gone now, but I still keep in touch with a few. Then I got promoted to a rollb…

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