Hi guys this is my first blog on the Total Drama Wiki. I will be covering any news and information about TD an the future... but for now let me tell you guys who "I think" will make the CAST and why they have a chance to make the cast for this new season of TD! ps: if any news comes up I will update my cast preditctions.

I'm thinking this will be a 18 member cast season with 26 episodes, yes those numbers don't add up but those remaining 8 episodes will either be FILLER episodes, Aftermath or returning characters..

This will be an no particular order.

-Trent "Trent just needs to come back already"lol

-Duncan "fan favorite" 

-Courtney "Courtney can make it far"

-Owen "Owen is what makes Total Drama,Total Drama" 

-Gwen "fan favortie"

-Harold "Harold deserves a spot it's been awhile..."

-Heather "Heather brings Drama"

-Scott "Scott in my opinion is the best contestant out of ROTI..."

-DJ "It's been awhile"

-Dawn "Dawn has a very big fan base"

-Bridgette "Lots of fans and I can see her winning"

-Brick "Brick has nothing going for him but I see potential"

-Lindsay "Fan Favorite"

-Sugar "I don't like Sugar but I can see her being more villainous"

-Noah "if Owen is an this season then Noah"

-Tyler "if Lindsay is an the season then I think Tyler should be also"

-Eva "Lots of fans want to see her back so she will come back"

-Ann Maria "another character who I can see becoming villainous"

If you read all this thank you and feel free to tell me what you think and who want think will be coming back!

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