It has been a long time since I did a comparison blog. I think the last one that I did was about comparing PI and AS as the worst seasons (once again, those were the two worst seasons in my opinion.) Hold on. Scratch that. The last comparison blog that I did was the only one that I can remember.

Anywho, this is the reverse of that. I have here the two best (in my own opinion) seasons of Total Drama. Both of them are constantly fighting for my favorite season of all time. Both seasons have excellent plots, good character development, great eliminations, and have a good use of drama. Heck, the show has drama in its name.

So, in order to decide which of these two marvelous seasons is the better one, there will be five categories. As much, best out of five wins.

1) The Seasons Themselves

Island- Total Drama Island
was the first season of Total Drama. It was the first animated television show that had a reality game show perspective that children and us enjoyed. Since TD was the first to have this construct, we can only judge it based on the real television show that it was based of from- Survivor. And since Total Drama was the first season of the series, we cannot look at any previous seasons to determine if there was a reuse of strategy or characters. Points for originality basically.

The season is set at an island summer camp where the contestants must participate in challenges, win immunity, play social games, and fight to win the grand prize of $100,000.File:Total Drama World Tour Logo.jpg

World Tour- Total Drama World Tour is the third season of the TD franchise. Unlike Island, WT had two seasons in which we, as fans of the show, can watch to see if the contestants are reusing the same strategies and/or plots or if they are doing something new.

The season also had interesting twists. It featured three new contestants to compete against the original cast. It was also a season full of songs, which helped it become more popular. And finally, it featured the show's first love triangle. Unlike Island and Total Drama Action, WT has no defined location as the contestants are flown to various countries. You can say that the plane is similar to the island as whoever stays on the plane the longest wins. However, that is not the case.

While both seasons are regarded as good, we can still judge World Tour simply based on the previous two seasons. We cannot do that for Island. Winner because of originality: Island.

2) Contestants and Contestant Interactions

Island- Excluding the Ridonculous Race, Total Drama Island has the highest amount of individual contestants. These are the original 22 that we grew up with and loved. We saw some romantic plots with Duncan and CouCourtneyrtney Gwen and Trent, Izzy and OwenTyler and Lindsay, Harold and Leshawna, and Bridgette and Geoff. We also saw some conflicts concerning mostly about Heather, even though smaller conflicts, like Duncan and Harold or Katie and Sadie's fight

Overall, the interactions that this season produced was tremendous. All the conflicts, friendships, and romantic interactions made this a great season to watch.

World Tour- Out of the original 22 contestants, 16 came back to compete with two, turned three in Niagara Brawls, newbies. This w
as breaking as this was the first time in TD history that we get to saw new contestants. And with new contestants comes new romances, new friendships, and new conflicts. As if we can ever forget how AleHeather or Sierra's crush on Cody.

In light of this, this season, like Action, gave light to some of Island's early boots while giving the more on-screen contestants, like LeShawna, Harold, or Lindsay, leaving sooner. We saw more of Noah, Tyler, Cody, and a more dedicated Ezekiel, whose plot should never be repeated.

As much as I want to give a point to each season for excellent season interactions and contestants. Despite World Tour's first use of love triangles, Island takes another point for having the most contestants and thus having more interactions.

3) Challenges

Island- Despite Total Drama being a cartoon, there are a lot of realistic challenges in the show. There is a handful that is life threatening, but other than those, the challenges could not be any more unrealistic. There is but one challenge that
Greece cody tyler challenge

Even if it is possible to fly with homemade wings, these two should've been dead upon impact.

raises a few eyebrows. But other than that, the season's challenges are a great way to improve plots and show us some character development.

World Tour- As previously mentioned, the challenges have to take place in countries across the world. Thankfully, the challenges does just that as they represent something unique about this country. Egypt had pyramids and scarabs, England used its well-known serieal killer, and Greece's olympic history. Not only that, but the challenges are also life threatening, which will be horrible if one of the competing contestants dies.

As the challenges in both seasons could raise the eyebrows, there is one challenge that determines that season's fate. I am looking at you, Island. Yeah, shame on you for having Heather be safe for that round. She should've left the game and have Duncan take over as the season's antagonist. Point for World Tour!

4) Eliminations

Island- It is a simple concept that is used in all of the Total Drama seasons. If you don't get a delicious treat, you are out of the game. Thankfully, that was only a description on how the eliminations work in this show. It means none whatsoever what season started. We are looking at the elimination order and how the contestants are eliminated.

Island's elimination order was basic, similar to what Survivor fans call an "old school" version that the later seasons like PI would d

It is always sad when somebody leaves the show...

o. As they are in the teams, if you mess up during the challenge, you are eliminated. However, there are several instances, one being in Not Quite Famous with Justin's elimination, where a move have been played instead of sending out the person that lost the challenge.

When the merge came, it was make it or break it. Who will be playing the biggest move of the season and who will play it safe? Some of the biggest moves that came from the merge includes eliminating Trent, Bridgette, Geoff, Duncan, and Heather. This is something that I love to see, when the biggest player gets played. Blood is pumped and the deck is reshuffled.

World Tour- Similar to Island, World Tour did have the old Survivor when there were teams. If you mess up in any way, you are eliminated. Just give them a reason to write your name down. However, in The Ex-Files, a move have been made by Duncan to keep himself in the game. Another example is how Gwen tried to elimi

...or hilarious. You pick.

nate Courtney in Australia. She did fail, but thanks to her new boyfriend messing Cody up big time.

Once the merge hit, there was only one person (aka: Alejandro) who was calling the shots. He was eliminating the biggest contestants that was a threat to his game. Whether he failed to win or won (depending on which ending you liked better), the elimination was great.

Both the elimination orders and the reasoning behind the eliminations for both seasons was great. However, I am more amazed that one person could knock out all but only a few contestants. Because of Alejandro's marvelous attempt at playing the game, I am giving the elimination point to WT. Congrats.

5) The Final Two

Island- After every painful elimination, it comes down to two great competitors that survived all odds and have only a 50% chance of winning the season. For Island, it was the gothic Gwen versus the obese Owen.

For the first half of the season, Gwen played it safe, making friends and voting with the majority. She excelled in challenges basically had no reason other than a blindside opportunity to be voted off. In Island, she is known for her showmance with Trent and for making the move that nobody else did in that season- eliminating Heather. (Look, I know it was Lindsay's dare, but I am looking at it through Gwen's deal with Owen. If the deal hadn't been made,
Mounth Gwen errors

Island's Finalists

Heather could have snatched up the Final Two spot.)

When it comes to Owen, he played the underdog story. He was on good terms with almost everyone. His social game was great and he stayed away from the drama. He did well in a few challenges, but with his lack of stamina withdrew his potential greatness. He is known for being the oddball that will always smile and joke around even if WW3 started at his own house.

World Tour- When the finalists for World Tour was announced, it was against the most evil woman to play the game versus the most evil man. Heather versus Alejandro.

Heather, being the more experience player, has been blindsided in Action and was Island's semi-finalist. World Tour gave her a nicer side as she was able to learn from her last two mistakes and managed to make it to the end with a love-hate relationship with a man whose last name means dead donkey. She is widely known for forming the first TD

World Tour's Finalists

alliance, the first blindside, putting the drama in Total Drama, and for her challenge skills.

Alejandro might be the most clever finalist the show ever had. When World Tour started, he was given the newbie treatment, one that he took to his advantage. No returning contestant took him seriously and when they found out about his true nature, he eliminated them. Alejandro constantly flips sides, playing big while at the same time, staying away from everyone's radar. His etiquette Spanish charm charmed what could have been serious female contestants into taking the Drop of Shame. Overall, this was the finalist who deserves his place.

In the end, and out of the joy of sheer gameplay and for the two finalists being evenly match, I have no choice but to give the winning point to World Tour.

Anyways, do you agree with these reasonings, why or why not?

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