So earlier this week, I was in the chatroom and came up with an interesting fan-theory. What if Total Drama never had alternate endings? What if there was only one winner to the season?


You all are probably thinking about doing this right now. Don't lie to me. I know you are...

Now, you guys might be a bit enrage or furious if your favorite finalist didn't win that said season. To me, the intentional winners were Owen, Beth, Heather, Cameron, Mike, Shawn, and the Surfer Bros. And I have this as the intentional winners simply because they won in the most countries outside of iTunes and Netflix. What if these were the real winners and not their runner-ups?

To be completely honest, I'll be a bit disappointed in TDA (I just like Duncan more) and the RR (the surfers were okay, but the Cadets didn't come back to begin with). I am fond on the  original TDI ending as well simply because there was a bonus clip with Owen chanting that he won. And because I don't know how to set in links yet, this is the best that I can do:

I really don't care who won in WT (both were excellent) or AS (you guys hate both of them and I fall in the minority when it comes to Zoey and Mike). So that leaves ROTI. This is probably be the only one where most people would root for Cameron (it was probably the Iron Man refrence or sees that Lightning had floated his way to the finale).

So what are your thoughts on this? What will happen if TD didn't have the alternate endings? Leave your comments below.

And if you were wondering about my fan fiction, sorry, but there will be no sneak peeks. I am just evil that way.

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