Just so you guys know, this is NOT the actual title of the next season. This is the title of my next fanfict season. Like my last completed season, an even amount of contestants from each cast will come back to battle for another million dollar grand prize. They will be split into three teams based on a trait that best describes them- brain, beauty, and brawn.

Brains are characterized by their intellect. They are quick to solve problems and have a high IQ. They may or may not be physically strong or the most socialized beauty out there, but they are good at strategizing.

Beauty is characterized by both their outer beauty and their social skills. They may not have the the brains and may not like being dirty, but their social skills and the fact that most of them are great to look at would help them move forward in the game.

Brawn is characterized by their muscle. They are dominate in challenges. They may not be the smartest ones nor the most attractive, but they use their athleticism and their determination to move forward in the game.

As much as I would like to give you the contestants and what team they are on, I think most would be obvious and others would be more fun for the guessing game. Therefore, I am going to give you the contestants and you will decide which team they are on. The teams will be revealed when the first episode comes out. Without further ado, here are the contestants:

A lot of references to my Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge series will be included in parts of this series, as evident by the fact that I had decided to place this season right after Pahktiew's Revenge. So, if you did not read that, I suggest you can. With that said, I'll be around. Peace.


  1. Vengeance Begins at Midnight
  2. Welcome to Backstabbing 101
  3. The Cards have been Reshuffled
  4. Returning the Favor
  5. Deathtrap
  6. I am on a Team of Wimps
  7. Tag, You Lose!
  8. A Blessing in Disguise
  9. Benefiting Out of Misery
  10. A Shift in the Balance
  11. I totally forgot the title on this one. Oops.
  12. No Other Choice
  13. Practicing Ways to Apologize
  14. Immunity through Sympathy
  15. Sounds Easier Said Than Done
  16. Never Trust a Liar
  17. Farewell, Wildclaw Island

Aftermath Episodes

  1. TDWI Aftermath #1- Girls' Night
  2. TDWI Aftermath #2- Blindside City
  3. The Last Aftermath