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CHRIS: Previously on Total Drama:

After booting Lightning out, Noah, Dawn, and Scarlett realized that their votes would be broadcast to the entire team, and Dawn miraculously took advantage of it by campaigning to get the evil genius out.

Due to a numbers disadvantage, the Hawks got roaming wizard Leonard on their team for the capture the flag competition. Over at the Eagles, Duncan, Rodney, and Shawn, went a searching for the Hawk's flag whereas Lindsay took the time to get the girls and Cameron into an alliance. With Duncan manipulating Shawn into doing something that I don't know what, the Eagles claimed their second immunity, sending the Hawks down a member.

By an unanimous vote of six to one, Scarlett became the first Brains person to leave Wildclaw Island. At least she got a friend to take the flush with her. Who is going to be flushed this time? Find out now on Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!

Intro song

Amy and Anne Maria are in the communal washrooms putting on make-up.

ANNE MARIA: So, got anything you want to spill?

AMY: The old brain team is out one member.

ANNE MARIA: Yeah, besides that. I don't care which one of those nerds goes home. Give me the scoop. Does Topher say my name at night?

AMY: Pardon me?

ANNE MARIA: Please. Like you don't know the way he looks at me. My take it is that he doesn't know how to ask me. I'm kind of a sucker for the shy ones you know.

AMY: Believe me, you are the last person Topher would ever get to date.

ANNE MARIA: Oh, I know you did not say that.

Outside, Topher and Duncan are listening to Amy's and Anne Maria's argument. They heard fighting and glass breaking so they laughed.

DUNCAN: Dude, that is awesome! How'd you manage to pull that one off?

TOPHER: Such talents just come naturally.


TOPHER: It goes without saying that I have the most incredible spot the show has right now. Amy and Anne Maria totally have the hots for me. And since Anne Maria is on the opposite team, I can use her to gather valuable information. She told me last night that Lindsay formed an alliance with the girls and Cameron. That will be useful later down the road.


The contestants were told to go to the island center for their challenge. A large map of the island were behind Chris.

CHRIS: First, unimportant stuff. Eagles, Hawks booted off Scarlett last night. Now for the important stuff. Time for a search and rescue mission. We have put today's special guest, Trent, in a cage inside a cave. It is your job to find the cave and rescue Trent. The team that brings him here wins immunity. Losers send somebody packing.

AMY: Did you say Trent? Oh my gosh! I LOVE HIM! EEEEE!

CHRIS: Very good, Amy. Spoken like a true fan girl. The path that leads to the cave will have sacrifices that each team needs to take with them. What sacrifices is per person. Now then, Eagles, since you have two extra members, two of you need to sit out. And the people sitting out are Rodney and Anne Maria.

DUNCAN: Woah. We should at least pick first, McLean.

CHRIS: True, but I am feeling a bit tired. Sooner you get this done, sooner I go for my beauty sleep before the campfire tonight. And if I don't get the sleep, I might send two people home out of my own accord. And i do not want to do that, do I? No? Good. Good luck, campers. See you soon.

The Eagles ran out in search for the cave.

LINDSAY: Maybe we should split up?

CAMERON: Good idea, Lindsay. We can cover more ground that way.

JO: Works for me. I get the jailbird. Bubble Boy, you get Lindsiot. Which leaves Zombie bait with the Crazy girl. Are we cool?


JO: We need to protect our smartest from Zombies. You got somebody that will go in as bait.

SIERRA: Was that a jab at me?

SHAWN: Think so.

DUNCAN: No one cares. Let's get going. We got so much time. Who knows how the Hawks are doing?

Over at the Hawks, Brick and Dawn are using their "methods" to find the cave. For Dawn, it was talking to the local animals. For Brick, it was finding tracks. The rest of the team wait steadily behind.

BRIDGETTE: Maybe the cave is over on the cliff side?

DAWN: It will be too dangerous for even Chris's standards. It's a deathtrap.

BRIDGETTE: With Chris in charge, what isn't a deathtrap?

BRICK: I think I might get on something. A cave a few meters away.

TOPHER: And what makes you say that.

BRICK: After you.

Topher walks towards the direction Brick pointed at. Eventually, he fell into a cavern.

TOPHER: Brick! You almost damaged my face!

BRICK: As long as you are still breathing, I don't care.

AMY: And how are we supposed to get down there?

BRICK: We jump.


BRIDGETTE: I've jumped off cliffs before. I went skydiving, literally diving into the water from helicopters, with Geoff. In all cases, it involves water. I am not going to be breaking any bones because Brick wants to be all heroic and jump down to save Trent.


Duncan and Jo made their way through the woods in search of a cave entrance.

JO: Where is it?

DUNCAN: You seemed a bit worried.

JO: Of course I am, Dudcan! The last thing I want is to lose!

DUNCAN: What's one player more or less? Less competition for us.

JO: You don't get it. If we lose, you leave.

DUNCAN: And what makes you think that?

JO: There's an alliance that Lindsay made during the challenge yesterday. Their first target is you.

DUNCAN: And what makes you think that?

JO: Because Blonde thinks I'm with her. She told me, Anne Maria, Cameron, and Sierra to form an alliance to get rid of you, Shawn, and Rodney.

DUNCAN: And why are you telling me this?

JO: You are an asset to the team. Why knock you out this early? That doesn't make sense.

DUNCAN: And the idea came from Lindsay?

JO: Point taken.


DUNCAN: I have no idea on what angle Jo is playing. You really can't trust anyone in this game. But once you hear your name, you gotta go for the person who is out to get you.


Shawn and Sierra found an entrance to a cave.

SIERRA: Think we should go in?

SHAWN: What choice do we have? We have to find Trent as soon as possible.

SIERRA: What's your gut telling you?

SHAWN: Not to go in.

SIERRA: Then we go.


SIERRA: The one thing I know about Shawn is that if his gut is saying that going in a certain direction is a bad idea, then it is a good idea to go there. Always follow the bad guys, works in Total Drama and video games. Who knew?


Lindsay and Cameron walk through the forests in search of a cave entrance.

LINDSAY: We good on the plan to vote off Duncan?

CAMERON: I haven't heard of anything different.

LINDSAY: That's good.


LINDSAY: Duncan and I see each other as rivals. His idea of getting to the end is completely different from mine. I already played four times and never made it to the end once! I cannot let my past mistakes haunt me.


The Hawks venture further into the cave.

TOPHER: So, where would Trent be?

AMY: Knowing Chris, in the most dangerous spot.

DAWN: Actually, he is right below us.

AMY: And you know this how?

DAWN: I can sense his aura. Plus, if you listen closely, you can hear him playing his guitar.

The team listened quietly. The faint sound of an acoustic guitar echos through the cave.

BRIDGETTE: Come on, let's go!

The team followed the sound of the music.

Back at the island's center, Chris is sleeping in a lawn chair. The Hawks arrive with Trent. Amy is gripping Trent like an affectionate girlfriend.

HAWKS (minus Amy): We're back!

Chris wakes up.

CHRIS: Let's hope this is only a dream.

TRENT: No, being locked in a cage is a dream.

AMY: Spoken like the perfect man that you are.

CHRIS: You can let go of Trent now, Amy.

AMY: I don't want to.

CHRIS: We might have to call security. (reaches for a megaphone.) Attention, Eagles! Your time is up! One of you will leave the island tonight. Figure out who is leaving and I will see you at the campfire tonight.


JO: All is said and done. After the challenge, I managed to get Bubble Boy to flip, that was easy. All I did was say that Lindsay would be harder for you to get rid of later down the road. Duncan and Shawn are both on my side. There are only two people left. One is Rodney, which I think will vote for Duncan because of Lindsay's beauty. The other is Anne Maria. As long as Lindsay leaves, I don't care who voted for who.


Lindsay and Rodney are talking near the crafts tent.

LINDSAY: So, who are you planning on voting for?

RODNEY: I never thought of it so far.

LINDSAY: Would you mind voting of Duncan?

RODNEY: Why Duncan?

LINDSAY: I saw how he treated you a couple of days ago when the teams merged. That is something that I do not like.

RODNEY: Really? Thanks.

LINDSAY: Anytime.


RODNEY: The heart hath found true love. It is not the romantic that it follows; but the friendships it endures.


Jo and Anne Maria are in the Eagle's cabin.

ANNE MARIA: So, what's on your mind?

JO: Feel like taking a shot at the big man or do you want to go after somebody else.

ANNE MARIA: Can you speak English please?

JO: Duncan is too valuable for us to cut right now. He is a strong competitor.

ANNE MARIA: Which is a reason to send him home.

JO: But we might lose the next challenge if we let him go. And then who do we get rid of?

ANNE MARIA: I see your point.

JO: So why don't we flip the tables on Lindsay? She did confide in me that she is a lot prettier than you.

ANNE MARIA: So? That's her opinion. Wrong, but her's.

JO: And that she can attract guys a lot easier.

ANNE MARIA: She said that?

JO: Straight from the horse's mouth.

ANNE MARIA: Oh, she is dead!


ANNE MARIA: Look, I know Jo. She is playing me. But the girl is right about Duncan. He is beneficial to the team. But I am looking at the end of the game, at that million dollars. Duncan needs to go for me to get it.


The campfire ceremony begins...

CHRIS: Shawn, Sierra, Cameron, tonight is your first campfire ceremony. Things are a bit different as there are no marshmallows. Instead, your votes will be broadcast to the entire team!

Sierra claps.


DUNCAN: So I had a little birdy tell me that you were gunning for me. Do I believe that bird? For the most part, but I cannot make a mistake right here, so Lindsay, you made a grave mistake by going after me. I vote for you.

SHAWN: My vote is for Lindsay. Just trying to go with the team here. Unless of course I've been played like a fiddle.

SIERRA: This is nothing personal, but I am just a sucker for big moves. Duncan, I respect you, but I am voting for you.

LINDSAY: I sadly have to vote for you, Duncan. It is nothing personal, only a game move.

CAMERON: Ooh. I know I am going to regret this but I vote for Lindsay.

JO: To keep in short, I vote for Lindsay.

RODNEY: Friendships always last to the end of time. I vote for Duncan because he is no friend of mine.

ANNE MARIA: I have to think about my own game and making it to the end. So sorry, not sorry, but I vote for Lindsay.


Lindsay and Rodney are in complete shock at the votes. Sierra is surprised, but happy.

SIERRA: That's a good one. Good blindside right there.

CHRIS: And with that vote of five to three, Lindsay, you have been eliminated from Total Drama Wildclaw Island. Into the toilet you go.

Lindsay is in the Flush of Shame. The seven remaining Eagles watch from above as Lindsay is about to be flushed.

CHRIS: Any last words, Lindsay?

LINDSAY: Well, I want to say that- AAAAGH!

CHRIS: It was a rhetorical question. Tune in next time to see who else is getting the flush right here on Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!

At the aftermath studio, Geoff and Brody are texting on their phones. The manhole cover came lose and Lindsay came flying out.

BRODY: Woah! Girl on the run!

LINDSAY: Eww! Gross!

GEOFF: Welcome back, Lindsay! Welcome to the aftermath studio!

LINDSAY: Thanks. Got any towels and a make up department? The water ruined my make up.

GEOFF: Inside to your left.

LINDSAY: To my left. Thanks.

Lindsay runs inside as Brody's phone vibrates.

BRODY: Dude! Macarthur is coming for the next aftermath show!

GEOFF: Sweet!


Once again, I do apologize for cutting this episode short last night. However, I did finish before Tuesday sets in, so I hope all is fine and dandy. But first, let us see how the votes from last week went.

1 Vote- Anne Maria

1 Vote- Cameron

1 Vote- Dawn

1 Vote- Duncan

1 Vote- Jo

1 Vote- Rodney

2 Votes- Sierra

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