Remaining Contestants


CHRIS: Previously on Total Drama Wildclaw Island:

The teams were surprised with a new day and new teams. Brains, Brawn, and Beauty was no more as it is now a battle of the skies- Eagles versus Hawks.

On the way to breaky, newly formed Hawk-mates, Lightning and Scarlett formed a two person alliance. Rodney almost spilled some very important beans to Sierra, which was quickly stopped by Duncan.

At the challenge, Alejandro, our special guest, painted the cliffside red. When it came down to a puzzle, Cameron's massive head pulled through earning the Eagles a win, sending a Hawk packing. And who went down the pooper? Just Scarlett's alliance member, Lightning.

Three losers down, fourteen more to uncover. Find out who is getting flushed today on Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!

After the campfire ceremony, the newly formed Hawks team returned to their cabin soaking wet from the Flush of Shame's splash back.

DAWN: Well, that was exciting.

SCARLETT: Speak for yourself. How come Chris is revealing who votes for who here? And why didn't you tell us any of this?

BRIDGETTE: Sorry. It didn't cross my mind.

TOPHER: As long as I don't here my name, I'm good.


SCARLETT: This night can't get any worse for me! My meathead for protection is out, I found out that I am placed at the bottom of the team, and that Dawn, our wonderful mystic, is on to me. The only good news is that I know that if I have any chance of staying in, I need to betray my old team before they pull the plug on me.


NOAH: So, what do you mean when you said that you "sensed a more evil in Scarlett?"

DAWN: Hmm? Isn't it obvious? Scarlett is a terrorist. Though she is here on parole, she is smart enough to use all that she can to eliminate all of us.

NOAH: Isn't that the point of Total Drama! To vote somebody out to keep ourselves in?

DAWN: That is not what I meant by eliminate.

NOAH: Ooh.

DAWN: Plus, though I hate to talk about the game, it does seem that she is the best one to leave should we ever face the campfire again.

NOAH: How so?

DAWN: It has been one day since the Brains disbanded. and she already voted for you.

NOAH: So how do you plan to get rid of her? Even if we do get Bridgette, we still run the risk of Scarlett running to the Beauty, and they don't seem to budge.

DAWN: I sense a tension between Brick and Topher, but both know that they need to work together.

NOAH: So use Beauty to get rid of Scarlett and disband the Beauty?

DAWN: Precisely.


DAWN: Scarlett is the most vile person on this island- even more vile than Chris. To see her leave would be the most heroic feat Total Drama has ever seen. I will do everything in my power to make such a thing happen!



NOAH: Do I want to work with the good looking people? Absolutely not! They are stuck-up and will complain if they aren't attractive in any way. However, they did vote to keep me whereas Scarlett, my supposed former Brain teammate, did not.


The Eagles are eating their breakfast (scrambled eggs) in the crafts tent.

CAMERON: Rodney, may you pass the salt?

Rodney looks nervously at Duncan before passing the salt to Cameron.


CAMERON: Despite our sizes and upbringings, Rodney and I have a good friendship. But something about yesterday seems to be a bit off. He seems to be afraid to tell me anything.



DUNCAN: Rodney has every right to be scared. If he dares tell Cameron or Sierra about how the new elimination tactic goes, he'll be leaving the island in pieces.


CHRIS: Eagles, say hello to your new Hawks!

The Hawks walk in.

SIERRA: No way!

JO: Was it that easy?

CHRIS: Yes, Eagles. Lightning has left this game. Chef! Our losers want whatever grub you got!

Chef walks over to the loser's table with a big pot of a glob.

CHEF: Today's meal is toenail souffle with a cream that the dogs and Owen wouldn't eat.

AMY: I think I'll pass.

CHRIS: You either it that or you're out. We are legally obliged to feed you guys. Don't or refuse to eat and we are sending you out.

Amy put the grub in her mouth before puking under the table.

CHRIS: Hawks, you better eat while I explain it because I am going to say it once. Your next challenge is a simple game of capture the flag. Both teams will start at opposite ends of the island. When you hear the air horn, run out and grab the opposing team's flag and run for your base. First team to get the opposing team's flag to their base wins immunity. Losers send somebody out. Now, there is a new regulation saying that challenges that provide advantages based on numbers has to be evened out, so that means that the Hawks will get a temporary player, who is just fighting for a little bit of cash should the Hawks win.

BRICK: So who's our teammate?

CHRIS: He has proven to be a master of camouflage and militant tactics. In fact, this former contestant is so good, he can defend and take the Eagle's flag at the same time!

BRIDGETTE: Can you stop with the introductions and introduce him?

CHRIS: Fine, Party Pooper. Hawks, your temporary teammate and this episode's special former contestant is... Leonard!

Leonard walks in and wave.

AMY: What?

TOPHER: Can we just go to the campfire right now?

JO: Getting to the inevitable? We Eagles support the notion for Hawk's quit for this challenge.

CHRIS: No one's quitting! Do you know how hard it is to put together a video that has no challenge? It sucks! The show would be cancelled right then and now! Hawks, you're stuck with Leonard. He has already been explained the rules.

LEONARD: Greetings fellow Hawks. Allow me to assist you on your quest.


NOAH: Leonard and I spoke while waiting for an elevator in Toronto. The reason you never saw it is because I simply told him to go away. Not the most exciting moment the race had. They probably got more views watching people sleep than me telling Leonard to hit the road.


The teams made their way to their respective forts. The airhorn rang out.

At the Eagle's fort...

DUNCAN: This challenge is ours to take.

SHAWN: Aw yes!

DUNCAN: Shawn, Rodney, and I will run in and take their flag and come back.

ANNE MARIA: So the guys are going to take this challenge?

DUNCAN: Absolutely not! If anything, defense is the most important part of this challenge. We are sending out three individuals to head out and take the flag while leaving the strongest five of the team here to defend and protect the flag.

JO: Last time I check, you ain't one of the weak ones.

DUNCAN: So are you saying that you want to be apart of the three weakest?

JO: Duncan, Shawn, and Rodney are going out for the flag. The rest of us will stay here and guard the flag and break any Hawk's wings if they come anywhere near here.


JO: Do I want to go out with them? Of course I do! But this is a strategic move. Those three guys are shooting themselves in the foot by isolating themselves from the team. All I need to do is to push further on the others to get them out. Plus, I need to see how Brain and Beauty functions.


At the Hawks base...

LEONARD: I shall try using some of my spells to transport us to the other base and back.

SCARLETT: Got any on shutting up?

BRICK: Team! We need to stick together!

TOPHER: Brick's right. And, to prove it, he is going to lead us.

BRICK: I am? I mean, I am!


'TOPHER:Do I want to lead? Of course, who doesn't. But this is soemthing up Brick's alley. If he messes up, it is on him and not on me.


BRICK: We need to send out a squad to get the flag. The rest will stay here. I will lead the charge..

TOPHER: And I will be the leader of the defenders. Brick, since you know how to lead a charge, you will pick your entire team first.

BRICK: You sure? Thanks. Bridgette, Dawn, and Scarlett are with me.

TOPHER: Fair enough.


BRICK: I chose my team for various reasons. Bridgette is a strong competitor, so she might be able to outrun the Eagle's defenders with ease. Dawn can detect auras, whatever that is, but useful. Scarlett is smart, so that means that she will be my on the field advisor.


At the Eagle's base...

SIERRA: Day four, and still no photo of Cody. What is this world coming to?

CAMERON: Didn't you train with Cody on a no-looking-at-cody training?

SIERRA: I failed. Multiple times.

JO: Think the guys have the flag yet?

CAMERON: This island is huge! Who knows how long it will take before they get back. Assuming the best and the other team fell asleep, it would take them half an hour to get there and back at top human speed.

ANNE MARIA: So what do we do?

LINDSAY: Oh! I know! We can form an alliance! And I know the perfect name! The United Puppy Lovers Club!

CAMERON: I am more of a cat person.

JO: Don't give Lindsay criticism. It's a great name.


JO: I lied. It's a horrible name.


SIERRA: I love alliances! Can I be in it?


ANNE MARIA: So, since we got the whole team minus the guys, who are we going for first?

LINDSAY: Duncan. Definitely Duncan.


LINDSAY: I admire Duncan as a play and totally respect him as a person. But he is too good at this game. If I want to help the homeless people with more tips on looking good, he has to go.



JO: The alliance failed at choosing a name. If it failed at that, it cannot cease to exist. And targeting somebody like Duncan? Not happening. So what I need to do is to change their minds stat.


JO: Why don't we get rid of Rodney? He can fall in love with anything. Heck, he would be googly eyed if Chef came out in a dress.

ANNE MARIA: First off, eww. Second, he is easily manipulated.

JO: What about Shawn?

LINDSAY: Shawn doesn't pose a threat to me.


ANNE MARIA: Wait, are you saying that you don't want to go after Duncan for your own personal game?

JO: What? That's ridiculous! Listen, Duncan is too good at this game. If we are to be united, and we will, we need use Duncan's own mind against him. Let him think he is in the numbers by gaining his trust. And in order to do that, either Shawn or Rodney needs to leave.

LINDSAY: Jo, I like your thinking!


JO: And we have a winner. Lindsay doesn't think Shawn is a threat to her, she never said alliance. Though I respect taking out Duncan is a good move, forming an alliance at this time shows how good of a Total Drama player Linidsay is. Therefore, in order for me to win, she needs to go.


Duncan, Rodney, and Shawn arrive at the Hawk's base.

RODNEY: Where's the flag?

SHAWN: Over there. Leonard is waving his hands at it. Must be putting on a spell.

DUNCAN: Chris must have put him there to continue the Hawk's agony. Hey, Chris! If you're listening, nice one!

SHAWN: Even if we do get it passed Leonard, we have to go through the rest.

DUNCAN: A cheerleader, some guy who looks at himself in the mirror every day, a nerd and Noah are threats? I am sure that you can outrun all of them. Just imagine that they are zombies chasing after you after you grab the flag.

SHAWN: I am going to imagine them as zombies before I grab the flag.

RODNEY: What is your imagination telling you?

SHAWN: To stay away from the zombies.

At the Hawk's base...

AMY: I know the reaction Samey had when you disowned her. So how was seeing her reaction in person felt?

TOPHER: It was amazing. But I must really thank you. You gave Samey so much insecurities that she became nothing more than I shell. I exploited it and it helped me out a lot. Didn't get me to the end, but it did help.


AMY: It's a mutual crush. He knows he loves me and I find him adorable. What makes it real is that we have each others back until the end. No matter what happens, we will not vote each other out.



TOPHER: The relationship Amy and I have right now is genuine. Fake dating her sister was like dating a trash bag full of dog poop. I'm just glad that it is just me and Amy and not me and Samey all over again.


NOAH: Leonard, your spells don't work.

LEONARD: Nonsense. Watch and the spell protect the flag for us!


NOAH: I know the guy is here for the challenge, but we would be better off if he was on the other team "helping" them.


Brick, Bridgette, Scarlett, and Dawn arrived at the Eagle's fort.

SCARLETT: I'm impressed. They made it five against four. Well, we lost.

BRICK: Not over till it's over. Besides, that means that we have a number advantage over their scouts. Four to three.

SCARLETT: I am not sure that having Leonard and Noah both there counts as one.

DAWN: They are still your team regardless, Scarlett. You don't have to be mean about it.

SCARLETT: Please. You should be glad that I'm mean right now. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

BRICK: And I hear a copyright strike against this episode. Thanks Scarlett.

BRIDGETTE: So, how do we get in there?

BRICK: Simple. We create distractions. Bridgette, you go over there and look like you are going after the flag. A bunch of them will go for you. Scarlett, go from the front. The same thing will happen. Dawn, go on the left and I'll sneak in from the back, grab the flag, and run back to our base.


SCARLETT: Elementary. Brick's plan is elementary.


Brick, Bridgette, Dawn, and Scarlett got in position to execute Brick's plan. However, Shawn comes in through the woods, trips over Scarlett with the Hawk's flag. Shawn sees her, grabs the flag and runs back to the Eagle's base.

CHRIS: (loudspeakers) Looks like we have a winner! Eagles win their second immunity! Hawks, one of you are about to get your wings clipped. See you all tonight.

BRICK: How did we lose?

In woods, Duncan and Rodney were panting from trying to catch up with Shawn.

DUNCAN: See? I told you that if Shawn thought that the flag was the only cure, he will bring it back to the base in a flash!

After the challenge, Dawn and Amy are talking together while waiting for Jo and Sierra to get out of the only two showers designated for girls (The boys have two showers designated for them in case you're wondering)

AMY: Can't believe we lost.

DAWN: Indeed. It is a tragic take. But we have to focus on where opportunity lies.

AMY: And that is what?

DAWN: We take out Scarlett.

AMY: Scarlett? Are you sure?

DAWN: Indeed. She managed to make it far because nobody suspected her of any wrongdoings. But since she is a known terrorist, thanks to Total Drama, taking her out will be doing the world a favor.

AMY: I see. Let me think of that.


AMY: Dawn is asking me to help take out one of her former teammates? I never thought that the Brains were this disorientated. Can I see a record on how they get to be the brains please?


At the campfire ceremony...

CHRIS: Welcome Hawks to yet another grueling campfire with the lack of marshmallows. What we don't lack is your hatred for one another. Therefore, we are going to air it.


SCARLETT: I vote for that goody two-shoes, Dawn. She isn't going to win unless she got an evil bone in her body.

DAWN: I swore on the Universe's magic aura to get rid of the evil that is Scarlett. In which I am doing. I vote for that malicious being, Scarlett.

NOAH: Don't take it personal, just returning the favor, Scarlett.

TOPHER: Scarlett. She is the only one that scares me. Except for Chef, but that's Chef.

AMY: Per the wishes of a Brain, I vote for Scarlett.

BRICK: Smart girl, evil intentions. Sorry, Scarlett, but I do not operate that way.

BRIDGETTE: I gladly vote to get rid the evil that is Scarlett. Sorry, but you just give me bad vibes.


SCARLETT: Wow. What a surprise.

CHRIS: Yeah... not really. Then again, I don't care! Chef? Please take Scarlett to the Flush.

At the Flush of Shame, Scarlett is tied up with Leonard.

SCARLETT: Why did you tie me up with Leonard?

LEONARD: Levitatus Usicus!

CHRIS: Because of that.

Scarlett and Leonard got flushed down the Flush of Shame. The huge splash back soaked the now six people Hawk team.

CHRIS: Find out who else is getting the big flusheroo next time on Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!

At the Aftermath Studio, the manhole cover sprayed out Scarlett and Leonard. Both of them are on the ground soaked. The backstage door opened.

GEOFF: (earphone) She's here. Sorry dude and dudette, but we have an aftermath show going on. I have the guards take on this one.

Geoff goes back in and the door closes.

SCARLETT: Guards? What guards?

Various guards with tranquilizers guns came out and shot at both Leonard and Scarlett.


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