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CHRIS: Previously on Total Drama:

Wildclaw Island soon became the fashion center for the world as fashion bloggers Tom and Jen helped judge a fashion contest for the three teams. Beauty had no trouble winning their first immunity since, let's face it, they were raised on looking good. Brain had trouble thanks to Shawn sleeping and Brawn broke loose as Jo pulled herself from the challenge.

Needless to say, Beauty got to judge the other two teams and Brain won their second immunity sending Brawn to the campfire. Rodney got infatuated with Sky and, in another weird and bizarre moments, Jo somehow managed to survive going down the toilet and sending Sky down to the ground. I know. I couldn't believe it myself.

But you will believe that things are going to be a'rocking in this episode. And somebody else is soon to go into the pooper. Find out now on Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!


It was the brisk of dawn, the sunlight just peaked over the horizion. Chris walks into the middle of the three cabins with a megaphone and an airhorn. The noise awoke the contestants. Amy stuck her head out of one of the windows of the Beauty cabin.

AMY: It's too early to wake up! We need our beauty sleep!

CHRIS: (megaphone) Maybe you should've thought of that instead of doing your make up. (Put the airhorn up against the megaphone again,)


SHAWN: There I was, surrounded by the horde of zombies, when a loud noise got their attention. Never thought I'll be glad to be waking up.


The contestants circled around Chris.

CHRIS: Don't you all just love the sunrise?


CHRIS: Nobody cares on what you think, Duncan. Listen up, fresh meat, we got a big day ahead of us. Now, as you all can see, Sky got cut from the competition last night.

SIERRA: (whispering to Cameron) I thought that it would have been Jo.

CAMERON: (whispering back) Same.


CAMERON: Despite Sierra's previous obsession with me, she settled down a whole lot. We started to talk like normal beings and she doesn't see me as Cody anymore!


CHRIS: As a little experiment, we are going from three teams to two right now. Which means, Brains, we are breaking you up.

NOAH: Thank you! Do you have any idea how crazy these people are!

CHRIS: Don't waste your negativity on such a beautiful sunrise, Noah.

BRIDGETTE: So the Brain are splitting up with us and Beauty getting three each?

JO: Really? We call Shawn and Sierra!

CHRIS: You're half right, Bridgette. Instead, the producers are splitting all of you up. There will be no more brains, brawn, or beauty teams. Instead, there will be two teams called the Heavenly Hawks and the Elegant Eagles.


JO: The cards have been reshuffled. No more brains, no more brawn, and no more beauty. It is time to see how these roaches can handle my wrath.


Chris holds up a piece of paper.

CHRIS: In no particular order, Brick, Amy, Bridgette, Noah, Topher, Scarlett, Lightning, and Dawn, you eight are the Hawks and will be residing in the Brawn cabin. Since you will be sleeping in Brawn, your team color is red.


SCARLETT: (to Noah) At least he's happy.

CHRIS: Lindsay, Duncan, Shawn, Cameron, Anne Maria, Jo, Rodney, and Sierra, you are obviously the Elegant Eagles. Since you will be sleeping in the Beauty cabin, you will be supporting the color blue.


DUNCAN: Can I switch? I don't feel comfortable with the Zombie Nutcase right here.

CHRIS: Nope. Now get your breakfast. Sooner you eat, the sooner somebody will get hurt.

The teams walk towards the crafts tent. The Hawks are in the lead with the Eagles following right behind. The Hawks are talking to each other.

AMY: So, how did Sky leave?

BRIDGETTE: We decided that since she did lose the challenge by a landside that she should leave.

AMY: Really? Because I thought Jo was the main reason why you lost.

BRIDGETTE: That's what I thought, too. But the team thought otherwise. I couldn't stop them.

AMY: Oh, I see.


AMY: I'm just gathering information from the surfer girl. She seems to be on the bottom, which means she needs to be taken out. I cannot let her build back up. Once their down, they are dangerous and a threat.



BRIDGETTE: I do feel bad that Sky isn't here anymore. I had her life in my hands, she didn't do anything and I just turned my back on her. There is something about this game that turns nice people evil. But she and I are both competitors and I am positive that Sky would respect what I did, even if it means she lost out on a million dollars.


Scarlett held on to Lightning's shoulders as their team and the Eagles continued on their way to the crafts tent.

LIGHTING: Sha-what? Why did you do that? The bacon will be gone!

SCARLETT: No, it won't. Trust me. I pulled us back from the congregation to offer you a deal. We both know that I lack muscle capacity that you possess and you like any mental intellect that I had inherited and expanded. If we work together, we will be the strongest duo that is impermeable

LIGHTNING: Uh... can you repeat that? Lightning just heard that the bacon will still be around.


SCARLETT: Scarlett, you are not on the Brains team anymore. You need to use smaller words.


SCARLETT: I am offering you an alliance. Nobody will touch you.


SCARLETT: You're in?

LIGHTNING: Sha-yes, Lightning is. Ain't nobody going to stop the Lightning now!

SCARLETT: You mean us?



LIGHTNING: I don't know what the redhead just said, but she is going to vote Lightning's way. I think.


During the Eagles' walk to the crafts tent...

SIERRA: Please tell me how the campfire went!

DUNCAN: Easy, we got our marshmallows and Sky left down the Flush of Shame.

CAMERON: They brought back the Flush of Shame?

LINDSAY: They did.

DUNCAN: And the splash back is unbelievable.

RODNEY: Uh, Duncan? We never got our-

DUNCAN: (punches Rodney in the gut) Zip it.

SIERRA: Is something wrong?

DUNCAN: There was a mosquito.

SIERRA: Oh, okay.

The Eagles continued on their way leaving behind Rodney and Duncan.

DUNCAN: You better keep quiet about the campfire, farm boy or you will see yourself getting flushed the drain.

RODNEY: What did I do?

DUNCAN: You almost told the Brains on how the campfire ceremony has change!

RODNEY: Is that bad?

DUNCAN: Yes it is! They are brains! We need to figure out how they operate and we cannot do that if they know on how the elimination goes. So, if you want to stay here, you know what's best for you, got it?




DUNCAN: Rodney is clearly not the smartest guy on the team. For Pete's sake, he almost told Cameron and Sierra about what happened at the campfire, and that's two people that cannot know about this new twist.


The contestants finished their breakfast and changed into their swimsuits. They were sent on two boats, one boat per team. They were driven to a large cliff side. Two floating platforms with a table on them stood on the water Chris awaits them on his own private boat. He holds a megaphone.

CHRIS: Contestants, I hope that your team all know each other because it is time for your next challenge.

NOAH: Really? I thought you had gotten a heart and gave us a free boat ride.

CHRIS: Your challenge is simple. On that cliff are fourteen chests. Seven of which have your team's color. One at a time, you will climb up the cliff to open the chest, each containing a piece of a puzzle. Whoever does not climb this steep and deadly cliffside will solve the puzzle. First team to complete the puzzle will win immunity. Losers are sending somebody home tonight. Get off your boats and onto your platforms.

On the Eagle's platform...

JO: So, who's solving?

CAMERON: I will.

JO: Anybody else want to do it? No? Congrats, shortstuff. Gee, that was a lot easier than I thought.


CAMERON: Being the least physical contestant here, I decided to work with my strengths. I.E, my brain. It would probably help the team a lot better if I stayed back and worked on the puzzle anyways.


On the Hawk's platform...

BRIDGETTE: So, who does not want to climb the cliff?

All raised their hand.

AMY: This is ridiculous.

TOPHER: I'll say. Who feels like they can do the puzzle?


SCARLETT: Noah, you need to step aside and let my intellect take over.

NOAH: As much as I just love climbing cliffs, I got a serious no cliff climbing contract and climbing cliffs would violate said contract.

LIGHTNING: Move aside, nerds. Lightning will do the puzzle!

BRICK: No offense, soldier, but you are not serious.

LIGHTNING: Lightning is.

TOPHER: We need to win and since the two brainiacs can't argue, I will go with Lightning. All agree?

HAWKS (Minus Noah and Scarlett): Agree.


NOAH: You cannot be serious.


NOAH: Looks like we lost before we even got started.


CHRIS: Before I forget, look at the top of the cliff for today's special guest!

NOAH: Oh no.

DUNCAN: You have to be serious.

ANNE MARIA: Oh, hell-o.

CHRIS: Today's special guest is Alejandro. He has been given the task to make your climb difficult.

DAWN: How difficult?

CHRIS: We gave him a paintball gun with all the ammunition he asked for. I'll let you guys to figure out the rest. Ready? Go!

Dawn and Lindsay dove into the water and when they reached the cliff, started to climb. Alejandro sprayed the two girls with the paintballs. When they got their piece, they dove back into the water and got on the platform. The next two continued.

When each team got six puzzle pieces each, Noah and Rodney dove into the water. Rodney managed to give the Eagels a lead as Noah started to slow down once both males got to the cliffs.

BRICK: You got this, buddy!

AMY: Come on, Noah! Don't blow this!

JO: Go Farm Boy!

SHAWN: Way to go, Rodney!

CHRIS: And Rodney got the seventh piece for the Eagles. Alejandro keeps pelting Noah with paintballs.

On the cliffside.

NOAH: Agh! Don't you have somebody else to shoot?

ALEJANDRO: Vengeance comes on a dish best serve cold.

SCARLETT: Hey! Alejandro is taking sides!

CHRIS: I never said that he couldn't.

BRIDGETTE: But you never said that he could.

CHRIS: Fine. (Megaphone) Alejandro, you have to shoot both teams equally.

Alejandro rolled his eyes and started to shoot Anne Maria, the last one for the Eagles. Noah managed to get his piece as Scarlett dove in and started to climb. Alejandro managed to run out of paintballs as both girls got their team's last pieces. They both swam towards their platforms. From there, Lightning and Cameron began working.

A few minutes later...

CAMERON: Finished.

CHRIS: Let's see. He did it! Eagles win! And because I'm curious, let's see how Lightning did.

Lightning did not get one puzzle piece in properly.

CHRIS: Lightning, work on your strengths body.


LIGHTNING: This is the third time Lightning lost to that scrawny kid. Somebody has to pay tonight!


CHRIS: Hawks, one of you has to leave. More on that when we get back. See you.

At the Hawk's cabin, Brick and Topher help set up two hammocks for the night.

SCARLETT: Just to get this out of the way, tonight's decision has to come as a team.

TOPHER: Oh, I completely agree with you, Scarlett. I say Brick.

BRICK: For what?

TOPHER: I just don't like you.

BRIDGETTE: That is not a good reason to get rid of Brick. He is one of our strongest members.

AMY: Bridgette's right, Toph.

LIGHTNING: I say scrawny kid over there?

NOAH: There's a surprise.Anyways, Lightning, my vote is for you. You cost us the challenge.

LIGHTNING: Lightning did not slow us down!

SCARLETT: Lightning has a point.

BRIDGETTE: This is harder than I thought.


AMY: So you got people shouting names left and right with one more convincing than the other. I don't know what will happen tonight, but all I know is that I will be safe.


At the campfire ceremony...

CHRIS: Hawks, welcome to first campfire ceremony. Noah, Dawn, and Scarlett, this is your first so I will lay out the groundwork for you. There will be no marshmallows and we will reveal who each of you voted for with this screen.


NOAH: Wow.

CHRIS: Let's begin, shall we?


NOAH: I vote for Lightning simply for the fact that his is an idiot who should have never done the stinking puzzle in the first place.

BRIDGETTE: I know he has been on my team for these past three days, but he did cost us the game and he's rude and a bully. So, see you, Lightning.

LIGHTNING: Lightning vote for scrawny kid. What's his name? Noah? Lightning votes for Noah.

SCARLETT: It makes no sense to go after Lightning as he is our strongest asset to the team. Anybody with a working brain cell wouldn't vote get rid of that idiot this early. Anyways, simply for the fact that he is beyond useless, I vote for Noah.

BRICK: I have to vote for my training buddy, Lightning. Sorry, cadet.

DAWN: I sense a more wicked evil in Scarlett, but I fear for my friend's safety if Lightning stays. Therefore, I have to vote for Lightning.

TOPHER: Personally, I want Brick gone. No secret there. But, Lightning needs to go. I mean, have you ever seen a more arrogant guy?

AMY: Nothing personal, just going with what the team wants. Adios, Lightning.


CHRIS: Dang, I never thought I'll see that much hate. But, with six votes against two, Lightning, you are out of here!

LIGHTNING: Sha-what?

Lightning is in the flush of shame. His new former teammates watch from the cliffside.

LIGHTNING: Y'all made a big mistake! Lightning was your AAAA!

Lightning gets flushed down the toilet. The splashback soaked the Hawks.

CHRIS: I just love my job. Tune in next time to see which birdy gets the pooper treatment right here on Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!


The sewer sprayed out outside the aftermath studio with Lightning coming straight out. Geoff was sitting on the generators eating a bowl of ice cream.

LIGHTNING: Where Lightning at?

GEOFF: Yo, dog! You're at the aftermath studio! You better get ready.

Geoff faces the camera.

GEOFF: And to you Total Drama fans watching, tune in Thursday for this season's first aftermath episode.


The episode is over and Lightning has been eliminated. But let's see how you guys fared in the votes.

1 vote- Sierra

4 vote- Cameron

Nowhere close! Then again, I did have a team swap right here, so I wouldn't expect you guys to know about that. Well, close enough that you voted for the wrong ROTI finalist. But still not correct. But the poll still remains for the next episode.

Who do you think will be eliminated in the next non-aftermath episode?

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