Remaining Contestants


CHRIS: Last time on Total Drama:

Eighteen teens who will eventually become mince meat after this season ends made their way to the treacherous Wildclaw Island where yours truly divided them up based on qualities that brought them on the show in the first place.

On the Brains team, Dawn freaked out the sarcastic Noah. Sierra annoyed her team, mostly Scarlett, with her odd obsession with the show. On Brawn, old rivals Jo and Lightning fought over a hammock while Sky and Duncan had a public one-on-one. On Beauty, Topher started to work Amy the same way he worked her sister last season.

During the first challenge, Sierra's fan-girl obsession managed to keep her safe as she single handedly made her team win immunity. Thanks to Bridgette being an aftermath co-host, she snatched victory for the Brawn team, sending Beauty to lose a beautiful face.

Thanks to Topher working the girls, model and Drama Brother Justin went out first down the Flush o' Shame. Who is the next one to go down the pooper? Find out now on Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!

Intro Song

The Brain and the Brawn team are eating at the snack tent. At the Brains table, Shawn had his head down, sleeping. Sierra poked him.


NOAH: You know decaf works miracles, man.


SHAWN: If you put my life on a scale of one to ten right now, put me on screwed. I am not allowed to sleep in the trees and I have to share the cabin with the smartest people on the island! When the zombies start coming, Beauty and Brawn are safe while the Brains are stuck in a death trap! We're basically a full course meal! Anybody wanna ring a dinner bell already and get this over with!?!


DAWN: Maybe if you didn't watch those old horror movies when you are a kid could have helped over your necrophobia.

SHAWN: My what now?

SCARLETT: She means fear of the dead.

SHAWN: Yeah, whatever.

At the entrance to the snack tent...

CHRIS: Brains, Brawn, say hello to your new Beauty team!

Beauty came into the tent in a walk of shame style. The Brains and Brawn talked to each other about realizing that Justin has recently been eliminated.


SIERRA: I cannot believe that they voted out Justin! It's so crazy right now! Then again, their loss wasn't directed by one person, so it had to be something to do with their team. Were they intimidated by Justin's looks? Ooh, I can't wait to hear the reasoning behind this!



LIGHTNING: So they got rid of the twelve pack guy. Guess looks doesn't get you far, but these guys (flexes) does. (Lightning kisses one of his biceps)


CHRIS: Time for your next challenge.

ANNE MARIA: What about our breakfast?

CHRIS: Chef?

Chef comes over with a large pot of a disgusting meat.

CHRIS: Losers from this season will get the most unappetizing meal this show has ever had. Once this is over, you will be begging me for some of our other disgusting meals.

TOPHER: (looking at the slop) Looks like you got my mom to cook.

CHRIS: In other news, today's challenge is a redo of our modeling competition. Each team will get a mannequin that they will use to model their clothes. Our guest judges for today will judge each clothing. Whichever clothes style they like the best would not only be safe but would also help ruin the personal lives and dignities of at least two other contestants.

BRIDGETTE: So who are our judges?

CHRIS: The only fashion stylists that would agree to come. Hosts of the popular fashion blog, Now Trending with Tom and Jen, it's Tom and Jen!

Tom and Jen walk into the crafts tent.


JEN: Hey guys, what's up? We're here judging for this Total Drama competition!

TOM: We couldn't refuse to judge a modelling competiton.

JEN: Since we know that most of the people aren't cabable to our knowledge of fashion, we have agreed to go easy on them.

TOM: But we did imply one rule.

TOM AND JEN: No overalls.



LINDSAY: Oh my gosh! I can't believe it! I am in the same tent as Tom and Jen! EEEEE!



NOAH: (Mockingly) Oh my gosh, It's Tom and Jen. EEE! (Regular) With Tom's snoring and their constant screeching, I was half tempted to throw in the towel with the race. I was just glad they got out in Romania. My only regret? It was seven legs too many.


CHRIS: Tom and Jen are here to judge part one of today's challenge. The winning team that they choose will win immunity and would have greater power.

SKY: You already said that.

CHRIS: I know. Reptition is important. Anything that is constantly repeated is important. Now, Tom and Jen has not been giving a theme for them to judge upon, and I shall reveal it to them right now. Your theme will be based on the teams that you all are assigned to.

NOAH: Uh, what?

CHRIS: Brains would have to make some clothes that would make a person look smart. Brawn would have to make something that makes them look more athletic or buff. Beauty would have to make clothes that would make a person more beautiful.

AMY: You know what sounds great? A model. Hey, has anybody seen Justin? How about you, Topher?

TOPHER: You also voted for him. So why put the blame on me?


JO: No secret that this is a beauty challenge. But hearing them bicker makes my life somewhat easier.


CHRIS: You got three hours to make your clothing, starting now!

The contestants rushed out of the crafts tent, leaving behind Tom, Jen, and Chris.

TOM: So, what do you want to do until then?

CHRIS: I usually get a tan.

JEN: Sounds good!

At the Brains cabin, the team started making designs for their clothing. Noah is used as a model for measurements. Scarlett is busy getting the measurements.Cameron wrote down the measurements while Sierra and Dawn talked about the materials that they would need for the clothing. Shawn is in a hammock trying to sleep.

NOAH: Can somebody please explain to me why I have measuring tape around my forehead while the zombie freakshow is catching some z's?

CAMERON: Unless Shawn can sleep standing up, he's useless right now.

DAWN: That, and you are the perfect size for the school nerd idea.

NOAH: Pfft. If you ask me, just use Scarlett's clothes and glasses and we will be good to go.

SCARLETT: In case if you didn't realize this, but other than this outfit, all I have is a prison uniform!

CAMERON: Maybe we can use Scarlett's glasses with one of your uniforms, Noah.

NOAH: Yeah, whatever...

At the Brawn's cabin, their red mannequin was finished with a pair of Jo's sweats.

SKY: I don't think that would work.

JO: Of course it will. Our theme is brawn and what could be more brawny than sweatpants and a sweatshirt?

DUNCAN; I hear jerseys are good this time of the year.

JO: Unless one of you have any fashion experience, I'm in charge.


BRIDGETTE: You know who Jo reminds me of? Heather. Always so bossy and if it doesn't go her way, it would go nobody's way.


BRIDGETTE: Jo, maybe it is best for all of us if you let us help.

JO: You think you can do better, Surfer Girl?

BRIDGETTE: I can do better than sweats.

JO: (laughs) I would love to see that.

RODNEY: (whispering to Bridgette) I don't think you should take Jo's offer.

BRIDGETTE: (Whispering back) Then what choice do I have? I can't turn it down.

SKY: Listen, we are a team and we need to vote as a team. Jo, you have to remember that these are top notched fashion critics. We cannot let Beauty or Brain win. If so, then we might as well start deciding who we should leave.

JO: Bingo, Sky. We are being judged not by the other two teams, but by Tom and Jen, fashion critics. Do you even listen to yourself? We cannot win by making up some new clothing. Best we go with what we got.

BRIDGETTE: But we wouldn't know it if we tried.

RODNEY: Could we, uh, take a vote.

JO: You know what? Screw this! I'm out! If you want to do some sort of a new fashion style, go right ahead. But don't go crying to me when we got our butts handed off by the good-lookers and the nerds!


JO: So what if I'm throwing in the towel? My team may be strong, but brains aren't a second nature to a single one of them! If they lose their strongest, it is their fault. And they will go down one by one because of their decision to do something different!


DUNCAN: I better go talk to her.

SKY: If you do that, you would be hurting the team more.

DUNCAN: If Jo is out of this competition, that would hurt us more than if I do go and get her.

Duncan leaves after Jo.

RODNEY: Wow. That Duncan guy so knows how to go after a girl.

SKY: Don't go there, Rodney. Come on, let's focus on the challenge. We may be down two members, but we are not out yet!


BRIDGETTE: In the seasons that I played with Duncan, I always knew that he had a soft interior. But I never would have expected him to put the team before him. Makes you think...



DUNCAN; I know what it is like to quit. You get chased around the world and get brought back on a stupid plane only to be skydiving out of it over the Serengeti. Is it putting my game at risk by going after Jo? Not at all because I know that Jo can easily blow up her own game. If I keep her around, she would be a dead man walking. And eventually, I'll see her leave this island. Just a little strategy talk Heather told me about before I came here.


At the Beauty cabin, finishing touches are being made to a glamorous suit.

TOPHER: I think we need a fedora.

LINDSAY: I think I saw one back at the crate.


BRICK: When the challenge started, Chef directed us to a large crate out in the middle of the woods. It had everything a fashion stylist would need. Since I am the only one who isn't afraid to get a bit sweaty, I ran out to grab the fedora.


Brick and Jo ran into each other.

JO: Hey! What where you're going!

BRICK: Yeah, nice to see you too.

JO: Can't stand your team, too?

BRICK: No, in fact I- wait. Did you desert your platoon, private?

JO: Please. Desertion is an understatement. I kicked myself off. We may not be the most beautiful people, but it is clear to me that, with the exception of me, everyone has no brain.

BRICK: You went AWOL, soldier!

JO: So what if I did? What's the worst that can happen? They vote me off? Please. I managed to survive scarabs in Egypt. What is the worst that they can do to me?

BRICK: They brought back the toilet to send people home.

JO: They did? Wow, never thought I'll go down that drain again.

BRICK: Soldier, I am ordering you to go back to your team and-

JO: Or what? You aren't my supervisor Captain Soggypants. What was it that Dawn said in our first season? Oh yes. You always feel the need to be dominated.

BRICK: I do not.

JO: Give me a break, Brick. You always take orders and never give. Listen, I will help you because I am gone, but there is somebody else, another Brawn, that I want gone just as bad.

BRICK: No can do, soldier. Desertion and AWOLing is one thing, but traitors are completely untrustworthy.

JO: It can help you guys out.

BRICK: I'm listening.


JO: What I am doing is something that I like to call division and conquering. Step one: Divide my team. Step two: drive the wedge down deeper. Step three: try to reunite the team with me as leader. Basically, get rid anybody that gets in my way.


The three hours are over. The Brains have a schoolboy outfit with jean shorts, a flannel shirt with white suspenders going over the mannequin's arms compete with bow-tie and Cameron's glasses. Brawn have one of Lightning's jersey shirts with Duncan's shorts. The Beauty made a white tuxedo compete with a fedora.

CHRIS: Guest judges, please tell us what you think of these designs. Starting with our current losers, Beauty.

TOM: The colors are indeed black and white. And I especially love that red tie over the black vest.

JEN: But the one thing that we don't like are the flowers around the fedora. Flowers should never go on fedoras.

CHRIS: And we go with our current champions, Brain.

JEN: Well, that does make a person look smarter.

TOM: But as a fashion trend, it sucks. If they saw our blog, then they would know that suspenders are just one step below overalls.

JEN: I mean, right? If I was in a room with suspenders, I would cry.

TOM: True.

CHRIS: And Brawn?

TOM AND JEN: Horrible.

JEN: I would go with sweat pants and a hoodie.

TOM: Toots.

The Brawn team looked flabergasted.

CHRIS: Speaking of whcih, has anybody seen Jo and Duncan?


RODNEY: And Duncan took off after her.

CHRIS: I see. (on a walkie-talkie) Chef, we got two AWOLers, over. Now that that's over, time for the winners of part one of today's competition! Tom and Jen, who wins it.

TOM AND JEN: Beauty!

Beauty cheers.

CHRIS: Congradulations, Beauty. You have just won immunity and an important decision to make.

A helicopter flies overhead and drops Duncan and Jo.

CHRIS: There you two are. You know quitting isn't an option, Duncan.

DUNCAN: I didn't quit.

CHRIS: Uh-huh. Yeah, sure. Now that you two are here, time for business. Brain and Brawn, you two will be modeling your clothes by real models!

LINDSAY: Aww. Lucky.

CHRIS: And Beauty will pick out your models for you.

ANNE MARIA: Wait. We will?

CHRIS: Yep. Pick a model from the Brawn team and a model from the Brain team.

Beauty huddled up.

ANNE MARIA: So, what do we want to do?

BRICK: We sabatoge the competition.

TOPHER: Wow. Did not expect that from you at all.

AMY: All right, so how do we sabatoge?

BRICK: I have a plan to make Brawn weaker and us stronger.


BRICK: I never turned a deaf ear to Jo. Sure, she might be untrustworthy, but if it works, Beauty will be a force to be reckoned with.


CHRIS: Beauty, who are the models?

Lindsay steps up.

LINDSAY: We have decided that Noah and Sky are models.

SKY: What?

NOAH: Life, why are you tormenting me?

CHRIS: Great! And, for being today's number one winners, Beauty, you guys get to judge the models!

AMY: ReallY?

CHRIS: Yep. The fate of these two teams rest in your hands. Now then that settled, Brawn, give your clothing to Noah. Brain, give your clothing to Sky.

NOAH: Sorry, but I am the guy that faked a broken leg to get out of wearing clothes like those.

CHRIS: Tough break. As if I am going to let you wear your clothes.


ANNE MARIA: Just by looking at those clothes I knew something was off. If we wanted to sabatoge, why don't we put Rodney up as a model? Or better yet, Duncan?


Backstage, Noah and Sky changed into the opposing teams' outfit.The homemade athletic gear gripped tight against Noah's body while Sky was clumsy wearing Cameron's glasses.

Beauty stood in front of the two models. Brain was to their left and Brawn was to Beauty's right. Sky and Noah were on the side closest to their team.

CAMERON: I can't see anything.

SIERRA: Shush. They are about to judge!

CHRIS: Beauty, you each have a paddle with one side red, the other yellow. Please pick the team that is modeling the best.

Beauty unaminously raised up their paddles, showing the same color.

CHRIS: By a landslide, Brains win immunity!

SKY: What? No fair! Noah could seen!

CHRIS: Heck, I didn't judge. But in either case, Sky, can you please give Cameron back his glasses? We don't want to get sued by his mom for them being broken.


RODNEY: My heart aches so! We are forced to vote off one of our own! I dread of tis tremendously! I wish that I could go a whole season without seeing somebody leave!


Sky and Rodney talk on the other side of the island, away from the other contestants.

SKY: Rodney, who are you voting for?

RODNEY: Jo, sadly.

SKY: Don't feel sad, Rodney. You wouldn't fall in love with a girl like that, right?

RODNEY: Um... well...

SKY: Ugh. Rodney, Jo left us. She is a betrayer. I would bet my stay in the game that she went and made a deal with Beauty.

RODNEY: You wouldn't think she'll do that, would she?

SKY: I've played with her before. She'll do anything to win. Are you even listening to me?


RODNEY: What is a promis between a father and a son? A young lad's heart will lead him to love. And I am in love with Sky! I wonder how Jessica would react to something like that?


Jo and Lightning raced through the woods together.

LIGHTNING: Ah, yeah! Lightning won!

JO: Congrats, Lighgtning, you won. For once.

LIGHTNING: That's because you can't stop sha-me!

JO: Listen, I want to let you know that Sky made us lose today.

LIGHTNING: But she didn't quit, unlike you.

JO: True, but while you were still sleeping, she told me that you were the dumbest person on the team and if she could, she would get you out in a heartbeat just so our team's smart levels will rise.

LIGHTNING: Sha-what?

JO: You know it. And I am half tempted on going with that, but I know that we are brawn and we are not Brawn without you.

'LIGHT'NING: You said that?

JO: No, but I knew it.

LIGHTNING: So its Sky, right?

JO: Make sure she feels the thunder, Lightning.


LIGHTNING: Who is that girl calling dumb? Lightning is as bright as, uh, thunder! Shabam!


Brigette and Duncan talk in the Brawn cabin.

BRIDGETTE: Any thoughts?

DUNCAN: I did catch up with Jo and we did talk.


DUNCAN: It is best if we get rid of Sky.

BRIDGETTE: That's a no. We might be Brawn, but we don't have to be bullies. Jo left us for dead!

DUNCAN: But Jo has a history of her game being exterminated by herself. Sky is a strong competitor, she's friendly, smart. If we don't take her out, we won't stand a chance.

BRIDGETTE: And what am I?

DUNCAN: Friends will only take you so far. But Sky is a competitor. Unlike Jo, she plays with integrity, which is something that would make it even harder to get rid off. (Silence) At the end, I vote the same way you vote.

BRIDGETTE: I don't feel right doing this.

DUNCAN: Neither do I. But if we don't do this, we are out.

BRIDGETTE: Let me just think over this.

DUNCAN: Cool. I'll be over by Brains. I bet Shawn that I can get Chef's cupcakes before he puts the frosting on them.


BRIDGETTE: I don't feel right about all of this. I always vote people out based on whether or not they did something horrible or lose the challenge. Duncan did bring up good points, but Jo does have a good reason to go, too. No matter what happens tonight, the curtain closes for somebody.


The Brawn are at the Campfire Ceremony.

CHRIS: I bet you are all wondering what this screen does. Well, it will reveal who voted for who.

LIGHTNING: Say what?

CHRIS: Here's the jist of it, Lightning. No marshmallows, only dirty laundry. And it is time to see which gym jocky is hitting the showers for good.


RODNEY: I wish I may, I wish I might, not have to vote somebody out tonight. I wish it be true, I wish it be not be so woe, but I sadly cast my vote to Jo. Her quit broke my heart and my soul, and now they lay in the ground, resting and weeping.

JO: I vote for Sky. Enought said.

LIGHTNING: Call Lightning dumb is the dumbest thing any fool can do. Sky is going to be cracked by Lightning. See ya, Sky.

SKY: I wish we could have battled it out, one female competitor over another. But you made me realize what a sore loser you are when you don't get your way/ I have to vote for you, Jo.

DUNCAN: Welcome to Backstabbing 101, and I'm your teacher, Duncan. If you want to be good at backstabbing, here is your first lesson: my vote is for Sky.

BRIDGETTE: In my heart, I know I should vote for Jo. She has the best reason to leave. However, I think that there would be time to mend our wounds, so I have to help heal the wound that Jo caused. Because of this, Sky, we are friends, but I have to vote for you.


Sky looked shocked at the votes.

SKY: Me? You guys voted for me?

BRIDGETTE: Sky, I am so sorry.


RODNEY: (falls on his knees.) NOOO!

Sky is in the Flush of Shame. Her former Brawn team is up on the cliffsides looking down.

CHRIS: Any last words, Sky?

SKY: Tell my former team that they made a grave-

Chris pushed the button and Sky got flushed. A huge jet of toilet water came out and sprayed the Brawn team.

BRAWN: Who's going to be the next one going down the Flush O' Matic? Find out next time on Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!

At the Aftermath Studio, Geoff is seen texting on his phone. The manhole cover came loose as a fountain of sewer water came out. Sky landed, soaked and wet from the sewage.

GEOFF: Whats up, Sky?

SKY: A blundering loss.

GEOFF: Cool. We all suffer from them. Just make sure you wash up before we do the aftermath special.

SKY: What? Aftermath?

GEOFF: Yep, and I'll be here waiting for the third guest. Peace.


If per chance that you didn't understand the poll last episode, I said that who do you THINK would be eliminated next. It does not mean that you have the power to eliminate anybody. With that being said, the results are in and here are the results:

1 vote- Amy

2 votes- Cameron

2 votes- Chris McLean (Obviously not going to happen, but its great to see people vote that way)

5 votes- Rodney

Though you did get the right team, you did not get the right Brawn member. Thankfully, one does not mean a successful trial. Let's give it another roll!

Who do you think will be eliminated next?

The poll was created at 05:42 on July 17, 2017, and so far 5 people voted.

To see the preview blog, where you can read all episodes of Total Drama Wildclaw Island, click here

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