Remaining Contestants

A shot of Wildclaw Island can be seen.

CHRIS: Throughout Total Drama, mentality fought against sheer strength. Muscle against looks and beauty was up against the smarts. This season will be no different.

Camera zooms in on Chris who is between three cabins.

CHRIS: Welcome to Wildclaw Island! Its rough terrain and deadly animals provided the early settlers to this now abandoned island some tough times. So, the producers and I thought that it would be a great idea to drop eighteen teenagers here so they can fight for a half a million dollars. Who are these eighteen competitors? Past Total Drama cast-mates, which each one representing one of the qualities that Total Drama holds dear.

A dirigible flys over the choppy waters of Wildclaw Island. The contestants are dropped from it, screaming as they fell.

CHRIS: It's going to be a tough season, folks. So get strapped in because it is time for some Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!

Theme song plays.

The contestants arrived on the beach, soaked. Topher threw up a lot of water, began to choke before Shawn slapped the back of his neck, releasing a fish.

TOPHER: That was not funny.


TOPHER: So my dream of hosting Total Drama hasn't come true, yet. But the producers did like what I did to Sammy last season so they called me back. This time I know I am going to win and by "win," I mean by taking Chris's job as host.



AMY: So I was up there, in a balloon, sleeping peacefully knowing that my sister is nowhere around me when all of a sudden I fell into cold water! What kind of heartless creature would do something like that?


Chris and Chef arrive at the beach with the soaked contesants.

CHRIS: Welcome, everyone to Wildclaw Island. If you thought our previous locations were tough, just be warned that those islands are nothing more than child's play compared to this. This one, so I've been told, has taken more lives over the past fifty years than the wreck of the Titanic.

CAMERON: So you thought bringing us here would be a good idea?

CHRIS: Uh, I never said nor have I fought over whether it was a good idea, Cameron.

SKY: Phew. That's a relief.

CHRIS: I was more on the side that thought that it was an excellent idea!

Duncan looked at Chris in awestruck, Lindsay glances nervously at Duncan, and Sierra smiles and claps.

CHRIS: Now, let me explain the basic information to you guys, something that I am required to do by law. You will stay on this island unless you are voted off, quit, win the million dollars, or get so brutally injured that we have to send you off this island or your death could result in a lawsuit. There will be guest judges hosting the competitions, blah, blah, blah... campfire ceremonies...

ANNE MARIA: Are we done, here?

CHRIS: Not yet. Oh, before I forget, all contestants must sleep inside the cabins at all times. There is no sleeping outside for any reason whatsoever unless it is for a challenge.

BRIDGETTE: How exactly is that the most important rule?

CHRIS: What makes you think that it's the most important?

BRIDGETTE: Because you said it last.

CHRIS: True. Any case, you can thank Shawn for that one. Moving on, it's time for you guys to get assimilated into your teams. The teams are divided based on how we perceived your audition videos- whether you belong to the brains (points to head), the brawn (flexes) or beauty (puts hand on chest and pose).


CAMERON: It's brain versus brawn versus beauty. Which means I'll be stuck with people who have the same intellect as me. I just hope Sierra isn't on my team. We're good friends and all, but I don't want to relive All-Stars with the whole Camody thing again.



SKY: BOOM! This team division rocks! I can at least challenge myself outside of challenges. I know that I'll be on the same team as the other powerhouses. But if I do have one person that I don't want to be on a team with, it's Rodney. It's not that I don't like the guy, but after re-watching Pahkitew Island, the last thing I need is somebody infatuated with me.



JUSTIN: Being a top model and being one of the members of the Drama Brothers, I know that I will be on the beauty team. If you asked me, I wouldn't be surprised if they made the team a team of one. Who else can match my beauty? Everybody else couldn't even hold a candle to me.


Chris calls out the teams.

CHRIS: Cameron, Dawn, Noah, Scarlett, Shawn, and Sierra, you guys are known as the brains.


CAMERON: (groans)

CHRIS: Bridgette, Duncan, Jo, Lightning, Rodney, and Sky, congratulations on being the powerhouse team. You're brawn.

RODNEY: Sweet.

CHRIS: Which means that Amy, Anne Maria, Brick, Justin, Lindsay, and Topher are on Beauty, a team that, aside from Justin, wishes they could be as beautiful as yours truly.

JUSTIN: I don't want to be that guy, but I thought that the teams are based off of our audition videos, and, as much as I mean this in the nicest way possible, Brick seems to be out of his element here.

CHRIS: We tried, but all were just too ugly to be on the Beauty team. Since Brick attended fashion school after season four, we figured to cut a few strings and make him be on the beauty team.

Brick walks up to Topher. Brick offered up his hand to shake, to which Topher obliges.

BRICK: Looks like we're teammates again. Just so you know, know hard feelings about last time.

TOPHER: I understand, Brick. Hopefully we can put the pass behind us.


TOPHER: Seriously? You guys are putting Brick back on my team? That guy was the reason why I left penniless last time. It might be a new dawn, but vengeance begins at midnight.



BRICK: Did I mean what I said? Of course, but forgiveness is different from forgetting.


CHRIS: Your first meal is in an hour. Settle into your new homes and greet one another before dinner. I hear Chef is making pork and beans tonight.

The brains enter their cabin. Six hammocks were hung, two (one on top and one on bottom) were hung on the walls with one dresser on every side of the hammocks.

NOAH: I see Chris has given us the high-class treatment.

DAWN: I sense a lot of negativity from you. Had to say goodbye to Emma on a short notice, hmm?

NOAH (walking away): I call top bunk, bubble-boy.


NOAH: I would love to see how some of these people are classified as "brains." We got a psychopath who should be in Guantanamo Bay right now, somebody that could give Izzy a run for her money on the crazy scale, somebody who needs to go to Pigsworth, and somebody preparing for a zombie apocalypse. The only sane one here is the kid who lived in a bubble for sixteen years.


Sierra and Shawn talk.

SIERRA: Like, OMG! I can't believe that I'm playing again! EEE! I can't wait to play with every one of you.

SCARLETT: Keep talking like that and you'll be the first one off this island

SHAWN: Woah, Scarlett. Keep it, chill, all right?

SCARLETT: Easy for you to say. You don't have to worry about anything.


SCARLETT: I missed out last season because I was serving some time. The judge only let me go because this island wasn't mechanical and could be controlled. No matter what happens, whether I win or lose, I'll still be going back behind bars.


The Brawn team check out their cabin. The interior is the same as the Brains.

JO: Let's go, meatheads. I call top bunk.

LIGHTNING: Over my dead body!

JO: I plan on it.

Sky and Duncan watch as Jo and Lightning fight over the same hammock.

DUNCAN: Some things never change.

SKY: Yep. So, rumor had it that you were supposed to be on last season?


SKY: Why didn't you?

DUNCAN: My PO thought that it wouldn't be a good idea to have me on an island where I can blow the entire thing up.

SKY: At least you don't have to worry about having your reputation ruined by this season's teams.

DUNCAN: Don't make me laugh. One way or another, this game would play games with you. You made it to the merge twice now. I made it four times. Eventually, this game will take a hold on you, turn you into a ravenous creature.

SKY: Ooh, that's dark.

DUNCAN: Welcome to the horrors of Total Drama, sister.


SKY: If I want to win, I need to align myself with people who wouldn't think twice about betraying their allies. Duncan is one of those people. Hopefully the two of us would make it far and I would get the upper hand over him and claim the million for myself.



DUNCAN: Sky is no fool, but she wears her emotion on her sleeve, and that would be her downfall. In the meantime, I am going to lay back and do what I do best in this game.


Rodney helps Bridgette get to the top hammock.

The Beauty check out their cabin.

ANNE MARIA: I've seen garbage trucks that look better than this.

JUSTIN: Maybe Chris was sort on money.

AMY: If he was short on money, we wouldn't be here.

TOPHER: Hopefully, things would change for the better.

AMY: You sure?

TOPHER: I would bet my life for it.


TOPHER: Since my strategy from last season worked so well, I decided to replicate it. Thankfully, I got the other twin to work my charms on. And, to tell you guys the truth, I like Amy a lot more than Sammy. I don't know why. Must be the superior dominance of an alpha female over a beta female.



AMY: I can tell that Topher is trying to do with me like he did with my sister last season. As much as I ain't falling for that, I can't let him know that I know, so I decided to play it like Sammy and slowly fall in love with him. I think I just puked in my mouth for saying that.


Brick and Lindsay are outside on the steps talking.

LINDSAY: It has been so long since I played. Looking back, I did do the right thing and vote for myself instead of Courtney, but I feel like I let Tyler down.

BRICK: You let Tyler down?

LINDSAY: Yeah... it's kind of sad, actually. We were so close, but he said that he didn't like that I gave up. We had a big fight and then we broke up.

BRICK: That has to be rough.

LINDSAY: It was. So, what kind of clothes do you make?

BRICK: Mostly military style clothing.Camo Green goes great with everything.

LINDSAY: No it doesn't. It only goes great on khakis. BRICK: Lindsay, who is the fashion designer here?

LINDSAY: Do you make skirts at least?

BRICK: I am still learning that. That is one fashion that I cannot seem to get. They always turn out to become cargo pants.

The loudspeakers came on.

CHEF: Listen up here, maggots! Your gosh-darn dinner is ready. Come down to the service tent located on the east side of the island to get your meal!

The contestants arrive at the service tent waiting in line for their helpings of pork and beans.

BRIDGETTE: Think Chef has a vegan platter?

DAWN: I don't think so. Last time I played, I just gave my meat products to Lightning.

The girls look at the front of the line with Lightning and Jo right in front of him.

LIGHTNING: Can this train move any faster? Lightning needs his protein.

JO: In case you forgot, Jockstrap, the pork and beans aren't ready.

LIGHTNING: Says you.

A few minutes later, everybody is eating their pork and beans. Chris walks in the tent.

CHRIS: And how are the contestants fairing their meal?

NOAH: Not to brag, but I think I heard my oink.

CHRIS: That's good.

SIERRA: Hey, Chris. You forgot to give each team our colors.

CHRIS: I did? Hmm... seems that I did forget. Very well. Beauty, since you are basically the cool kids, you are going to sport the color blue. Brawn, since I expect to see blood from you guys, you are going to bear the color red. And, since it's the only primary color left, brains will be supporting the color yellow. Now then that's settled, I have important news. Your first challenge is in one hour. I'll see you there.



SCARLETT: It's been two hours and Sierra spoke more in that time than I did my entire life. The first chance I get, she will be going home.


The contestants finished eating their meal. An hour later, they are in booths marked by the color of their team.

From top right to bottom left:

(Brains):Dawn, Cameron, Sierra, Noah, Scarlett, Shawn

(Brawn): Jo, Duncan, Sky, Lightning, Rodney, Bridgette

(Beauty): Justin, Amy, Anne Maria, Lindsay, Topher, Brick

Chris is behind a pedistal as the challenge special guest sits on a stool.

CHRIS: Welcome to your first challenge. Today's special guest who will demonstrate how this challenge will work will be fan favorite, Owen!

Owen waves.

CHRIS: Here is how this challenge works: I will ask a bunch of questions about embarrassing moments each of you will have. If you think you know who the guilty party is, ring in and give the answer. A right question will earn a point for your team and a wrong answer would electricute your entire team. First two teams to six points will win immunity. Losers send somebody packing. And, just to make things fair, you are not allowed to answer a question that is yourselves. That is cheating and unfair gameplay in which I have no choice but to disqualify any team to which somebody answers their own question.

JO: So you are going to have Lard Farticus show us how to properly give an answer to a question?

CHRIS: Yep. Owen, here is your question. Get this right, and the rest of their lunch will belong to you. Get it wrong, and they are going to have pork and beans for dinner. Which contestant managed to kiss Canadian popstar Dustin Cleaver?

OWEN: Oh, that's easy. It was my buddy Noah.

CHRIS: Wow. And, if I might ask, how did you know about it?

OWEN: I won't say to protect my little buddy.

CHRIS: The pork and beans in the trash will also go to you.

OWEN: Noah's girlfriend's sister won three tickets to a Cleaver concert. Dustin Cleaver tripped and ended up kissing Noah on the lips.


NOAH: With friends like Owen, why would I need enemies?


CHRIS: Good job, Owen. You may go now and collect your reward. As for you lot, your reward will only come to two teams. Remember: the person answering will be decided by whomever hits their button first. And let's begin. Who always wears a dress on Sunday in remembrance of their late grandmother?

Sierra buzzes in.

SIERRA: Is it Jo?

CHRIS: Point to the Brainiacs! Next question:

LIGHTNING: Hold up! Jo wearing a dress? Lightning doesn't see that?

JO: Keep blabbering and maybe I'll let you continue seeing.


JO: My grandmother was one of those old-school types where she believed that everybody has a certain role in society. She always have her granddaughters where a dress. The family would always remember her for hiding a hundred bucks inside of an easter egg every Easter. When she passed away two years before I played on Revenge of the Island, I decided to show some sort of remembrance by wearing a fluffy white dress as a reminder of who my grandmother was. I didn't bring the dress whenever I played because I knew that my pass would only drag me down, and that's something that I vowed not to do.


CHRIS: Next question: Which contestant has a fraternal twin?

Sierra buzzes in.

SIERRA: It's Shawn

CHRIS: Andt that's two for-

JUSTIN: Wait a minute. Shawn's on her team!

CHRIS: I said that you cannot answer your own question. You can answer the question if the correct person is on your team, Justin. Why don't you tell us about your twin, Shawn?

SHAWN: My sister? Beats me. We don't talk much.

CHRIS: You know, I actually believe that. Next question: Which contestant has a snake for a pet? Yes, Sierra?

SIERRA: The pet snake belongs to Justin.

JUSTIN: She's right, you know. I do have a pet snake and his name is Rupert.


JUSTIN: Whenever I get the call for a jungle themed modelling jig, I would always have Rupert with me to complete the wild jungle man appearance. It's always nice to have Rupert around my arms modelling with me. I wouldn't ask for a better partner.


A few questions later...

CHRIS: And for the sixth time, Sierra?

SIERRA: It's Duncan! Duncan takes ballet courses.

CHRIS: And with that, the Brains have claimed their first immunity win. Which means that Sierra will finally let somebody else answer a question.


SCARLETT: I know that I said that the first chance that I get, I would ditch Sierra. However, with her exponential proficiency on the other contestants, it might be wiser to keep her around to find out the others weaknesses.


CHRIS: Which contestant is a professional crocodile whisperer?

Topher buzzes in.

TOPHER: It's usually the least likely so I am going with Amy.

The beauty team gets zapped.

CHRIS: Wrong! Yes, Rodney?

RODNEY: Uh, is it Dawn?

'CHRIS:' And the Brawn get their first point.

AMY: That's unfair! She's the whisperer of anything alive!

JO: Hey, Worst twin number two, guess what? We still got the point!

SKY: Worst twin number two?

JO: Yep.

CHRIS: Next question: Which contestant was once fired from a job at Dr. Donalds for constantly messing up the orders of customers?

DUNCAN: You know, that sounds a lot like Courtney.

Amy buzzes in.

AMY: Is it Topher?

CHRIS: Correct! It is one point Brawn, one point beauty. Resting peacefully at their dominant win is the Brains. Next question: Who-

Montage of Beauty and Brawn buzzing in, saying the answers, and getting zapped.

CHRIS: We are getting down to the wire, folks. The Brawn just need one more point to win. Beauty needs two. Next question: Which contestant was actually a replacement for somebody else on their initial season?


SHAWN: So it's down to the last two questions. The only two answers that are left are Rodney and Lindsay. But if I do have to give in to this one, I would go with Rodney. Lindsay seems more of the type to be cast in and not be the replacement.


---Bridgette buzzes in---

CHRIS: This can make or break it for the brawn. Your answer, Bridgette?

BRIDGETTE: I believe that the correct answer is Lindsay.

CHRIS: You are correct! Congratultions, Brawn on gaining the second immunity, right after Brains.

Beauty looks defeated.

CHRIS: Beauty team, you got the rest of the day to decide who is going to go home. I will see the six of you at the campfire tonight.

The contestants went their separate ways. Lindsay and Anne Maria go into the Beauty cabin. Lindsay starts painting her nails while Anne Maria hairsprays her hair.

ANNE MARIA: So you were really a replacement for somebody else?

LINDSAY: Yeah, my sister, Paula. She and I both auditioned, she got in. A week before they left, she got indigestion, so I had to come and take her place.

ANNE MARIA: I see. So, who are you thinking should go, because that ain't a challenge where somebody can easily go home from.

LINDSAY: I don't know.

Topher walks in.

TOPHER: Ladies.

LINDSAY: Oh, hi Tom!

TOPHER: Hehe, it's Topher.

LINDSAY: Are you sure?

TOPHER: Positive. Anyways, call me crazy, but I am paranoid right now.

ANNE MARIA: You know that's right. One of us is leaving tonight.

TOPHER: So here is what I'm thinking: we cut our losses and ditch Justin.

LINDSAY: No! Not Justin! Why Justin, again?

TOPHER: Because he can use his looks to his advantage. His greatest enemies cannot resist his devilish charms.

ANNE MARIA: Apparently you haven't played enough with Alejandro. If you want to say somebody has devilish charms, Al got that description down to a letter.

TOPHER: But Alejandro isn't playing. So who is the closest one to attractiveness to Alejandro?

LINDSAY: Justin?

TOPHER: Correct. I ran into him right when I was leaving the communal washrooms. He started to talk about a guy's alliance.

ANNE MARIA: He did not!

TOPHER: He did. And just to prove that I am not with the guys, I will vote with you to get him out.

LINDSAY: How do we know Justin is making a guy's alliance?

TOPHER: Because he told me. As of right now, he might be using his charms to persuade Brick into the alliance. It could be too late already.

In the communial washrooms, Brick and Justin are two toilet stalls next to each other. Justin farts.

BRICK: Nice one.

JUSTIN: Thanks, man.

Back at the Beauty cabin....

ANNE MARIA: If you do anything suspicious, Topher, you'll be the one to go.

TOPHER: I am offended, Anne Maria. My mother raised a gentleman of a host. I would never turn your backs on lovely ladies. Also, Justin confided in me that he couldn't stand your hair.


TOPHER: As much as I want Brick gone, he is muscle for the team. Justin, on the other hand, doesn't like to get down and dirty unless it helps his skin. So just as long as it benefits the team right now, Brick stays. And if we lose the next immunity challenge, Brick will leave. As for the guy's alliance thing, I made it up. If it gets who I want out, I won't care if I lie about a fake alliance. The girls will be chasing ghosts not realizing that they are only helping me. Time to see if Amy can be worked like her sister.

CHRIS (loudspeakers): Attention residents of Wildclaw Island: If you are on a team of hot people, it is time for you to cast your votes on who you think should leave now. And whoever spraypainted a picture of me back in a jail cell, you better laugh while you still can because I will make sure the next challenge would make you wish you weren't on this island!

TOPHER: Better hurry.


Night has fallen on Wildclaw Island. The Beauty team has already voted and sat around the campfire. Chris came up with a moniter.

CHRIS: While I normally pass out marshmallows to those who are safe, this season will be a bit different. Instead of passing out marshmallows, I will be passing dirty laundry. I will reveal your votes live to everyone sitting here.

AMY: What is the point in doing that?

CHRIS: The show is called Total Drama for a reason. I'm just expanding the Drama a bit, so let's dig into these voting confessionals.


LINDSAY: Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that I'm playing agian. Anyways, I vote for Justin. I just don't seem to remember him that much. Sorry.

JUSTIN: Who am I going to vote for? Topher. It's nothing personal, but I did see Total Drama Pahkitew's Revenge and what you did is something that only I can do.

BRICK: Brick McArthur here and I am voting out Topher. I might have forgiven you for making last season a pain for me, but I will not forget it.

ANNE MARIA: Hate the hair and you hate the girl. See you never, Justin.

TOPHER: I vote for Justin. This island has too much drama, and a Drama Brother won't help the drama level go down. Sorry but not really.

AMY: So I got this plan short notice, so I figured to roll with it and see what happens. I vote to eliminate Justin.


CHRIS: And with that 4-2 vote, Justin, you may be hot, but you are out of here.

Justin stands.


CHRIS: You're not upset?

JUSTIN: In a way, yes. But I forgot to call my snake sitter. Rupert must be so lonely. So, uh, how do I leave?

CHRIS: Glad you asked.

Justin is in the Flush of Shame. His now former team watches from the steep cliffs as Chris and Chef stand nearby, waiting to flush Justin.

JUSTIN: This isn't what I had in mind.

CHRIS: We good?

CHEF: You sure you want to flush Justin down? That fat kid just took a dump in there.

AMY/Anne Maria/ Lindsay: EWW!

Chris presses the button and Justin gets flushed. A huge fountain of water sprays up in the air and soaks the Beauty team.


LINDSAY: My makeup!


CHRIS: Yes, Chef. I did want to flush Justin down. (looks at the camera) Tune in next time when another contestant gets the flush right here on Total! Drama! Wildclaw Island!

At the Aftermath Studio, Geoff was leaning against a generator texting. A nearby manhole cover starts to shake as a giant fountain of sewer water sprays up. Justin falls from the fall.

JUSTIN: Eww.... never again.

GEOFF: Dude. You really need a shower. Here (passes Justin a set of keys) Your suite number is one.

Justin goes off to his suite, hoping to get a shower in. Geoff stares at the camera.

GEOFF: One arrive, two more a'coming for the reset of the Total Drama Aftermath. Righteous!

TDF here. So some things that I forgot to post in the preview blog: 1) there will only be one winner; no multiple endings. 2) Aftermath episodes are not included as actual episodes in this series.

Despite all of that, I have an activity/experiment I have for you guys. Below is a poll to see if we (as the author to the reader) have the same wavelenght. Probably not, but we won't know unless we find out. Just complete the poll (no sock puppeting) and that should be all that you need to know for this series. Sorry to the Justin fans out there who are sad to see him go on such short notice, all the embarrassing information, though not really, are not canon and only exist in this fanfict universe, yada yada... peace.

Which contestant do you think will be eliminated next?

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