Today's Eliminated Guests

The Peanut Gallery

GEOFF: Total Drama fans of all ages, let's get ready for the first ever aftermath!

The crowd cheers as Geoff gets on the stage. The peanut gallery claps. Geoff waves the cheering fans and silences them.

GEOFF: Thank you folks! We are back for our first ever aftermath since World Tour! As you all know, my girl is out on Wildclaw Island competing for that half million dollars! So, joining me until she either gets eliminated or win, here is my bud, Brody!

Brody walks on the stage.

BRODY: Dude! This is epic!

GEOFF: I know. So, tell me, bro, what did you think of the past three episode?

BRODY: It was a total *bleep* storm, brah! Hey, dude! I just gut bleeped!

GEOFF: I know! Try not to do it again.

BRODY: Huh? Why?

GEOFF: The bleeps affect the ratings.


GEOFF: In any case, we got a special theme. Bridge and I thought about doing a girl's night for an aftermath show. Since this so is unpredictable, and there is no way Blainley is coming back, we decided that the first Wildclaw Aftermath would be the girl's night episode. And our peanut gallery says just that. Say hi, ladies.

The peanut gallery waves.

GEOFF: On the top row, we got the three toughest girls Total Drama has ever seen: Heather! Gwen! And Courtney! On the bottom row, we got our regular Total Drama commenters, Katie, Sadie, and Beth! And finally, we got our roaming reporter, Eva! So, Heather, what are your thoughts on the cast?

HEATHER: A lot of them are amateurs with no hope of staying in.


COURTNEY: What Heather means that there are only a small handful that can play Total Drama right. The others are just there.

BRODY: Wow. Wait until everyone hears that!

GEOFF: Gwen, this season has three teams based on either looks, strength, or intelligence. What are your thoughts on the Brains team?

GWEN: Well, they aren't the brains team any more. However, the team are all intellegent in their own way, though some I tend to question why they are put on that team.

GEOFF: Eva, tell us what you think about your fellow gym jockies, the Brawn team.

EVA: They only wish they can have me.

GEOFF: Just for the record, Eva was asked to be put on this season. She said no. Katie and Sadie, what does the Beauty team do for you two?

KATIE AND SADIE: Bring out Justin! Bring out Justin!

GEOFF: We will.

BRODY: Over the past three episodes, three total drama contestants have met their end at the hands of the Flush of Shame.

GEOFF: Sucks. And we will interview each contestant individually before locking them away until the season finale. Our first contestant is the most handsome guy that has ever played Total Drama. Hate him for his personality, but do not have any hate on his looks. And know let's take a look at Justin's time on Wildclaw Island.

BRODY: Justin was put on the Beauty team strictly because he is a model. When his team lost a mental competition, they scrambled on who to get rid off. With his face attracting girls to do his bidding, Topher rallied the ladies up to send the model down the pooper.

GEOFF: Here's Justin!

Justin walks on stage and sits on the couch.

BRODY: Justin! How's it hanging, bud?

JUSTIN: Aside from being the first one voted off, I'm doing quite well.

GEOFF: Do you have any regrets?

JUSTIN: If I had to pick one, I wish that I had gotten Lindsay on my side. Maybe then I would've stayed in the game and not be here. But what can you do?

BRODY: Righteo.

GEOFF: Courtney, you were on the Dangerous Dragons with Topher last season. Did you expect him to be a threat.

COURTNEY: Topher came out as a strong strategic threat in the middle of Pahkitew's Revenge. When I got eliminated, it was not because of him, it was because of my feud with Jasmine.

HEATHER: The way Topher is playing would only hurt him. He is one of the eight people that returned from Pahkitew's Revenge, and when somebody plays back-to-back seasons, they tend to be in a phase where they were just adjusting to a life without cameras in your face 24/7.

GEOFF: Speaking of which, our next guest competed in Pahkitew's Revenge. She was a finalist in Pahkitew Island, got seventh in Pahkitew's Revenge, and got second voted out in Wildclaw Island. Let's take a look at Sky.

BRODY: The profile for Sky shows that she is a competitor. She is in it to win it, just like anybody else. She is likeable, smart, and athletic, a dangerous trio combination. Her blindside was directly linked to Jo's quitting at the fashion challenge.

GEOFF: Give a round of applause to Sky!

Sky comes out and sits next to Justin.

GEOFF: Sky, welcome to the aftermath studio.

SKY: Thanks for having me.

BRODY: Fans have been rolling in at a state of shock about your blindside. What was it like being blindsided?

SKY: You thought that you were safe. It seems like Beauty was trying to get me out, that is why they all voted for the Brains to win. When the votes were cast, I thought that I had Rodney's and Bridgette's votes, and Jo did gave us a reason to vote for her.

BRODY: But what do you think went downhill for you?

SKY: I think Duncan helped keep Jo. He did taught me a lesson in backstabbing 101. It hurts knowing that I learned so much from him in just two days.

GEOFF: So what was your major downfall in this game?

SKY: I think that I came in as a strong contender for the million. My competitve said would want me to take the stronger people further so that I can challenge myself. That's one of the many mottos of the brawns team. Sadly, not all see it that way.

COURTNEY: Excuse me, but Sky, if you have to pick one person from your team to outlast the other Brawn, who will it be and give us a brief explanation why.

SKY: First person to come up is Rodney only because he never voted for me.

BRODY: Sounds like somebody is salty.

SKY: I was the second one out! Of course I'm going to be salty!

GEOFF: And speaking of salty, we are going to introduce our third and final guest for tonight. He is all muscle and no brain. His arrogance is only matched by his might. Let's take a look at the flash before the thunder, Lightning.

BRODY: Lightning came in as a finalist in Revenge of the Island and as the second person eliminated in All-Stars. His athletic build made him an automatic choice for the Brawns. During the first two episodes, Lightning was cruising along. When the teams went from three to two, Lightning developed an alliance with evil genius, Scarlett. However, in an attempt to prove his intelligence, Lightning took on a puzzle challenge. This proved fatal sending the electric powerhouse down the drain.

GEOFF: It's Lightning!

Lightning walks on stage and sits next to Sky.

JUSTIN: The teams went from three to two?

GEOFF: Uh, yeah. You never saw it?

SKY: You locked us in our room with the only channel being the education channel.

GEOFF: Hey, it's free and we're on a strict budget.

BRODY: Tell us on what happened at the team swap. Everybody was switched to different teams. You were part of the Hawks.

LIGHTNING: Yes I was. I was a mighty Hawk. We had it made. We got the strength.

BETH: But so did the Killer Bass back in season one.

LIGHTNING: I don't care about no fishy, girl. Lightning had muscle. A team of one with people dragging Lightning down..

GEOFF: Lightning, everyone on your team voted against you except for yourself and Scarlett. Your former teammate, Bridgette, even voted against you. How does that make you feel?

LIGHTNING: That surfer chick is just jealous because she isn't dating me.

GEOFF: I can personally guarantee you that she isn't jealous.

BRODY: And now it is time for our new segment. It is called the Mystical Brody!

The studio lights stars flickering on and off. Geoff stands up.

GEOFF: Excuse me, folks. I have to get that.

Geoff runs off stage.

HEATHER: What was that?

BRODY: The lights flicker whenever the manhold cover blows thanks to the Flush of Shame. Geoff is out talking to whoever just got flushed. But now it is time for Mystical Brody. Here is how this segment works. I will pick a member of the peanut gallery and they will ask our eliminated contestants a question. Each of them must answer. Lets start off with Katie and Sadie.

KATIE: EEE! We're, first, Sadie!

SADIE: I know! What should we ask?

KATIE: I don't know. Ooh! I know. Who is better looking: Justin or Alejandro?

COURTNEY: That's a ridiculous question! For starters, everyone knows that Alejandro makes Justin ugly if he stands next to him. Secondly, it is about the game.

SADIE: Justin was apart of the game.

KATIE: Yeah.

BRODY: Sorry, ladies, but Courtney has a point. Since you wasted your question, we will go now to Gwen.

GWEN: Looking at the Hawks, you got three Brains members, three Beauty members, and one brawn member left. Based on those numbers, who do you think will leave?

JUSTIN: I may not be smart, but it is definitely going to be a brain member if the Hawks lose again. They haven't lost a single person yet.

SKY: You might want to put Bridgette in a good spot. The Beauty won't want to work with the Brains and Brains won't work with Beauty, meaning that Bridgette is needed to split the tie. Bridgette tends to team up with people who are nice. So, whoever is the nicest will get Bridgette's vote.

LIGHTNING: Y'all are crazy. Bridgette is definitely leaving because she voted for Lightning to be here!

BRODY: Interesting answers. Eva, your question.

EVA: Who do you think is leaving if the Eagles had lost the next challenge?

COURTNEY: Seriously, Eva? Justin and Sky don't even know anything since they left the island! They don't know about the Hawks or the Eagles other than what Lightning had said.

BRODY: Courtney makes a good point. Sorry, Eva, but your question has been wasted. Heather.

HEATHER: You each have a power to swap places with somebody else who is still in the game. Who will you swap places with and why?

SKY: I'll start off this one. I have to swap with Duncan. Basically my passing grade for backstab 101.

JUSTIN: Since he has a good grip with the ladies, I have to swap places with Topher.

LIGHTNING: Anybody who voted for Lightning.

Geoff ran back on stage.

GEOFF: Sorry about that. I had to put away one of our special guests for our next episode.

BRODY: I thought nobody was getting flushed.

GEOFF: That was part of the deal my agents had with Chris. I don't know why somebody got flushed tonight.

BETH: Who got flushed?

GEOFF: Sorry, cannot say. Won't want to ruin the fun for our faithful viewers now.  Anyways, Courtney, you got our last question for this segment.

COURTNEY: Since the interruption, my question is who do you think got flushed?

GEOFF: Nice try, Courtney, but it won't work.

COURTNEY: What? Why not?

GEOFF: Because of television schedules. We're out of time. Please give a warm applause to today's peanut gallery! And give a mighty cheer for Justin, Sky, and Lightning who will not be seen by anyone outside of the Total Drama staff until the finale where one person will be crowned the winner of Total Drama Wildclaw Island. Until then, I'm Geoff.

BRODY: And I'm Brody!

GEOFF: And we'll see you all next time. Peace out.