CHRIS: Previously on Total Drama School Rumble:

Sixteen new contestants came by to study at the McLean Academy. There, they got to meet four former TD contestants. Then I assigned them all to teams based on high school cliques. It's jocks versus nerds and populars versus outcasts.

Their first challenge was to build a model of a globe using 3D puzzle pieces. During the challenge, Jeremy and Scout created a plan to get rid of the four original TD casts and Ryan. It would've worked had it not been for Nuo to blow up their plan. Now the jocks had Jeremy and the Outcasts outed Scout.

Nineteen are left to study in this marvelous academy. Who will be the next one to drop out? Find out now on Total! Drama! School Rumble!


The Outcast enter the detention hall after the elimination ceremony.

PHIL: That was brutal.

'"HAPPY"': I don't we have to do anything like that again.

GWEN: Oh, you'll be surprise.


GWEN: So at the elimination ceremony, we had to get rid of Scout. I liked her just as a person. I just hope she sets an example to the rest of the team on how gruelsome this game can be.



"HAPPY": I do not want to do that again. It was like putting down a wounded animal. Scout needed help, she wanted to stay alive. And... (sniffs) ...and we put her out of her misery! I am not a generally sad person, but when somebody begs for help and I turn my back to them... I thought this game would be easy.


Morning came and everyone is eating breakfast in the cafeteria. The Outcasts, for losing the previous challenge, at gruel. Everybody else had pancakes and waffles.

At the jock's table...

TYLER: I don't know if I can do this without Lindsay. She was always there, competiting with me. We were always on opposite teams, but she was always there.

RYAN: (pets Tyler on the back) I know how you feel. I don't know what I would do without Stephanie. But I know she is at home rooting for me.

AUTUMN: Aww... how sweet!


TYLER: I have been given tons of support by Ryan after went down yesterday. I get it. We both are in the same boat.  But I am not here to make friends. I am here to make Lindsay proud! I love you, babe!


At the nerd's table...

COURTNEY: Alright, nerds. After yesterday's events, you need my help to stay in the game.

NUO: And what makes you think you need our help?

COURTNEY: I applaud you for letting everyone else know about what Jeremy and Scout did, Nuo. But actions like that could ruin your game. Right now, everyone thinks that you are a snitch.

MONICA: Ok. So how do you plan to help us get to the end?

COURTNEY: As a former C.I.T and one of the best Total Drama players, it will be foolish of you guys to eliminate me if we just so happen to lose the next challenge.

KENNY: So who are we supposed to eliminate?

COURTNEY: Anyone but me.

Chris walks into the cafeteria.

CHRIS: Hello, contestants! It is time for your next challenge!

NOLAN: I thought that it'll be next week?

CHRIS: Legal said no. And I am trying not to get a lawsuit. So your class will be about the theater! You each will make props and perform a well written script based on one of four genres that I am going to assign to each and every team. Populars, you got comedy. Jocks, you got a tragic romance. Nerds, you have science fiction. And for the outcasts, you have drama. Finish your breaky and head up to your rooms to prepare. The show starts tonight!


CONNOR: I am loving our genre. Science fiction! Time for my skills as a Jedi master to come to effect!


In the popular's room...

TRENT: So we got to do a comedy routine. Any suggestions?

BRITNEY: What if we do a mock elimination? Zane can be Carli, Nolan can be Scout, I can be Happy, Tiff can be Phil.

TRENT: Let's try not to hurt on the Outcasts.

BRTNEY: Why not?

TRENT: Because I have a friend on that team.

ZANE: I know that you might still have an attraction to Gwen, but this is only for fun and games. I am positive that the Outcasts are coming up with a way to make their performance all the better.

TRENT: Really?

ZANE: I know it. In fact, why don't you and Nolan Tiffany find some cardboard?

TRENT: Cool. Hey, if the routine doesn't work out, we call always try my idea.

NOLAN: And what would that be?

TRENT: Intergalatic cats.

Trent and Tiffany went out of the Popular's room.

ZANE: Not to diss on the guy, but Trent is weak. He is emotionally attached to his dates.

NOLAN: I agree. I like him as a friend, but when it is game time, his passion goes away.

BRITNEY: Should we get rid of him?

NOLAN: If we lose, we get rid of him. It only takes three to do it right. Uno, dos, tres.

BRITNEY: Are we blowing the challenge? It could be our only shot of getting rid of him.

ZANE: Brit's got a point. But the answer is no. Trent's only gone if we lose fair and square.


ZANE: I don't mean to copy Jeremy's style, but Trent isn't the number one choice for a returning player to be in the populars. He is romantically fragile and nobody knows how he plays the game outside of a relationship.


In the Jock's Room...

JEREMY: So, how are we supposed to do a romantic tragedy?

ROXANNE: We can do a Romeo and Juliet story.


JEREMY: Nuh-uh.

AUTUMN: Not happening.

ROXANNE: Then what are we going to do? A romantic tragedy is hard to come by.


TYLER: I can see that the team is falling apart. So I did what any leader should do.


TYLER: All right, guys! If we want to win, we need to do it now!

ROXANNE: So, have any ideas on our skit?

TYLER: Ah... no.

AUTUMN: Great.

In the nerd's room...

COURTNEY: All right, nerds, what do you have in mind.

CONNOR: Star Wars.



COURTNEY: Sorry, Connor, but Star Wars is pointless.

KENNY: I beg to differ. Nuo? Monica?

MONICA: Star Wars.

NUO: Star Wars.

COURTNEY: Fine. But if this doesn't work out, don't blame me.

In the Outcast's room...

GWEN: So we are putting the drama into Total Drama? Have any suggestions?

"HAPPY": We can do a hospital drama? Just call me Doctor Happy!

PHIL: That sounds like a comedy.

"HAPPY": Like a Doctor Phil is any better.

GWEN: Woah. We need to get together. Happy, good idea on the hospital drama. Phil, you are the patient. Carli can be Phil's wife and I will be the part of the lonely assistant.

CARLI: Not to be the pessimistic one, but if it goes into the whole, is it all right to blame you?

GWEN: I will accept the responsibility, yes.


PHIL: Out of all the teams, we got the best returnee. Gwen's the best leader. She's basically the captain that goes down with the ship.


In the auditorium, Chris and Chef sit in the back row where the teams sit in the row. The rules are simple: worst performance sends a person out of the school. The first up was the Populars.

Zane plays the part of Chef, Trent as Owen, Nolan as Duncan, Britney as Gwen, and Tiffany as Heather.

ZANE: This here's the campfire ceremony. As of today, one of you will leave this here camp and never, ever return. Now  it is darn time you start to voting. You! Fatty McFatser, you're up first.

TRENT: Even though he's my bud, I have no choice but to eliminate Duncan.

NOLAN: Smell you later Farticus. It's been a blast.

BRITNEY: I don't know. Owen stinks up the cabins really bad, but Duncan is also a formitable opponet. I have to say... Duncan.

TIFFANY: Because Gwenny is immune, I have no choice to vote out Duncan. There is no way Owen's going to win.

ZANE: Because the ladies won invincibility, they are safe. So here are your invinci-darn-bility. You! Chubster! You're safe! You're finished, delinquite!

NOLAN: Pfft. About time.


NUO: I remembered watching this episode. I managed to get the remote that day instead of my brother, Dylan. And it was great seeing Zane impressionate Chef. The jokes were bad, but seeing Zane impressionate such a muscular dude made it all the best.


The jocks got on stage. The scene starts with Tyler and Jeremy with swords in their hands. Ryan stands between them wearing a brown robe. Roxanne and Autumn was standing right behind Ryan.

TYLER: You have let shame into our family, brother! I cannot, uh, let you to let more shame and dishonor in!

JEREMY: Shifting fault is not of you. Why do you insist that I am the one that caused our family to crumble?

TYLER: We both know that is a lie?

JEREMY: A lie you say? We shall see who has brought the lie that dishonored our family name. Tonight, the more holier brother shall live.

Ryan steps up.

RYAN: Skills and techniques are invalid when dueling amongst ideas. Thus, whoever is more just shall be granted the right to continue to live. The other shall die at the end of a blade.

Tyler and Jeremy faced off before dueling with wooden swords. They shouted insults at one another before Jeremy rams the sword between Tyler's arms and stomach.

TYLER: The pain... could it be... my end?

Tyler falls to the floor with Roxanne rushing over to hug him.

ROXANNE: No... it cannot be...

TYLER: Lindsay... I mean Roxanne. ...Listen to me... I always loved yo-


Camera is on Chris and Chef.

CHRIS: Did you catch that?

CHEF: I wish I didn't.


JEREMY: I thought it did pretty well. I got Tyler good, so that's a plus.



AUTUMN: If we lose, I don't know who to vote for. Tyler messed up his line and Jeremy "killed" Tyler even though we agreed that Jeremy was the one that was supposed to die.


The nerds take the stage. Courtney was dressed up like Darth Vader with Kenny and Monica being storm troopers. Connor and Nuo were part of the rebel jedi alliance.

COURTNEY: You have the Willpower, jedis. But I was once too, a Medi.

NUO: You were have turned to the dark side! A duel is to take place.

COURTNEY: We will see. Havoc Troopers, take them down.

Using toy light sabers, they blocked the nerf bullets and "sliced" Kenny and Monica. Nuo and Connor rushed up and sliced Courtney.


COURTNEY: This one was way to short. We are so getting penalized.


The Outcasts take the stage. Phil is in a hospital bed with Carli right beside him. Happy was in a doctor's outfit with Gwen in a nurse's outfit.

CARLI: Is he going to be okay, Doctor? Will my husband ever make it?

"HAPPY": I do not know. The conditions that your husband has might be cancer. If it is cancer, I am afraid that we might be too late.

CARLI: No! (wraps her arms around Phil.

PHIL: It's okay, my love. Everything will be all right.

"HAPPY": Nurse Gwen, please give the patient his last meal. There will be a likely chance that he won't be with us today.

Carli wept.

GWEN: And that's it.

Chris stands on stage after the performances are done.

CHRIS: Now that that's over, it is time for the results. Taking first place with the best skit ever goes to the Populars. Good job at using that elimination to make things even funnier. Next team safe with an ironic doctor's name are the outcasts.


"HAPPY": Boom! Doctor Happy wins it for the Outcasts! We are safe and it's all thanks to me! I need to go into the medical profession.


CHRIS: And the team with the worst performance has to be the jocks. It wasn't that sad. The only thing tragic about it is the fact that I wasted five minutes on it! Nerds, congrats, all of you are in. As for you, jocks, time to see who will be dropping out tonight.

At the elimination ceremony...

CHRIS: All of you have cast your votes. As usual, the person with the most votes will have to leave the McLean Academy for good.


RYAN: After what happened yesterday, I had no choice but to vote out Jeremy. Sorry, man, but something like that does not work for me.



JEREMY: Tyler is an imbecile. He messed up the challenge. If the team is dead if they decide to keep him.


Chris puts the votes into the paper shredder.

CHRIS: That's one vote vote for Tyler... nevermind. Make that two Tyler... Another one for Jeremy... and with three votes and leaving from the game is... Jeremy.

JEREMY: What? Are you guys insane? You're keeping the poorest excuse for a jock instead of me?

TYLER: Whoa. Chill out.

JEREMY: You want me to chill out? Bro, you are nothing more than a bench warmer. You suck at sports! I've seen your audition tape. My grandfather can do better, and he's dead! You know what? Screw you guys. You want to lose, so be it. But don't come crying to me once all of you are knocked out. See you losers later. I got better things to do.

Jeremy walks out of the Principal's Office, down the Hall of Shame, and on the Bus of Losers.


ROXANNE: It was my vote that sent Jeremy home. Tyler might not be the best person on the team, but I know I can beat him in the end. See you never, Jeremy.


CHRIS: Wow. Talk about dramatic. But I still get paid. Tune in next time for another fantastic episode of Total! Drama! School Rumble!

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