Chris jumps into the frame. Behind him was a giant school.

CHRIS: Welcome to a brand new season, folks! I'm Chris McLean and we are bringing you a brand new season with brand new competitors. They will be staying here, at the McLean Academy where each week they will study in academic style challenges. Like always, they will compete in teams and will have to say so long to one of their own. Things are about to get wild! Get ready for Total! Drama! School Rumble!

Theme song plays

The contestants are seen on a bus. Most of them are talking to one another. A few look out the window. One was sleeping.


RYAN: I did the Ridonculous Race with my girl, Stephanie. When we finished racing a leg, we mostly chat with the other contestants. One of the original Total Drama contestants, Noah, convinced me to send in my audition tape for the show. And the next thing that I knew, I am here. Stephanie didn't want to compete. She still thinks that she carried the two of us from the race.


The bus pulled up in front of the school. The sixteen contestants were greeted by Chef Hatchet.

CHEF: Greetings and salutations, fresh meat. As many of you are aware, my name is Chef Hatchet and you have just been accepted to the McLean Academy where you will spend the next 18 weeks trying to stay alive. The person who stays in this academy the longest will win a diploma and a grand prize of one million dollars.

The contestant cheers.


Carli: I hate to break it to these city slickers, but that million bucks has my name written all over it. Sure, I might not be the smartest one, but working at pa's ranch taught me a thing or two.


Chef lead the sixteen new contestants to the gymnasium. Inside the gym were four mats (red, green, blue, and yellow) with a curtain with the same color near them. Chris stood in front of the mats.

CHRIS: Welcome to the McLean Academy, everyone! I'm Headmaster Chris and we are about to put you guys into teams.

"HAPPY": Whoo!

CHRIS: I see somebody's excited. Going to be like Owen, aren't you, Gabriel?

"HAPPY": I go by the name of Happy, but yes.

CHRIS: Glad to hear it. Now, as all of you are aware, school is no laughing joke. In every school, there are four cliques. The cliques seldom intermingle. You got your popular clique, your jock clique, your nerd clique, and the weirdos. I like to call the weirdos the Outcasts. And just like your regular school, the teams this season will be divided into those four categories.

SCOUT: Four teams? That never happened before!

CHRIS: I know. And since you all are newbies, I have selected four original TD contestants to help make your experience a bit easier. But before I show you your experienced TD competitor, it is time for you guys to get into your teams. I want the following to be on the blue mat: Britney, Nolan, Tiffany, and Zane.

The four of them went on the blue mat. The blue curtain fell, revealing the blue team's TD competitor.

CHRIS: You guys are the popular team. And since Heather decided to take some time off from competing in this season...

ZANE: Whoa. Heather ditched a chance for a million big ones?

CHRIS: Nope. We never bothered to call her. She spent to much time on this show as it is. Plus, I really don't want to listen to her this season. Instead you get the next best thing!


NOLAN: Alejandro?

CHRIS: No and no. You guys get... Trent!



TRENT: It has been a long time since I competed in Total Drama. When Chris called me to do this season, I couldn't say no. This is where I got my big break. There is another reason why I came back. I came back for redemption. My hiatus in Total Drama Action wasn't my best performance, so I decided to redeem myself from that. What can go wrong?


CHRIS: The next four contestants, please stand on the yellow mat: Autumn, Jeremy, Roxanne, and Ryan. You guys are the jocks.

JEREMY: Sweet.

CHRIS: And even though Sky would be really great in this season, I decided to put in another TD classic competitor in. Please welcome...Tyler!

The yellow curtain falls revealing Tyler.

TYLER: Aw...yeah! Get ready for some action! Booyah!


TYLER: I am ready to beat my all-time Total Drama record! I am back to become the biggest Total Drama character that you will ever see! I will be so huge that Heather would have to watch her back!



ROXANNE: Out of all the jocks that Chris can bring back, he has to bring us the one that will slurp up toilet water for fifty cents. Every single jock that played Total Drama made the merge. Every single one except for Tyler.


CHRIS: Would the following please stand on the red mat: Connor, Kenny, Monica, and Nuo. You guys are the nerds.

MONICA: We don't need glasses to see that.

CHRIS: And while I would love to have Cody, Cameron, or Harold lead your team, there will be some angry people writing angry letters that our angry lawyers will see, so I decided to bring a female nerd to lead your team.

KENNY: A female nerd?

CHRIS: You got a problem with that?

'KENNY:' What? No. What I meant to say was...

'NUO': What Kenny meant to say is that there aren't many nerdy female TD contestants.


MONICA: I am going through my head all the nerdy contestants that played Total Drama once before. The only one that came up was Scarlett, but she is still in prison right now.



CONNOR: A nerdy TD contestant? The only one that pops in my head is Beth, but she is more of an outcast than a nerd. Courtney is way to cute to be a nerd. Zoey is more of an outcast based on her small town status, but she also isn't the nerdy type. Sierra could be a possibility, but she would be better off as an outcast.


CHRIS: Nerds, I bring to you your TD classic competitor, Courtney!

The red curtain falls, revealing Courtney with a smug look while looking at her team.

COURTNEY: Hello, nerds.


CONNOR: And...we got Courtney. (sighs) Dang. We got the meanest girl next to Heather for a teammate. Why did I audition for this show again? Because, as cute as she is, Courtney is somebody that you need to pay me more than a million bucks for me to spend two seconds with her.


CHRIS: With that leaves Carli, Happy, Phil, and Scout as our outcasts. Do you guys feel like you should be on a different team?

SCOUT: It all depends on who our teammate is.

CHRIS: Great answer. Outcasts, your teammate is... Gwen!


The green curtain falls revealing Gwen is tied up in a chair.

GWEN: I told you that I am not doing this season McLean!

CHRIS: You're here, you're doing it.


COURTNEY: Of all the dumb luck... Chris brought in the one person that caused my elimination in the All-Star season! I lost a million dollars because of her!


Happy untied Gwen. She stands with the rest of her team.

CHRIS: As members of the McLean Academy, I have to tell you that your dormitories are on the third floor. Each team has their own room. And there is only one bathroom, so you better make sure that you are the first one to use it because the other ones are broken.

PHIL':' How did they break?

CHRIS: We had Owen come in to test the toilets. Needless to say, only two passed the test.

AUTUMN: And the rest?

CHRIS: It gives you jocks all the more reason to put a nerd's head in there and flush it. It won't go down, but it'll flood. Now then, I suggest you all head to your dorms and get to know your team better.

The teams all met in their rooms. Five beds lay on one side of the room with their team's color on their sheets. There was a leather couch and two leather chairs that formed a semi-circle. In the middle of the semi-circle was a colored rug under a coffee table.

After the teams met, Chris called all the contestants down to the science room. The contestants sat with their teams.

CHRIS: Since all of you are here, it is time for your first challenge. And what better way to start things off is with a bang.

NOLAN: We're exploding stuff?

A large explosion can be heard.

CHRIS: The bang happened. Lets get started. According to something useless called science, the universe began with a big bang. Others tend to disagree. I just don't care. Anyways, outside are 3D puzzle pieces of a globe. One at a time, one member from your team will race down and grab a part. The next person cannot go until the first piece is on the table and so on and so forth. Once all 15 pieces have been recovered, you can start working on your puzzle. The first three teams to finish will win immunity from tonight's vote. The last team to finish will see me for our first elimination and will have to be transferred to the detention room where you will sleep for the rest of the week while eating gruel.


GWEN: Uh, I don't know what Chris just said, but all I need to know is that the Outcasts can't be last.



KENNY: This challenge should be an easy one. Puzzles always favor the mind over the matter. The nerds don't mind and the jocks don't matter!


The challenge began. Britney, Ryan, Kenny, and Carli went first for their team. They were soon followed by Zane, Autumn, Monica, and Happy. Nolan, Roxanne, Nuo, and Phil soon followed after them. Tiffany, Jeremy, Connor, and Scout were the last newbies to go before the returners.

Scout and Jeremy were racing each other, with Jeremy winning, before he slowed down to talk with Scout.

JEREMY: How are you feeling about an alliance?

SCOUT: What are you saying? An inter-team alliance? That's risky!

JEREMY: If we get every one on board, we can say adios to Trent, Ryan, Tyler, Gwen, and Courtney. They played on international television before. They know how this stuff works.

SCOUT: So get the experienced players out first.

JEREMY: Exactly. If I play my cards right, Ryan will be the first to go on my team followed by Tyler. Gwen for the Outcasts, Courtney for the nerds, and Trent for the popular. It doesn't really matter just as long as the experienced players get out before the newbies.

SCOUT: All right. If you work things out from the jock's side, I'll do the same for the outcasts.



JEREMY: This is a strategic move. If all the experienced reality show contenders go out first, then it'll weed out the greatest threats to my game. Keep the weaker ones around me for a number advantage and when the finale hits, guess who will win the million dollars? Me.


Nuo runs pass Jeremy and Scout while carrying her piece up for the nerds.


NUO: I heard Scout and Jeremy's deal. In theory, it will always work. However, my game requires that the so-called experienced players to stay. What will I do? Blow up their game.


Nuo returns with her piece while Connor left.

MONICA: I am just glad that it is a puzzle otherwise we'll lose.

NUO: And, if Jeremy's plan goes to action, Courtney will leave if we lose.

COURTNEY: Um... what?

NUO: As I was running pass Jeremy and Scout, they were talking about taking the experienced players off the show first. And that includes you too, Ryan.

RYAN: Aw man! For real! That ain't cool!


RYAN: I always thought Jeremy and I were cool. But as it turns out, we're not.


CHRIS: And we are getting close to the end. Tyler is out getting the last piece for the Jocks. The Populars and the Outcasts just need two each. And the Nerds are in last with five pieces left.

Some time passed. All teams but the nerds are getting their puzzle worked out. Connor returned with the second-to-last piece for the nerds, and Courtney ran for their final piece.

CHRIS: This game is still anyone's for the losing. The jocks are having trouble getting their pieces together whereas the Outcasts can't put it together.

A look at the Jock's table.

TYLER: I don't think that piece goes there.

AUTUMN: Of course it does!

A look at the Outcast's table.

GWEN: No! South America goes over there!

CARLI: Are you sure?

"HAPPY": Girl, if she was any more positive, she'll be an atom.

GWEN: Proton.

"HAPPY": Right.


GWEN: If you murdered Happy's family in front of him, he will still have a smile on his face. He is that type of person. Whenever something dreadful happens, Happy will always be...happy.



"HAPPY": I just can't stop the smile. I am a large, happy-going contestant who will always leave a smile on his face no matter what happens. It is just the person that I am.


Courtney returns for the final piece for the nerds.

CHRIS: The Nerds are back in this! It is still anybody's game... but it looks like the Populars are almost...yes... They did it! The first team safe is the Populars!

ZANE: Yes!

CHRIS: And coming in from the back of the pack, the nerds take second!



COURTNEY: After what Nuo said about the conversation Scout had with Jeremy, I do not know whether or not Nuo is playing both sides. At least with this immunity, I can spy on her to make sure how she is playing the game.


At the jock's table..

JEREMY: Tyler, get!


JEREMY: You will cost us the game!

TYLER: Just like how you will say that me and Ryan will leave?

JEREMY: What? I never said that! Scout pulled me over to talk about an alliance.

Scout gives Jeremy a dirty look before continuing on with the Outcast's globe.

TYLER: That is not what I heard from Nuo!

Everyone stopped and looked at the two jocks fighting. Autumn, Roxanne, and Ryan continued working on the globe for the jocks.

JEREMY: From Nuo? Are you just picking out a random person. That sounds like a typical jock, I mean jerk.

TYLER: Oh yeah? While you are no better, throwing your own teammates under the bus!

JEREMY: I am telling you that I did not say that! It was all Scout's idea!


SCOUT: Really, Jeremy? You are going to throw me under the bus? Thanks for letting me know what kind of friend you really are.



PHIL: It was so amusing to see Tyler and Jeremy fight each other. Did Jeremy really say that or is Nuo telling a lie? Or is it Scout? I don't know, but it is interesting. Very interesting.


Chris puts himself in the middle of the fighting jocks.

CHRIS: As much as I like seeing you two duke it out, there are legal whatsits that I do need to follow, so if you two can...

Ryan puts the last piece to the globe on.

RYAN: Finished!

CHRIS: Wow. Was not expecting that to happen. Outcasts, it seems that your globe is incomplete, therefore you will have the week in detention and one of you will leave tonight. Find out who is the first drop out and I expect all of you to meet me in my office for elimination.


GWEN: And the one challenge that I needed to win I don't. I just I have to work on getting the votes to stay.


Chef led the Outcasts into the Detention Room. There were no desks and no windows. The room is also filled with chalkboards.

CARLI: And I thought the ranch was bad. How are you feeling, Happy?

'"HAPPY"': It is not the worst thing that happens to me.

SCOUT: All of you are crazy! We lost and we have to send somebody home.

PHIL: I got my mind made up. You all can enlighten yourself by trying to convince me to change my vote.

CARLI: I need to use the restroom.

GWEN: Hold up, Carli. I'm coming with.

The two girls left.

PHIL: You're not going?

SCOUT: Why should I? She knows she's going home. Besides, would you want her around?

PHIL: The same can be asked for you.

SCOUT: I'll acknowledge that after we eliminate her.

"HAPPY" Why do you want to get rid of Gwen?

SCOUT: There are two types of people in this game, Happy. You have the sprinters and you have the marathoners.  Gwen is a marathoner. She doesn't play big early on, but later in the game, she is an unstoppable force. If we don't get her out now, we won't later.

PHIL: I see. You make valid points. But what about you? Earlier, during the challenge, you had Jeremy call out your name. What does that tell us? That you are not a fighter.

SCOUT: I am a fighter, Phil. Promise me to vote out Gwen tonight. Happy? Can I count on you?

'"HAPPY"': I need to think this one through. I can't make any promises.

PHIL: I have to agree with Happy here. No promises.

SCOUT: How about a final three alliance? You two and me?

PHIL: 'Hold on, this might be interesting. Please continue.


SCOUT: I am on the bottom of the team. But if I work just Happy and Phil, I can stand a chance for tonight.


The Nerds sat on chairs. Chris sat in a leather chair behind a mahogany desk. A room with a piece of paper that reads "Elimination Room" can be seen from Chris's left shoulder.

CHRIS: Nerds, I welcome you to this season's first elimination ceremony. (Chris holds up a photo with Chef with a red X over the picture.) Similar to All-Stars, you will vote by going into that Elimination Room and drawing an X on the person on who you want to send home and then put it in a small ballot box that I will then collect. Time to vote. Carli, you are up first.

In the interview room:

CARLI: (voting for Unknown) Nothing personal. Just feeding the folks.

PHIL: (Voting for Unknown) Scout gave me an interesting speech today. The question is do I take a marathoner or a sprinter with me to the end?

SCOUT: (voting for Gwen) You are a danger to everyone. Nice people seldom don't finish last. They are only last if they are a threat to this game.

"HAPPY": (Voting for Unknown) I hope we can be friends after this.

GWEN: (voting for Scout) Do not be surprised to see this picture, Scout. This is nothing more than Karma.

When Gwen sat, Chris went to get the votes. He looked at them before putting them through a paper shredder.

CHRIS: Contestants, once the votes are revealed, the eliminated contestant must leave via a walk down the Hall of Shame and hop on the Bus of Losers. And with a vote of 4-1, Scout, your team have just eliminated you.

SCOUT: No surprise. (stands) Well, I tried. Carli, Happy, and Phil, please contact me and tell me how it feels knowing that this was your only chance to get rid of Gwen.

Scout walks out the door, walked down the Hall of Shame, and hops on the Bus of Losers.

CHRIS: Well, that was an unexpected goodbye. But somebody had to be the first one gone. Goodnight, Nerds.

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