Hello again, fellow TD fans. It's me, TDFanatic52, here to bring you another fan fiction-type season. Now, I know that the MSM race is going on and you may or may not have the time to read this. And I understand. It won't sway me any other way.

Now, my first fan season, Total Drama Lover's Hatred, was around the range from okay to good. But in this season, I plan to make it better. with this fan season. After reviewing all the TD episodes, I made a list of 34 of some of the most memorable contestants on the show. I decided to cut 10 loose to keep things simple for me.

To make it easy on you and for me, I selected four males and four female contestants from each season to participate. If you see one that didn't make the cut nor made it in the honorable mentions, you may feel free to comment below on who you think is a marvelous game changing contestant. But without further ado, let me show you the 24 contestants who will be competing in this season.

Males Females
TDAS Alejandro
TDAS Cameron
Dakota Audition
Samey forage
TDAS Scott

Besides competing for $1,000,000, these contestants- with the exception of one- changed the game in a way that we are all (hopefully) still shocked. But before I get into the game rules, here are the honorable mentions and the reason why they weren't chosen.

Contestant Reason
Beth stood up to two antagonists- Courtney and Heather- during her run. Now that is a big move. However, she is mostly a follower, and henceforth will not participate. At least she made it to the honorable mentions.
Bigez Cody Rankings
In TDI, Cody was just a supporting character. He was doomed to go out soon. However, his rise to the honorable mentions came during his run in the WT. He did lay low as a floater, but with the help of Seirra, came up with a plan to eliminate Alejandro.
Dawn TDRI Rank
Betcha you are wondering why Dakota is in the show but not Dawn, huh? Without a doubt, Dawn DESERVES to participate. The reason why she isn't is strictly because of the story line.
Sad DJ
DJ is a kind and heartwarming guy. He is strong and tough. In a sense, DJ is the perfect ally and a perfect teammate. And the reason why he doesn't compete is because he rarely makes the best moves for his game. Irregardless, he is still good enough to be an honorable mention.
Duncan with a party hat
To be honest, in the original story line, I had Duncan instead of Alejandro. But after reviewing the plays the two made, Alejandro deserved a spot playing instead of Duncan. Yet, you can't kick Duncan off the honorable mentions. He did form the first purposely single-sex alliance ever.
No offense, Justin fans, but to me, Justin is second rate. With the introduction of Alejandro, Justin became a second-rate, handsome manipulator. He was also the second one, after Duncan, to form an all single-sex alliance on purpose.
Lightning armoured
What Lightning lacks in social skills, he makes up for it by his physical and athletic abilities. What makes Lightning in the honorable mentions is the fact that his plays only come in short terms. He makes no long-time alliances, but I will say that he will always look out for number 1.
If I can choose 5 males and 5 females from each generation, Lindsay would definitely compete. However, the four females competing are, in my view, better game changers than Lindsay. But still, she has the brains to make it far into the game. And that's something to be proud of.
Sam Cheers Sierra Up
Sam's a team player, no doubt. He's kind and has his own sense of toon humor. However, that is not enough for him to participate, even if he can get cheese from a mousetrap.
Scarlett isn't competing for 2 reasons. The first reason is the same as Lindsay's. The second one is because the show is set on Pahkitew Island. She did try and blow it up once before, so I don't think she'll be back on any mechanical islands anytime soon.

Now, here is just the basics of this season:

  • There will be a jury to vote for the winnner.
  • There will be multiple endings.
  • There will be only ONE irregular elimination
  • There will be 3 finalists
  • The season is set on Pahkitew Island.
  • There are 26 episodes/ blogs not including the alternative endings.
    • Four of which are non-elimination blogs.

The season is all set and down. The challenges are in order and the eliminations are set in stone, and the single immunity winners are finished. However, there are 2 challenges that requires you guys, the fans. One of them will be near the beginning and the other floating between the end and the middle of the season. I will notify you at the end of the episode/blog before hand and then you will help with the challenge.

Before I sign off, here is the name of the episodes/blogs in which you should be looking for in the near future:

EDITED: Here is all the episode that have been posted so far and the links to that episode.

  1. We Aren't The Champions Pt. 1-'t_The_Champions_pt._1
  2. We Aren't The Champions Pt. 2-'t_the_Champions_pt._2
  3. Order in the Bay-!
  4. Stolen Secrets-
  5. International Take-Out-
  6. This Ain't No Showmance!-'t_No_Showmance
  7. Haunted Hills and a Broken Leg-
  8. Fashion Freak-Out-!
  9. Pump Out the Jelly-
  10. Surfs Up!-'s_Up!
  11. Daveo and Juliet-
  12. Multiple Problematics Basketbrawl-
  13. Saving Private Topher-
  14. Fangtastic-!
  15. Blackmail-
  16. Fruit Punched-
  17. Fandom Come-
  18. The Key to My Chest-
  19. Talent Scouts-
  20. Trial By The Hexacourse-
  21. Party At Loser Lounge!
  22. Love Eliminates All-
  23. Marooned-
  24. Chef Nightmares-
  25. Walking Down Memory Lane-
  26. The Ultimate Supreme Battle! (This is the new title. I decided to switch up the final three to keep you guys guessing. That means, since Harold and Samey are two of the original three in the brain, beauty, brawn categories, they now have a chance to be eliminated. I am so devilish.)

To clarify on some of these titles:

  • Yes, I know that the reference to "Saving Private Ryan" has been used thanks to "Saving Private Leechball." However, the title is exactly what the plot is. Saving Topher.
  • In case you are wondering about the title for episode 20, let me be the first to tell you that it won't be around hexes. Hex(a) is a Greek numeral prefix for the number 6. Basically, the challenge is a 6-leg course.

So there you have it. Episode one will be up in 2 weeks. Why in two weeks? Well, I am a college student and spring break won't start until next week, the week that I planned on starting. But I am going over to one of my parent's house over spring break and they don't have any internet capabilities, so I am going to have to extend the release by one week.

Anyways, let me know what you think of the contestants and the episode titles. Who do you want to be a finalist and who (other than Mike, Zoey, and Cameron) do you want to be the first ones out? Also, even though I have already selected the team names, but what should the team names be? Leave your suggestions and opinions in the comments below, and I will see you all later. Or sooner.