So I decided to make a fan fiction of Total Drama called Total Drama Lover's Hatred. So here is how it works: I have selected 10 couples from the total drama francise and placed each member of the couple on seperate teams. The couples HAVE to have a mutual attraction; they cannot be last seen broken up or one-sided, so no Gwuncan or Coerra/Serody, sorry.

So, without further adu, here are the teams and the contestants!

Romantic Rabbits Heartstuck Horses
Noah Emma
Carrie Devin
Geoff Bridgette
Crimson Ennui
Mike Zoey
Heather Alejandro
Tyler Lindsey
MacArthur Brody
Ryan Stephanie
Jasmine Shawn

The team with the most votes will win. You guys have until Wednesday to decide which team you want to win

(In case you were wondering about Dakota and Sam, I have decided not to use them).

Which team do you want to win?

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