This is the season that brought us to love this show. This is the original and one of the best seasons the show will ever produce. What you are about to see are the top five contestants of Total Drama Island. We will get to the other seasons in later blogs, but for now, we are going to look at the top five contestants this season gave us.

To clarify, I am not talking about this rank-wise. Instead, each contestant will be looked at in terms of strategic and social game-play that helped them go through the season. Some of them might've been eliminated before the merge. Others might have left after the merge. They have to be the cream of the crop, where one might look at this season and go, "Yeah, this person did great and had a great shot of winning."

If you are confused about the rankings, just know that this list only reflects TDI. I am not going to include so-so because of their actions in a later season. I am adding these five campers here based on their actions and game mechanics on Total Drama Island only.

Without further adieu, let us begin this list.


Our only premerged contestant is also our last one to be placed on this list, and that is the CIT Courtney. Starting off the series at episode one, we see Courtney being all nice to Izzy before she hit the dock. Hard. Later on, we see her being friendly to Sadie as she was forced to part from her best friend, Katie. In the next episode, she took the leadership role of building the hot tub even though she chickened out, along with teammate DJ and Screaming Gophers member, Beth. Thanks to a rude remark made by somebody who has no social skills whatsoever, she managed to survive the first campfire ceremony of the season.

We do not see much of Courtney encouraging her team in The Big Sleep as it was basically all for one and one for all, last one standing wins for their team. However, in Dodgebrawl, Courtney is back in leadership role after another loss. With her leadership, sharp wit against Duncan, and Harold's skill in dodging and a surprise catch made the

Courtney realizing her chances to win the game slowly falling and fading.

Killer Bass win their first challenge. In Not Quite Famous, Courtney once again took the leadership role as she was her team's judge on who to partake in the challenge competition, to which the rules were made unclear. Her leadership roles will appear several episodes later (after listening to fellow Bass member, Bridgette, deal with a romantic moment and avoid being shot by paintballs) in the cooking-themed episode of the series. As you might have guessed, her team won that one.

Despite her good-nature and excellent leadership role, there was that one flaw that got the best of her, and that was Harold. Thanks to Harold's dislike of the delinquent, Duncan, he switched the votes from him (why he got votes in the first place I have no idea) to Courtney just to torment Duncan from all the pranks he pulled. Despite her short stay in season one, Courtney was a vibrant character on the first half and looked to be a dominating force in the series had Harold not done what he did.


Rocking the number four spot is somebody who will laugh and feel sorry for you (if you are a friend) and will always be at your side. She came to play and getting it to the final five is what she did. If you do not know who I am talking about, I am talking about Leshawna.

To begin with this contestant, one must know that she came in very big and loud and proud of it. In episode one, she got into a small fight with Heather who complained about jumping off a cliff, to which they both made up. Throughout h
Leshawna Chips

The look of a serious player. And a bag with chips and no air.

er time on the Screaming Gophers, she was a strong competitor and even took the leadership role when a mutiny was played out during If You Can't Take The Heat....

Leshawna has shown to play the role of two-time Survivor winner, Sandra Diaz-Twine in No Pain, No Game. To clarify, she did say that she felt bad about Eva's attack on Bridgette, but "better her than me." Sadly, her time came to a close thanks to an unfair elimination at Playa des Losers where a bunch of contestants (and a parrot) said her name instead of who they want to see here. It felt like the writers couldn't find a great way for Leshawna to leave, so they gave her that exit. To that I say, BOO!


I honestly had a lot of trouble on who to put here because the second and third placers on this list are equal when it comes to TDI. With that said, I am giving this bronze medal award for TDI's MVP to the real and actual winner of the season, Gwen. (She played the game and took more risk than Owen, that's way I called her the real and actual winner. Sue me if you think otherwise.)

As you all know, Gwen started off not to pleased about being on the island. However, she did gave a noble effort in challenges

Important lesson: Always write notes. That's how you win. By taking notes.

while on the Screaming Gophers and eventually fell in love with Trent. With a minor shake in her game early in the season (The Diary Scandal), she managed to make the merge thanks to her participation in the challenges. Her game plummeted thanks to her heart as Heather managed to drive a wedge between her and her crush/lover (whatever you want to pick at the time, go for it.) Thanks to Heather's scheming, Gwen lost a ride-or-die ally.

Gwen was helpful in getting information from one place to the other, as in Hide and Be Sneaky where it is assumed that Gwen told all the girls about the Guy's Alliance that Owen told her. Other than that, she stayed close to the water's surface being on good terms with everybody (with the exception of Heather.) Her final splash was made at the second to last episode where she made a deal with Owen, causing her arch-nemesis to leave the island with a horrible haircut.


This person narrowly beat Gwen out for silver because they did a lot more game wise. Though he did not win, he did however become the only male to make this list. I am talking about Duncan. For a first impression, Duncan came to the island with a tough guy facade as a intimidating warning to the other contestants. He was placed on the Killer Bass where he managed to avoid the radar up until his lover at the time got eliminated, thanks to Harold. Nonetheless, he still managed to make the merge. During the hide and seek challenge, Duncan made an alliance with th remaining male contestants which was brought to light to the girls thanks to Owen caving under very intense pressure from Gwen. (Seriously, that is hilarious. She never asked about an alliance and Gwen managed to find one thanks to a large man's large mouth.)[[Wawanakwa Gone Wild|
Duncan has the hook again

Duncan never plays hooky when it comes to TDI.


Anyways, that alliance managed to get rid of a very strong player in Bridgette. Though the elimination was sketch in the next episode, his alliance lost a lovable fellow in Hook, Line, and Screamer. In Wawanakwa Gone Wild, Duncan made a side alliance with Heather, to which all he got was cleaning the communal toilet. One could say that his initial alliance was officially broken up in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathalon where Geoff got the axe do to actions he made in a previous episode.

His end was finally met thanks to Owen narrowly losing himself and Duncan's chances of making it to the end thanks to cinnamon rolls which were out of the oven. If Duncan made it farther than that, he would have the best chances out of the final four to win. He would win against Owen when it comes to strategic game-play, he would have a good chance against Heather as he was a bit nicer to the other contestants and also had a strong game, and would have a 50/50 chance up against Gwen as both were on the same level of game play.


And finally, our number one pick is nothing to be surprised about. She is the Queen Bee for a reason and her actions ultimately caught up to her, and that is Heather. No question about it, this girl is very smart and strategic, able to manipulate the other contestants.

Her first big move was creating the first ever alliance of Total Drama which contained Beth and Lindsay who openly did Heather's orders. Heather took control over the Screaming Gophers team early in the season and managed to

Getting ready for an unexpected but totally expected MVP award.

cause the elimination of Eva by taking her MP3 player off the ground, which raises a lot of questions as how come nobody noticed it. (Lack of sleep at best). Her game was rocked thanks to Beth taking the Tiki Idol Doll from Boney Island. In Paintball Deer Hunter, Heather barely avoided elimination thanks to her stuck-up attitude but was deemed safe because of Cody's injuries. She was spared again in the next episode where they deemed Beth's curse she put on her team more of a reason to send her packing than Heather's bossiness.

Heather managed to make it to the merge and just went for broke. She kissed Trent, driving a wedge between him and Gwen, indireclty caused Lindsay to leave, formed an alliance with Duncan and then betrayed him at the final four. This girl was mean, but very clever. Though some of her wins are questionable and why she made it to the final three is confusing, she is the most valuable player in Total Drama Island.

Agree with the list? Comment below who you will keep, change, remove, add, and all that jazz.

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