Tip a canoe and send somebody home too! I’m TDFanatic52 and today we will be reviewing Up The Creek. We got a lot to talk about some very interesting plays in this episode as well as a few regrettable choices. We got the lineup of canoe picks, the plays made by Harold, Izzy, Cody, and DJ, the cursed idol, and the elimination ceremony.

The first order of business is the mini-teams of two or three for the canoes. The teams of three are Lindsay, Beth, and Trent and Sadie, Harold, and Duncan. The teams of two are Gwen and Cody, Owen and Heather, LeShawna and Izzy, Courtney and Bridgette, and DJ and Geoff. There are some teams that seem like a strategical choice and others, like Duncan, Sadie, and Harold, aren’t. If we look at the team of Trent, Beth, and Lindsay on the way up, we will notice that two of them are in an alliance with Heather. Why is that? Chances are that Heather told them to go with Trent to split Gwen and Trent up farther away. And if Heather did tell Lindsay and Beth to get one of them to go with them, good for her. It just means that the puppeteer is hard at work. As for Cody, just going with Gwen is enough to get a good deal out of a bet Cody had with Owen.

We get a good girl talk between Courtney and Bridgette as well as the male friendship between DJ and Geoff, both talking about Geoff’s mistake earlier that day. (More on that later.)

Now we get some plays, some later in the game than others. Let’s go in alphabetical order here.

Cody is a geek and geeks are always underestimated, giving Cody the edge in the long-term. But there is a deal that he made with Gwen. When Gwen asked him to get Trent in the same canoe as her, she would owe him one (Cody asked for one of her bras, and Gwen seemed to help Cody win his bet with Cody). That is a good play because now he is on better terms with Gwen instead of the annoying brother level. Also, we have Cody saving, all right, trying to save Lindsay and Trent from quicksand, so that just puts Trent in a better position in Cody’s favor. If we just ignore future episodes and predict what will happen, chances are that Cody just earned himself a spot in the final three with Gwen and Trent IF he slows down on the Gwen stalking.

DJ’s play is similar. On the canoe trip, Geoff told DJ about the clay bowl he made for Bridgette in arts and crafts. The bowl did cause a bit of a gap between Bridgette and Geoff’s relationship, nonetheless. You can say that DJ is like Gwen in this situation. Geoff helped DJ with something and DJ returned the favor. With DJ, Geoff helped him conquer his fear. And how did DJ return the favor? Helping Geoff with Bridgette. Not to mention, but for a guy who would probably stay in the shallow end of any pool or lake, he did outkick the Gophers who were using paddles, earning his team the win. Congrats, DJ.

Oh, Harold. Despite not speaking, he did have a move that was more bad than good. In other words, when making the rescue fire, Harold used the team’s paddles as firewood. Even though the Gophers won the fire-making challenge (thanks to Izzy), Harold did manage to cause the Bass to fall behind. Good intentions, but a bad use of the oars.

Now it is time for Freakazoid., err… I mean Izzy. Izzy’s game in this episode, outside of the fire making challenge, is basically less annoying than Staci’s. Izzy participated like the rest during the challenge, a bit more in making firewood, but one thing that caused Izzy to fall is when giving the opposite team an idea. I like to give out ideas as much as the next guy, but in a challenge where only one of them will win, Izzy’s idea was used against her and caused the Bass to win.

This is the start of the cursed idol arc. Is it safe to call it an arc? Who knows, who cares. Let’s just roll with it. Anyways, at the beginning, Beth was absent from her team and, in doing, so, missed a vital part of Boney Island. In other words, don’t take anything from the island. A simple few second mistake that is the result… you know what? Let’s continue with this in the cooking challenge. A lot more details in that episode with a lot more theories with that.

Time for the elimination. As we all know, the Gophers ultimately lost. The vote was invalid since the RCMP came and Izzy ran off. However, it is probably a safe bet to say that Izzy would’ve left the game regardless just for giving the Bass the idea of having somebody kick their way back. But if Izzy would’ve kept her mouth shut, then who would be sent home? There would be Lindsay who jumped in the quicksand to save Trent, though her intentions were good. You can have either Trent or Cody who sat back for a bit while the team was doing the challenge.

Or, better yet, they could’ve voted out HEATHER. Izzy did have a good reason to go home, but it seemed like the team just forgot about what happened last time they lost and the reason for it.

Now it is time to see who from the Bass will leave if Izzy kept her trap shut. You got Harold, DJ, and Geoff. Why these three Bass males? Harold for burning the oars, Geoff for injury that could render him useless (show should've ran with the injury for another episode or two tbh), and DJ who is useless in water challenges. All three are good choices and gave us a good reason to send them home, but when it comes down to pure muscel, Harold is gone unless he does something to save himself, but chances are is that he won't.

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