Fear drives us to do overcome obstacles. We all have our own deepest and darkest fear. For some, it is heights. For others, it is what lies in darkness. For the remaining 17 contestants in Total Drama Island, it is their fear that will get them one step closer to winning a tenth of a million dollars. I’m TDFanatic52 and I will be reviewing the episode of Phobia Factor, which will be loads of fun. We will talk about how Sadie is doing about losing her best friend, how the contestants conquer their fears (or fail miserably), a little bit of two showmances, and talk about what happened at the campfire ceremony.


Let’s talk about Sadie. In the beginning of the episode, she was still crying over Katie’s elimination. And she still clung to that board when the she and the other campers were saying their worst fears. However, she can be social towards the other contestants as seen when she was helping DJ out with his fear of snakes or when she celebrated a little with Lindsay after they conquered their fears. We don’t necessarily know how Katie is being away from Sadie, but we can assume that Eva and/or Noah told her to stop whining (or crying) for being away from her friend. Who knows what Ezeke and Justin would say or do?


Next up is something that most heartless of all creatures can do: make fun of other people’s fears. Thankfully, I am not that heartless. In general, some of these phobias are common among the human race. LeShawna is afraid of spiders (or she’s afraid of Chef Hatchet in a spider costume, which is something I can easily make fun of), Gwen is claustrophobic, DJ’s fear of snakes and Owen and Izzy are afraid of flying. Some of the rest is something that is a bit unusual like Tyler’s fear of chickens, Courtney’s fear of green jelly, even Duncan’s fear of Celine Dion music store standees. As for the rest, like Lindsay’s original example or Cody’s fear of time bombs, seems more or less something that any average human would be afraid of doing.


In case if you forgot the episode or are just too lazy to look it up yourself, here is a list of the fears said by the contestants and whether or not they conquered it:






Green Jelly


Courtney should feel ashamed and humiliated.








Chris said it better.


Being Covered by bugs








Sumo Wrestlers




Being buried alive


Gwen really dig this challenge

Lindsay & Sadie

Bad haircuts


At least Sadie wasn’t crying during the challenge…

Owen & Izzy



How did legal clear the plane in the first place?




Trent: “Can you put the cloud lower and pelt him harder?”


Being left alone in the woods




Defusing a time bomb under pressure


You can say Cody blew it.


Celine Dion music store standees


I don’t judge, but a standee is scary for Duncan? Lmao




Impressive on how Trent completed his fear.



(could be Chef Hatchet in a spider costume)




However, it seems like some of these contestants lied about their fears. Beth simply shrugged her fear off and Harold, though surprised to see the ninjas, did not react with any sense of fear. Cody did say the score was 7 to 3, but I am assuming that Harold lost a point when he knocked himself out.

Though this is a small, minor moment as the relationship between good and evil was formed in the previous episode, this episode was the start of a romantic bloom between Duncan and Courtney. When nervous about his fear, Courtney gave him the confidence. When Duncan completed his fear, Courtney quickly gave him a hug.


Speaking of romances, let’s talk about Gwen and Trent. Throughout Gwen’s portion of the challenge, Trent was with her, talking about his fear. That is, until his own fear showed up. When Trent was with Chris watching Geoff get pelted by hail, Trent seemed to forget all about Gwen. Forget until Chris mentioned “buried”.

 If I am doing a best player of the episode award, I would give it to Trent since he helped Gwen out during her phobia challenge and for using quick thinking on getting rid of the mime.

I would like mention that a bit of Ezekiel coming from Courtney. But he’s already gone and we are going into the campfire ceremony!


The Bass lost and the bottom three are Tyler, Bridgette, and Courtney.  Bridgette is declared safe, unknown if she managed to get votes. The greatest injustice here is how Tyler got voted out when his point was just the same as Bridgette’s, Geoff’s and Harold’s while Courtney could’ve tied with the Gophers if Tyler completed his challenge. Unless Chris is tripling the Bass’s score, making her have six points. But losing three points would been a better reason for somebody to go home than for one point. But, it can be argued that Tyler got the most votes strictly based on what his fear was.

But nonetheless, it seemed like the win was riding on Courtney. That is the second time Courtney herself made her team lose. Should Tyler stay in the game as opposed to Courtney or did Courtney convinced the others to vote out Tyler so that she can stay in the game?


But what if the Gophers lost this challenge? The only two that has potential of leaving is Cody or LeShawna, since both failed to complete their fears. But I am going to assume that Cody will be eliminated since he had more screen time than LeShawna (bad reasoning, but all LeShawna had was one line plus a scream.)

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