Before I begin, I would like to say that I will do the TDPR twice a week if any of you are wondering about that. I will try to get the next one up as soon as possible. Anyways, let's go with this review.

Get ready for a fantastic talent show! We have beatboxing, ribbon dancing, broken violins as well as diary reading? Tensions arise as love strikes and the first TD blindside takes place. I’m TDFanatic52 and this is the review blog for Not Quite Famous. We will mostly talk about Heather through two subjects: one is the blindside, which we will talk about in the campfire ceremony, and the other is about humiliating her own teammate! What we won’t talk about Heather would be about the bet that went south (which will be minor and mostly full of random theories) and the stalker of the Gophers.

I have no idea what to talk about first. I guess we have to start with the minor things first and what can be any more minor than the Stalker of the Gophers? Who’s the stalker? Simple. It’s Cody. It is almost sad seeing how he would ruin Gwen’s romantic interest to suit his own. Jealous much? He tried being with the “cool” kids, which was only Trent for this episode, in order to woo Gwen. He also cannonballed into the lake with Owen where Gwen and Trent were having a moment. Like I said, it is said and really pathetic. But mostly said.

As for the bet that went south, the detail of it includes Bridgette and a tangle of ropes. Doing a handstand for twenty minutes is impressive, but when one of her legs gets tangled in rope, the bet turned into a nightmare. With the rope being attached to a stage light, the stage light became loose and crushed Courtney’s violin, narrowly hitting Courtney in the process. With Courtney now out of the competition, and the Bass’s best chance to win (assuming Chef liked it better than Trent’s performance.)

Now, I have to admit Courtney is very forgiving towards Bridgette. Not only did Bridgette break Courtney’s violin and earned 2 points for the Bass, when Geoff broke his board, Courtney seemed anxious to help Bridgette out. Now, this could mean that Courtney didn’t want to lose another challenge or that Courtney respects Bridgette enough to help her out. However, if the Bass lost, I don’t think that Courtney wouldn’t hesitate to vote out Bridgette to be in the majority of the vote.

Okay, minor things out of the way. Time for the interesting materials to come out. Or material. We are now going to talk about Heather. The first thing we are talking about will be how she HUMILIATED her own teammate at the talent show. Getting dirt on the competition is a risky move, even if you get caught. And Heather literally took a bold move by reading Gwen’s diary at the talent show, giving everyone some dirt on Gwen. Let’s see how the plan works out:

1.      Get into the leadership position

2.      Get into the talent show

3.      Use Lindsay to confirm suspicion

4.      Find diary

5.      Steal the diary

6.      Read the diary at the performance

7.      Gwen humiliated.

I know that being a leader wasn’t the whole part of humiliating Gwen, but it couldn’t have worked out any better for Heather.

Here is the deal with this play: it is RISKY and LOW. You could have the lowest of all other reality game show contestants and the amount of lowness they have combined would not match what Heather did. We are talking a play that works on emotions. The closest thing that has ever come to this was in BB14 with Dan Gheesling and his “funeral” where he used the emotion on his closest ally to advance to get off the block. I said close because on what Heather did was 10x worse.

Now why did Heather humiliate Gwen? Before the show, Heather said to Bridgette that no one would sabotage their own team unless they feel threatened. When picking campers to go in the talent show, Gwen confronted Heather on how Heather was chosen to be the leader. So it can be safe to say that Heather is threatened by Gwen simply by standing up to her. While we know that Heather likes to control how the game works, she has to understand that even the slightest rebellion could mean trouble. And what does she do about it? Humiliation. But there is something that Heather didn’t do. And that is to get rid of the competition. Speaking of which….

After three eliminations, we have the first ever TD blindside. The Screaming Gophers lost again and had to vote out a contestant. The main person that is going would’ve been for Heather if it wasn’t for her alliance, bribery, and a major wild card. But the votes would’ve been 5-5, so if Justin was to go home, must’ve voted for somebody who wasn’t Heather making the votes 5-4-1. I am thinking that there was something that we didn’t see. Here is my theory: I believe that Justin didn’t vote for Heather.

Think about it. The people that voted for Heather have to be LeShawna, Cody, and Trent since they have a kinship towards Gwen. Gwen voted for Heather to get revenge on her for reading her diary. Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Izzy, and Owen voted for Justin. That only leaves Justin. But then, who did he vote for and why I don’t think he voted for Heather. I think that Justin had voted for Owen considering that Owen has the second-to-last marshmallow. Why would Justin vote for Owen? I think that Heather talked to Justin off-camera about how Owen said some nasty things about him. We all know how vain Justin is, so once somebody has offended him, they are on his radar. So if Heather told Justin that Owen doesn’t like worn-out pants and believe that they make the wearer ugly, well, Justin probably won’t take it very well.

Needless to say, Justin got voted out. But why Justin? Heather could easily ruin Gwen’s life by having Justin, Owen, Beth, Lindsay, and Izzy vote for her making the votes 6-4 in Heather’s favor. After all, Heather did read Gwen’s diary and can easily make up stuff that can get anybody to vote for Gwen. But Heather was thinking into the future. If the Gophers lost the next challenge, there will be an odd number. Trent, Cody, and LeShawna might vote out Heather for payback. LeShawna could very well bribe Owen and Justin over to their side making Heather leave in the next episode. Trent would result in the same thing, so would LeShawna. Cody could also be an option, since he did ruin Gwen’s romantic and private moments in this episode. However, these interruptions only annoyed Gwen and did not humiliate her. I think Heather voted out Justin because he can win the girls (and Owen) over in future campfire ceremonies. Strategic? Personal? You decide! In fact, let’s get a poll on this one.

Why do you think Heather wanted Justin out?</span></p>

The poll was created at 01:11 on September 2, 2016, and so far 10 people voted.

But what would happen if the Bass lost? The main person to vote out would be Bridgette for breaking Courtney’s violin and another option would be Harold for losing the challenge. So, if the Bass had lost this contest, who would be the most likely to get voted out? Heck, you can even say Geoff because…. Well, simply Geoff is just a random one that I picked.

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