Just so you know, I didn't have time for a TDPR episode, so I am going to do this since it's already been prewritten.

What was supposed to be a fun gym activity has now turned into a battlefield. I am TDFanatic52 and this is the review blog for Dodgebrawl. We are going to talk about the strain Lindsay has between Heather’s alliance and her love she has for Tyler, Noah’s arrogance and laziness, as well as Courtney (yes, Courtney) working behind the scenes to help give the Bass a fighting chance against the dominant Gophers, and we cannot forget about the most important part to every strategy- elimination. Let’s get started.


For all the Lindsay fans out there, we are starting this episode review off with her and her conflict between her love for Tyler and her alliance with Heather. Starting off this episode, we have Heather explaining the alliance rules to Beth and Lindsay. And since Heather made it a rule that breaking the alliance could get them kicked out of the alliance with the fact that inter-team dating is against the rules puts a strain to Lindsay.


But we have to hand it to the fanship of Lyler. They are basically the season’s Romeo and Juliet, with Juliet being killed more than a few seconds (in this case, weeks) than her Romeo. But, as Courtney mentions and probably the strategically straight camper for this episode, it could be a downfall for the Killer Bass. And I have to hand it to her. Having a relationship with somebody on the other team is a risky move, especially since you don’t know if the other person is using you. (We, as fans, know this to be false, but it is better to be safe than sorry.)


Unaware to Noah, there is a thing as too much confidence. For Noah, he feels so much comfortable with his team winning that he doesn’t feel the need to participate. Now, this might be an interesting strategy if Noah was bad at dodgeball and, for like of a better term, throws like a girl (my apologies to the females reading. Most of you can probably throw better than me on a given day.) Interesting, what is a good strategy to prevent Noah being showed up on court might not be as useful as it seems, as we will talk about later.


More on Noah’s arrogance and laziness more when we get to the elimination.

The second half of this challenge shows a MAJOR improvement for Courtney compared to Not So Happy Campers Part 2. Yes, I did mention that if it came down between a sexist (Ezekiel) and a person who did horrible in the challenge (Courtney), I would vote for the one who did horrible in the challenge. But this episode showed some improvement for Courtney. Courtney managed to work behind-the-scenes for the Bass’s win. She described Duncan in her motivational speech and managed to convince him (though it feels more like a threat) to take the leadership in the challenge.

Last resort tactics are usually the riskiest ones, since if they lose, partial blame can be placed on Courtney, but most of the blame would be on Duncan making the Bass lose another tough competitor.

The last thing that this episode has, strategically, was the elimination. This is the Gopher’s first campfire ceremony, but this is the first that the campfire ceremony have been used to improve a team. Unfortunately, all we have for Noah here is some hate. He was comfortable in his spot, thinking that his team would win yet another challenge since the Bass voted out their most athletic person just the episode before. That is called arrogance and for Noah to not participate, laziness. He shouldn’t be surprised to be eliminated, but he was arrogant. Noah might be the smartest contestant on this season, but his brains shouldn’t be in a book during challenges.

This elimination was predictable. But I am more interested on what would happen if the Bass would’ve lost this challenge. You have Harold who sucks at throwing and could’ve been indirectly responsible for the team’s loss (which could’ve been anyone, but we are still counting the lousy throws), Duncan for not following up on his strategy in the final round, sleeping for the first two rounds, and for the promise Courtney said to him if they would’ve lost the challenge, and Tyler for being a horrible shot and for being with Lindsay. I would’ve included Courtney, since it was her idea to use Duncan, but since she had the target off her back, she gets a pass. Personally, if the Bass would’ve lost this challenge, it would’ve came down to either Harold or Tyler, both for being horrible shots. Both of them have plenty of reasons to go. This episode would’ve been more epic if a Bass lost because there would’ve been choices. But since they didn’t, it is still respectable considering that the Gophers made their team stronger by getting rid of the weakest physical link.

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