Chris has put the remaining eleven contestants on dangerous challenges, but none as dangerous as this. I’m TDFanatic52 and we will review the episode of X-Treme Torture. We got a load on our plate today. First, we have the Gopher-Bass breakdowns of the challenges and the challenges themselves. We also got a haiku that torn apart twofriends. Not to mention the obvious, but we have to do the campfire ceremony. The part of the show that I won’t cover is the bear and its desire for marshmallows. And for an added treat, I will talk about the remaining ten contestants as how they managed to stay in the game for this long after the campfire ceremony. Let’s get started.

First, let’s get the challenge over with. There are three challenges with the winning team winning two of them. Not only that, but also a reward for better showers is at stake for the team that wins. The three challenges are: skydiving, moose rodeo, and the Seadoo Water Ski Challenge. The team break-ups are as follows: DJ and Trent will dive for the Bass and Gophers respectively, Geoff and LeShawna are riding the moose, and Harold and Lindsay will get the flags for their team while (voluntary) Heather and Duncan ride the water ski for the opposing team.

During the skydiving challenge, DJ accidentally knocked Trent out of the plane. Trent’s team pushed the sofa bed so that Trent would have a nice landing, but didn’t because of their heaviest team member laying on it. When DJ jumped, he managed to pull the wrong cord first, but somehow managed to get his chute open and win the first part for his team. As for Trent, it was a miracle that he survived. But his quote was the best. “Best glimpse of Heaven is on the way to Hell.”

There is something to be seen here, as in Owen basically setting himself up for elimination if his team lost. More on that later…

The moose riding was basic. Geoff lost when the moose left its pen when Geoff was showing Bridgette his tattoo on his rear. LeShawna manages to hang on and keep her team out of elimination for now, which leads to the tie-breaking challenge.

Final challenge, we have Heather driving Harold around the court while Duncan drives Lindsay. Heather attempts to knock Harold off but cutting his rope, but ends up cutting her top off, exposing her breasts. Harold then hits a rock and somehow survives. Duncan didn’t do the same strategy, instead bumping his ski in an attempt to knock Lindsay off. He failed and instead flies up into a tree. Watching the episode, Duncan had more time to avoid his situation, thus failed and earning the Gophers the showers and immunity.

Time for this episode’s main plot: the haiku.

During breakfast, a haiku was found on a plate that was read by Chef. He tossed it away, which got it into the hands of Gwen and Bridgette. The two fought throughout the episode on which of their boyfriends wrote it. Neither of them had success and failed. So they went to strategize which boy wrote it. They immediately ruled out Duncan for he was hitting on an eliminated contestant and Harold because of Harold.

Gwen went up to Owen about who he would shower for if the Gophers won. Owen, being the disgusting slob that he is, managed to convince Gwen that he didn’t wrote the haiku. Bridgette went up to DJ about the haiku, asking if he read any poetry recently. DJ then turns the question around asking a left-field question. The crush girl, the receiver of the poem and the one person that the two friends were not looking for at the time, showed up and it turned out to be LeShawna. But the two friends still didn’t know who the writer was.

Sad enough as the writer was exposed after his elimination. Speaking of which, we need to get down to the campfire ceremony.

Blah, blah, blah, Bass lost again…Gophers won…

So in this campfire ceremony, Bridgette and DJ managed to stay in with Bridgette having no reason to be eliminated and DJ winning his challenge. Geoff is pronounced safe, despite his failure with an angry moose. The two remaining Bass both failed the final challenge for their team. Duncan, for giving a win to Lindsay thus ensuring his team’s loss, and Harold for bailing big time after seeing some pixels. In a sad turn of events, Harold was voted off.

Was this a great move for the Bass, keeping Duncan who was the main reason why the Bass lost and not Harold? In these shows, you do not know when the merge will happen. So for them to keep some muscle is technically a gamble. However, Harold seemed to have played as hard as he can as how, throughout this season, he was in the bottom two the most times out of anyone so far. In fact, out of everyone, he was in the bottom two four times (including in this episode). So, it seemed logical that his time of staying at the bottom was over. But he did alter the course of this game by what he did to Courtney in the previous episode.

Even after his elimination, he added a bit of fuel to a feud between two Gophers.

Let’s talk about if the Gophers lost this challenge. Who will go home? In all honesty, it would be either Trent or Owen and not Lindsay or Heather. Here’s why:

For Lindsay and Heather, they were shown to be team players and if they did lose, though they still had reasons, they weren’t as big of a reason. For Trent and Owen, however, their reasons were much, much worse.

Trent, being stuck in a body suit, basically had the same role as Cody did in his elimination episode. Both were forced in a cast and (potentially) might be dead weight. For Owen, it was for sleeping on the sofa bed thus being one of two reasons why Trent found himself in a body suit. Which one will go home the most? Logically, it would be Trent because of his injury. But if we are going to talk strategy, then Owen would be going home because he did nothing for his team (despite himself, Gwen, and Bridgette not being in the challenge), caused a delay in moving the sofa bed, and for his otherwise disgusting habit. Honestly, Owen should be happy that his team won otherwise he would’ve been sent packing.

All of it aside, we are down to the final ten contestants. This show started with 22 of the most unique people the producers could find and we are down to the top ten. So I will explain how each of these strong contestants managed to overcome all odds and be in this wonderful position.

Bridgette- Her good attitude towards the other combined with some emotional support towards others kept her in the game. She did have a few hicks early in the game, but has thus since improved.

DJ- Used his strength, loyalty, good-nature personality to advance into a spot in the top ten. He also overcame many obstacles for his team at times.

Duncan- Duncan managed to play this game safe at the start of this competition. He had very little reason for him to be voted against with the exception of this episode.

Geoff- His happy-go-lucky attitude with a combination of not being seen as the weak link helped Geoff stay in this game.

Gwen- Gwen won multiple challenges for her team and shown to be a powerful contender for this show.

Heather- She managed to score a spot in the top ten by her alliance, deception, and otherwise plain luck.

LeShawna- LeShawna challenged authority, proved to be a powerhouse in challenges, and did nothing wrong to make her a target.

Lindsay- Lindsay stuck with Heather throughout this season and thus kept her in the game.

Owen- Owen stayed in by flying under the radar and managed to avoid getting eliminated based on team wins or somebody messing up bigger than what he did.

Trent- His relationship with Gwen and good attitude, leadership, and sportsmanship with his team managed to get Trent a spot in the final two.

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