Hello my fellow TD fans. TDFanatic back at you with a review series of the entire Total Drama series. Before I begin reviewing the first season, I do have some important announcements:

  1. The Ridonculous Race WILL NOT be included for that is a different concept and strategy. Doesn't mean I won't do it.
  2. Aftermath episodes with the exception of The Aftermath: IV will not be included for I am going to analyze the contestant's game and discuss my opinions on what they should've done. I will also count Haute Camp-ture as an aftermath episode despite LeShawna being eliminated because that episode is basically an aftermath.
  3. This blog will also include some fan theories, mostly related to eliminations.
  4. 2-part episodes WILL be included as one whole episode.
  5. Feel free to leave your own opinion or ideas about the episode in the comments below. If there is something that I missed or like to discuss, please feel free to.

I would like to say that this list applies for TDI to TDPI. With that said, hope you enjoy my review of TD. Let's begin.


A start of a brand new series. Who will make the best plays and who will blow everything up? I’m TDFanatic52 and this is the review blog for the first two episodes of Total Drama Island. We are kicking it into first gear, baby!

Before the intro song in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, we have Chris in his nicest form imaginable explain the rules to the audience. To stay at a summer camp for two months (eight weeks) for a small fortune might not be worth it. But we cannot forget about the most famous “Hey now” from the grub. In addition, in the words of a certain gamer, the grub is the reason why gruel rhymes with cruel

Before I begin, let us talk about the contestants. If you seen some auditions or mock auditions for Survivor or Big Brother, the one thing casting looks for are winners. Looking at the contestants, it makes me wonder why some of them even got chosen.

Now time to strategize. We have a lot to talk about. Courtney’s jumping refusal, Katie’s and Izzy’s switch, a straight-up apology from Heather, and of course, the elimination ceremony.

During a challenge, especially the first one, sitting out or refusing to participate leaves a nasty target on a contestant’s back. We can excuse DJ’s chickening out because of his fear of heights as well as Beth’s uneasiness. However, we can’t excuse Courtney’s based on calculated risks. Courtney judged the Screaming Gophers based on their looks. If Courtney did jump, that would have to mean that all the Gophers would have to jump to get the advantage (carts). And we all know that Beth didn’t , so Courtney could’ve had both teams push their carts and potentially gotten a better hot tub than the Gophers.

Now on to the switch. Long story short, Katie and Sadie refused to jump because they are on opposite teams. Izzy agreed to switch teams with Katie. Both Katie and Sadie jumped.  Though this is to get the personality-wise twins (Katie and Sadie) to stop annoying him, Chris agrees. When it comes down to it, if a team loses and all members gave out a 110% and the performance was flawless, the fact that somebody was originally on the other team has the biggest target (unless somebody did something in the past that still lingers around over the losing team). Despite the game just starting, this is a big risk for Katie as well for Izzy.

How do you describe drama? Simple: put LeShawna and Heather on a team. When the Gophers was deciding on who to jump first, Heather immediately said that she was refusing to jump because she had her hair done. LeShawna immediately told Heather that she is jumping. Now, look at the risk at stake. Pull carts= more time to build hot tub. And since Lindsay is following Heather, it automatically puts the Gophers tied. Add in Beth’s refusal to jump, and the Bass has the advantage and instead of Gophers winning, it’ll be the Bass winning and Heather being the first person out of the show.

If there is one thing that you don’t say to a team member, it is “make me.” LeShawna made Heather “jump” and, thanks to LeShawna, the Gophers won, even without Beth’s refusal. However, it seems that Chris did push Lindsay off. Anyways, back to Heather’s apology. She straight up apologized to LeShawna and took the blame for the fight, even complimented her. Thanks to a small conversation with Lindsay, Heather revealed that she meant none of it. Now, straight up apologizing (even if the apologizing meant nothing) is better than having it be second-hand or not apologizing at all because that sets the bar at normal and it will be like nothing had happen at all.

Finally, let’s discuss the elimination. First off, please notice that all the Bass was discussing on who to vote for over dinner. Most episodes, it shows the contestants talking separately instead of as a group. But we can excuse it seeing as how nobody is brave enough to attempt to get blood on their hands. In a way, you know you had to do it, but say out the wrong name at the wrong time and you lose.

The people who had their names mentioned and/or gotten votes are Courtney, DJ, Ezekiel, and Tyler. Tyler is mentioned by Courtney when Bridgette asked her on who she will vote for. However, because Tyler did no wrong in this episode, his name was removed from the chopping block. Although, his need for taking a leak, even though the Bass was already behind, could be a reason, minor as it can be. DJ was mentioned by Duncan on the basis of his refusal to jump off the cliff. However, Duncan took DJ off the block based on physical strength compared to Courtney. Courtney was mentioned by Duncan when she refused to jump and her name remained because of constant annoyance of her C.I.T mentions. And Ezekiel would’ve stayed in had it not be for his sexist comments.

When the elimination came, all but Ezekiel and Courtney have gotten their marshmallows. In the end, Ezekiel was voted off because of his sexist comments.

Personally, this elimination wasn’t in the Bass’s interest. Hold up, let's review Zeke's comments. First he said that women are physically weaker a dumber. Trying to say this in a nice way, I only agree with Zeke part way. (Men have a bigger upper body and have more muscel mass. Source: Wikipedia. I will give you the link if you PM me. And I do apologize to any females that I had offended.)

If you also think about it, other sexist comments have been made. Duncan in The Sucky Outdoors and Courtney in Phobia Factor. Am I advocating for the devil? In a way, yes. But if it was between somebody who offended people but did well in challenges and somebody who is being nice to everyone but sucks at challenges, I would side with the one who does better with challenges.

With the Bass over with, let's theorize what will happen if the Gophers lost? The top 2 people that will get votes are LeShawna and Heather because of their little feud. However, if anybody is going home from the Gophers, it will probably be Heather because of her open refusal to jump.

With that, this is the end of the first review blog. Please leave a comment below on your thoughts of this episode. Until next time, see you all later.

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