A camping we will see, a camping we will see. Hi ho the cherry-o, all the plays really suck. I’m TDFanatic52 and this is the review blog for The Sucky Outdoors. We will talk about how the Gophers are feeling after Heather’s performance, which is very, very minor, the fight between Katie and Sadie, and how several contestants spend their time in the woods.  Let’s go.

So right off the bat, we have something minor, ie, the effects from the last episode. The only ones were affected by it were Gwen (that was more of a give-me), Trent, and Heather. When the challenge began, Gwen slumped away and when Heather mentioned that she is the next one to leave for putting Harold’s red ant farm on her bed, Trent mentioned that it was actually Heather’s fault in the first place. Okay. Boring stuff over. Now let's get down to a cat fight between two friends.

While the Killer Bass at their sight, nobody realizes that they are missing Katie and Sadie until Duncan realizes until late at night. . LeShawna realizes that they were missing from their team back during their first challenge back in episode one. Provo for Duncan for realizing that their team is missing two members. However, points docked for realizing it too late.

(side note: Geoff and Duncan pulled a Ezekiel. Geoff told Bridgette that she pitched a tent like a guy, which he later regretted in the confessional. Duncan asked Courtney what was for dinner, calling her “woman” in the process. More on that when we will talk about the elimination.)


Time to see how the campers deal with this challenge.

·         Duncan and Owen- telling stories

·         Izzy- playing a prank on her team

·         Katie and Sadie- trying to stay alive

      DJ- bringing an empty jar to pee in (night only)

There are some things that I would’ve loved to see: Trent playing his guitar, a game of truth or dare, etc.


With this episode review coming to an end, it is time to discuss the elimination. Thanks to Katie and Sadie, the Killer Bass lost the challenge. The only ones that have votes are Tyler, Katie, and Sadie. One can easily assume that the Bass did not talk to either Katie or Sadie after the elimination, otherwise Bridgette would’ve gotten votes. But why Katie and not Sadie? Katie did participate in all five rounds of the dodgeball game two episodes ago.


Remember when I said that switching teams was risky? Though the switch was very minor back in episode 2 (or the second half of 1, your call), it could mean the difference between safety and elimination. For Katie, four Killer Bass members remembers that she was originally a Gopher and that gave them another reason to vote for Katie and not Sadie. But since this episode has so many people to choose from, let’s go over all the possible elimination choices from both teams:


            Screaming Gophers

·         Owen- telling a phony story and being a “bear bait.”

·         Izzy- dressing up like a bear and scaring her team

·         Heather- Events from the previous episode and not seen worrying about the safety of one of her teammates

Killer Bass

·         Katie- Cost the team the win

·         Sadie- Cost the team the win

·         Bridgette- set the tent on fire

·         Courtney- said “Things cannot get any worse.”

·         Duncan- sexist comment (though minor)

  -    Geoff- same as Duncan (though it was more of a compliment)

 Then it gets into the matter of who-voted-for-who (more like how the votes turned out I can care less on who voted for either Sadie or Katie). I have read Artdraw's theory on this particular elimination, and the only thing that I agree with is Tyler getting two votes and who those two people are.

In order for somebody do leave, they need a plurality amount of votes. The majority only works in a Big Brother environment or if there is a final two in Survivor. With that said, I think Katie did not receive the majority vote, but she did get the plurality vote. My theory is: the votes are 2-3-4.

If you think about it, Katie and Sadie obviously voted for Tyler. That only leaves 7 votes. Both Katie and Sadie equally cost their team the win. A 5-2 or a 4-3 vote would get the job done, but I believe a 4-3 vote is a easier reason why Sadie is in the bottom 2 instead of Tyler. But either way, Katie goes home and Sadie lives (and cries) to fight another day.

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