In the words of a Total Drama legend, trust is a two-way street. I’m TDFanatic52 and we will be reviewing the episode Who Can You Trust. We have an interesting array of trust to sort out from both teams. From the Bass, we have Geoff and DJ with a small rabbit problem. We also have Duncan starting to make moves. For the Gophers, we have Heather exacting revenge on her team. We can’t exclude the challenges as well as the camp fire. Let’s get started.

Normally, I would split things up, but since this is a trusting episode, we can only se

Let’s address the elephant in the room. And by “elephant”, I meant DJ’s bunny. Before climbing the cliff, he lends Bunny over to Geoff. Geoff did take care of the rabbit until he and Bridgette went for a swim. When they finished, bunny got eaten by snake, snake gets snatched by an eagle, and the eagle got eaten by a shark. When DJ asked for bunny, Geoff said that he would look for him, implying that he was going to replace the original bunny. When DJ asked Geoff for bunny, Geoff lied to his friend by saying that bunny walked away. That brought DJ’s spirits down.

Now, let’s talk about Duncan and how he started to make moves. When he noticed DJ getting sad about Bunny hopping away, Duncan went and tried to find a new rabbit for him. He did succeed, but not without Courtney noticing.

That is a good move on Duncan’s part. He secured a tight relation with DJ and Geoff and repaired what could’ve been broken bonds. Clearly this is a good move because DJ and Geoff will recognize this later on and keep Duncan. This is also the episode where Duncan starts to think about the game strategically. So for him to give another rabbit to DJ, strategically, it guarantees him safety for a few more episodes.

Now let’s get on with the challenges. As I mentioned in the last blog that teams should stick with their strengths. For the Bass, they had DJ climbing and claimed that he never climbed cliff-face before. Duncan replied that he did, but only with prison walls. Though both are strong men, I would’ve assumed that Duncan would’ve been the one to climb since climbing a rocky edge would be easier to climb than a wall. As for the Gophers, you have Gwen climbing with Heather holding her up.

Speaking of Heather, she still remembers what happened what happened in the previous challenge. However, why is she going after Gwen? LeShawna is basically the genius who decided to lock her up in the freezer. Anyways, Gwen grew suspicious about a second rope being attached. Public humiliation did get to Gwen as Heather uncovered a nice surprise for the remaining men on the island. Even without the humiliation, the Gophers won when DJ lost focus and fell.

But I want to get more in depth with this play by Heather. Is it a personal thing that she has with Gwen? Like I said, if anyone should be on Heather’s hit-list, it should be LeShawna. Why Gwen? My theory is that Heather chose to humiliate Gwen because A) they were paired up together and B) Gwen is LeShawna’s closest female companion on the island.

The next challenge is about a simple cooking challenge. Geoff decided to let Bridgette cook since he was the head chef for the previous cooking challenge. Trent, for an unknown reason, let Lindsay cook the blowfish. When it’s time to eat, Geoff was safe whereas Trent got poisoned by the fish.

I have to put the Gopher’s loss on Trent. Why would he put the dumbest girl on the island in a cooking position? Did he deserve the poison? No. Did the loss of this challenge matter because of his decision to eat? Yes.

Finally, we have the blind challenges. First up is the blind William Tell. Knowing all that I know about arrows, it isn’t that hard to get one off your head. Just a simple head movement is enough to knock it off. Anyways, it was LeShawna up against Sadie as William Tells where Owen and Courtney are the arrow holders. In a stroke of miracles, LeShawna got a crab apple onto the arrow. Sadie, on the other hand, continued to pelt Courtney and a few other things with the crab apples. Before fainting, Courtney told Sadie that she is going down.

We know enter the blind trapeze. Jumping is Bridgette and Heather. On the trapeze is Harold and Lindsay. With Harold’s timing, the Bass won while the Gophers had one of their own take a swim with the jellyfishes. Kind of hard not to laugh. Is it karma for what Heather did to Gwen earlier this episode? Yes.

With the score tied, we know enter the final challenge. This is where it all wraps up: DJ’s bunny and the challenge. While DJ and Geoff are riding down this challenge, Duncan decided to throw this challenge by rebuilding lost bonds. DJ did reclaim his confidence, but not without looking. For the Gophers, LeShawna and Gwen rode down the slide with ease. Though the Bass did finish first, they lost the challenge by disqualification.

We know enter the campfire. The Bass lost and had to eliminate on of their own. Duncan, Bridgette, Courtney, DJ, and Geoff were saved with no votes with Harold reclaiming the final marshmallow sending Sadie home. But, why Sadie? She made a simple mistake The reason? Courtney.

Now, I am not blaming anyone, but this elimination is personal. Strictly personal. But at the same time, you also had DJ who broke a rule, leading to the Bass’s elimination plus with the drama he had with the loss of Bunny. DJ, sorry, but you had more of a reason to go than Sadie.  

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